NCAA Hoops Picks
2006-2007 Season (as of Jan. 28): 146-123-2 (54.3%), +$2,065
2006-2007 Best Bets (as of Jan. 28): 33-26 (55.9%), +$470
Note: My past/weekly records and links to other months can be found at the bottom of the page.

Wednesday, Jan. 31, 2007 (5-5, +$70)

George Washington (15-4) at Dayton (13-7).
Line: Dayton +110 (1st Half).

I like Dayton as a home underdog. It's pretty easy to think that way, considering the team is 12-0 as a host. Besides, George Washington stinks on the road. What have they done? Squeak by Richmond and Rhode Island? Lose at UMass? Please.

Prediction: Dayton +110 (1st Half).
Correct; +$110

Toledo (11-8) at Ohio (13-7).
Line: Ohio by 4.

I've mentioned that I've made lots of money betting on Ohio at home because of its tremendous advantage in Athens. Well, I'm here to state that I didn't make any money, President Bush -- I mean casual reader. See, I didn't bet, so you can't throw me in jail. Ha!

Prediction: Ohio -4.
Correct; +$100

Auburn (13-9) at South Carolina (12-7).
Line: South Carolina by 4.

It's nearly impossible to win on the road in the SEC. Case in point: Auburn is 0-4 as a visitor, losing to the likes of Mississippi State by 11, Kentucky by 27 and Southern Miss by 2. South Carolina, conversely, just won at Mississippi State.

Prediction: South Carolina -4.
Incorrect; -$110

Temple (7-12) at Richmond (5-15).
Line: Temple by 2 (1st Half).

I don't know about Temple (2-7 on the road) being favored as a visitor. Actually I do know -- it's irresponsible. Idiotic. Barbaric. Gotta love Jackie Chiles.

Prediction: Richmond +2 (1st Half).
Correct; +$100

Georgia (13-6) at Tennessee (14-7).
Line: Tennessee by 1.

As I mentioned earlier, it's extremely difficult to win on the road in the SEC, so you have to love a home team that's favored by one. Keep in mind that Tennessee is 8-1 against Georgia as a host in the past nine years.

Prediction: Tennessee -1.
Best Bet No. 1.
Correct; +$100

Iowa (11-10) at Michigan (16-6).
Line: Michigan by 7.

Michigan may be an abomination on the road, but it can definitely take care of business at home. Considering that they're playing an Iowa squad that's 0-6 in opposing arenas, they should be able to notch their 17th victory of the season.

Prediction: Michigan -7.
Incorrect; -$110

Connecticut (13-7) at DePaul (12-10).
Line: DePaul by 2 (1st Half).

I can't believe the Huskies are 4-point underdogs to a team with a worse record. How the mighty have fallen. I think they'll play for pride and establish a lead in the first half. As for the second? Well, that's a whole other story.

Prediction: Connecticut +2 (1st Half).
Incorrect; -$110

Texas (15-5) at Texas Tech (15-6).
Line: Texas Tech by 3.

This is a huge game for Texas Tech -- it can prove it is for real by knocking off No. 22 Texas. The Red Raiders are simply more experienced than the Longhorns, who didn't return a single starter this year. If that hasn't sold you, Texas Tech falls under the home-unranked-favorite rule.

Prediction: Texas Tech -3.
Best Bet No. 2.
Incorrect; -$110

Alabama (15-5) at LSU (13-7).
Line: LSU by 6.

I have no idea why Alabama is ranked; the team really shouldn't be. LSU falls under the home-unranked-favorite category, and the SEC-hosts-kick-major-tail rule.

Prediction: LSU -6.
Incorrect; -$110

LaSalle (9-12) at Charlotte (8-11).
Line: LaSalle +220 (1st Half).

At a price of +220 on the first-half money line, I think LaSalle's worth a shot. The team has the same record as Charlotte, and has played tough against decent competition.

Prediction: LaSalle +220 (1st Half).
Correct; +$220

Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2007 (4-1, +$315)

Notre Dame (17-4) at Syracuse (15-6).
Line: Syracuse by 3.

Two reasons why I like Syracuse: The home-unranked-favorite rule applies, and Notre Dame has yet to win on the road.

Prediction: Syracuse -3.
Best Bet.
Incorrect; -$110

Mississippi State (11-8) at Ole Miss (13-8).
Line: Ole Miss by 2.

Plenty of reasons to like the host here -- Mississippi State is 1-5 on the road; it's difficult for visiting teams to win in the SEC; and the home team usually dominates this matchup.

Prediction: Ole Miss -2.
Correct; +$100

Michigan State (17-5) at Illinois (15-8).
Line: Illinois by 3.

Michigan State won the first matchup this season in a game Illinois dominated on the road. The Spartans were able to come away with a victory because the Fighting Illini couldn't buy a bucket to save their lives in the second half. Because visiting teams always have trouble in the Big Ten, I'm siding with Illinois.

Prediction: Illinois -3.
Correct; +$100

Tennessee State (10-11) at Jacksonville State (5-16).
Line: Jacksonville State +100 (1st Half).

Tennessee State is 2-9 on the road, yet favored to win? Weh?

Prediction: Jacksonville State +100 (1st Half).
Correct; +$100

Wichita State (14-8) at Northern Iowa (15-6).
Line: Wichita State +125 (1st Half).

Yet another matchup between MVC powerhouses who are about equal. I see no reason why Wichita State doesn't have a 50-50 chance of leading at halftime, meaning +125 is a decent price.

Prediction: Wichita State +125 (1st Half).
Correct; +$125

Monday, Jan. 29, 2007 (1-1, +$40)

Pittsburgh (19-3) at Villanova (14-6).
Line: Villanova by 1.

Yeeesh... sorry about yesterday. I guess I'm due for one clunker per week. Let's hope that number doesn't increase. I'm taking Villanova tonight, as they fit under the unranked-home-favorite category.

Prediction: Villanova -1.
Best Bet.
Incorrect; -$110

Wright State (14-8) at Wisconsin-Green Bay (12-9).
Line: Wright State +150 (1st Half).

Forget the fact that Wright State is clearly better than Wisconsin-Green Bay. The Raiders have led at halftime in the previous four meetings.

Prediction: Wright State +150 (1st Half).
Correct; +$150

Sunday, Jan. 28, 2007 (1-4, -$260)

Tennessee (14-6) at Kentucky (15-5).
Line: Kentucky by 4 (1st Half).

Kentucky hasn't often lost two consecutive games under Tubby Smith, so I expect them to come out and establish themselves early against the Vols, who recently lost to Ole Miss by double digits. Bruce Pearl's orange jacket will be soaking wet by the 15-minute mark of the first half.

Prediction: Kentucky -4 (1st Half).
Incorrect; -$110

Virginia (12-6) at Clemson (18-3).
Line: Clemson by 4 (1st Half).

Same situation as the Tennessee-Kentucky game; Clemson has dropped three of four (at Duke, at Maryland and vs. North Carolina), so look for them to come out swinging.

Prediction: Clemson -4 (1st Half).
Incorrect; -$110

LSU (13-6) at Georgia (12-6).
Line: Georgia by 5.

This is the daily unranked-home-favorite-versus-ranked-visitor game. Can you believe Georgia is a 5-point favorite over No. 21 LSU? I can -- the Bulldogs are the superior squad. They recently beat Kentucky and won at Arkansas.

Prediction: Georgia -5.
Best Bet No. 1.
Incorrect; -$110

Virginia Tech (15-5) at Georgia Tech (13-6).
Line: Georgia Tech by 5.

What a treat -- we don't have one unranked home favorite today; we have two. Ironically they're only a few hours apart. Georgia Tech, 11-0 at home, will knock off the Hokies.

Prediction: Georgia Tech -5.
Best Bet No. 2.
Incorrect; -$110

North Texas (14-6) at Southern Alabama (14-7).
Line: North Texas +180 (1st Half).

Both teams are pretty solid Sun Belt squads, so why can't North Texas have a lead at halftime? The Mean Green won at 16-7 Western Kentucky about a month ago, so it's definitely possible.

Prediction: North Texas +180 (1st Half).
Correct; +$180

Saturday, Jan. 27, 2007 (7-6, +$50)

Michigan (16-5) at Indiana (14-5).
Line: Indiana by 8.

Missed Saint Peter's by that much. Curses! By the way, I'd hold off on betting on my Saturday games. If you take away all the picks I've made on Saturday, I guarantee that I'm out-handicapping anyone doing college basketball on Earth. But my past few Saturdays have been brutal, following up from my mediocre college football campaign. We'll just see what happens.

You know how I always say that winning on the road in the Big Ten is tough? Well, in the words of Lee Corso: "Forget about it! Zoink!" Michigan has trouble beating Indiana, period. The Hoosiers are 14-3 against them since 1997, including 8-0 at home the previous eight meetings.

Prediction: Indiana -8.
Correct; +$100

Illinois (15-7) at Purdue (13-7).
Line: Purdue by 2.

You know that unranked-home-favorite trend I've been so successful with over the past few weeks? It doesn't apply here, but it might as well. Illinois is clearly the better team, yet Purdue is favored by 2. Maybe that has something to do with the fact that the Illini are 1-3 on the road this year.

Prediction: Purdue -2.
Correct; +$100

Arkansas (13-7) at Alabama (15-4).
Line: Alabama by 4.

I still can't believe Arkansas was a 6-point favorite over South Carolina despite owning an 0-4 road record. Well, they're 0-5 now, and they're going down at Alabama. I'm sure the Crimson Tide remembers the 88-61 beatdown it suffered to the Razorbacks on Jan. 6.

Prediction: Alabama -4.
Incorrect; -$110

Texas Tech (15-5) at Missouri (12-6).
Line: Missouri by 1 (1st Half).

Texas Tech is coming off two big victories against Kansas and Texas A&M, yet they're still underdogs? Well, I think it's warranted in this case, given that they play Texas after this contest. A win for Missouri in this spot would be huge for Mike Anderson's program. I think they'll get the job done against unfocused Tech.

Prediction: Missouri -1 (1st Half).
Correct; +$100

Air Force (19-2) at BYU (14-6).
Line: BYU by 2.

Here it is, the moment we've all been waiting for -- and by "we've," I mean the five people reading this page! BYU is an unranked home favorite hosting a ranked visitor. Always take the former.

Prediction: BYU -2.
Best Bet.
Correct; +$100

USC (15-6) at California (12-8).
Line: USC by 1.

I wish California were favored by a point, so the unranked-home-favorite rule would apply. Close enough, I guess.

Prediction: California +1.
Incorrect; -$110

Providence (13-6) at Connecticut (13-6).
Line: Connecticut by 4 (1st Half).

It's become crystal clear that this Connecticut squad isn't up to par with the teams Jim Calhoun has coached over the years. I like Providence in the first half, especially considering that Big East teams always have trouble covering the number.

Prediction: Providence +4 (1st Half).
Incorrect; -$110

Syracuse (15-5) at Louisville (14-6).
Line: Louisville by 2 (1st Half).

Yet another Big East squad that may have trouble in the first half. Syracuse is coming off an upset loss to St. John's, so it will work harder than the Cardinals to establish a lead early on.

Prediction: Syracuse +2 (1st Half).
Correct; +$100

St. John's (12-8) at Pittsburgh (18-3).
Line: Pittsburgh by 8 (1st Half).

I'm not doing this blindly; I don't think Connecticut is much better than Providence. I believe Syracuse will get off to a hot start coming off a loss. And St. John's just beat the Fighting Irish and the Orange Men, so they shouldn't be big underdogs.

Prediction: St. John's +8 (1st Half).
Incorrect; -$110

Wichita State (13-8) at Evansville (12-9).
Line: Wichita State by (1st Half).

I still don't get this half thing. Favored by half-a-point? Why? Just make it Pick or 1. Anyway, as solid as Wichita State was early in the year, the team has had extreme problems winning on the road in conference play. That should continue today against an Evansville squad that beat Missouri State recently.

Prediction: Evansville + (1st Half).
Correct; +$100

Bradley (15-7) at Missouri State (14-7).
Line: Missouri State by 4 (1st Half).

Forget the fact that Bradley can't win on the road. Missouri State has lost three in a row, so it needs a victory here to get back on track.

Prediction: Missouri State -4 (1st Half).
Correct; +$100

Wisconsin-Green Bay (11-9) at Wisconsin-Milwaukee (7-15).
Line: Wisconsin-Milwaukee by 1.

And now it's time for the greatest rivalry in the history of sports. Does it get any better than this? All of the history. All the players who've played in these blood baths. The emotion in the stadium might be too much for me to handle, so I'm not even going to watch this game. In all seriousness, doesn't Wisconsin-Milwaukee sound great at -2 when you factor in that Wisconsin-Green Bay is 2-8 on the road?

Prediction: Wisconsin-Milwaukee -1.
Incorrect; -$110

Eastern Washington (11-10) at Weber State (13-9).
Line: Eastern Washington +130 (1st Half).

These teams are about the same, so I'm going to side with Eastern Washington on the first-half money line. The Eagles have recently won at Sacramento State and Portland State, so why can't they establish an early lead here?

Prediction: Eastern Washington +130.
Incorrect; +$100

Friday, Jan. 26, 2007 (0-1, -$100)

Saint Peter's (3-16) at Fairfield (6-15).
Line: Saint Peter's +180 (1st Half).

Both of these teams stink, so Saint Peter's should have a 50-50 shot at leading at halftime. Maybe even more -- Fairfield was trailing winless Iona at halftime on Tuesday. Meanwhile, the mighty Peacocks have hung with Marist, Loyola-Maryland and Manhattan recently.

Prediction: Saint Peter's +180 (1st Half).
Incorrect; -$100

Thursday, Jan. 25, 2007 (5-2, +$445)

Butler (17-2) at Loyola-Illinois (13-7).
Line: Loyola-Illinois +120 (1st Half).

As great as Butler's record is, the team hasn't fared too well on the road; it recently lost at Indiana State and Illinois-Chicago, and barely got by Wisconsin-Milwaukee. This is a huge game for Loyola-Illinois; knocking off a ranked team could get it considered for an at-large bid. If the Ramblers cover the low number, it'll be in the first half.

Prediction: Loyola-Illinois +120 (1st Half).
Incorrect; -$100

UCLA (17-1) at California (12-7).
Line: UCLA by 3 (1st Half).

California hosts the No. 3 team in the country, so you can expect the very best from them. UCLA, meanwhile, might be sluggish after coming off a huge victory against Arizona. I think UCLA ultimately wins this contest, but California should be able to establish a lead in the first half.

Prediction: California +3 (1st Half).
Incorrect; -$110

USC (15-5) at Stanford (12-5).
Line: Stanford by 1.

The line is 1 or 2, but one Web site I go to has Stanford -14. What's up with that? One day, Vegas should mess with our minds and go Texans -34 over Colts. I guarantee that every single bettor would bet on Houston because they'd think Indianapolis had Ebola or something. Anyway, same ol' same ol' for this game. Unranked home favorite over ranked visitor. Yadda yadda yadda, flawless these past two weeks.

Prediction: Stanford -1.
Best Bet No. 1.
Correct; +$100

Oregon (18-1) at Washington (11-7).
Line: Washington by 4.

Once again, I'm taking an unranked home favorite over a ranked visitor. By the way, doesn't this line look like it's out of the twilight zone? Sure, Oregon is one of the top teams in the country, why not make them a 4-point dog at an 11-7 squad?

Prediction: Washington -4.
Best Bet No. 2.
Correct; +$100

Tennessee State (9-10) at Eastern Kentucky (10-8).
Line: Eastern Kentucky by 1 (1st Half).

Eastern Kentucky has lost five of seven, so it needs to win this game to stay afloat. Most of those losses have come on the road, so I think it can get the job done. Tennessee State, meanwhile, is 1-9 on the road.

Prediction: Eastern Kentucky -1 (1st Half).
Correct; +$100

Montana (9-10) at Northern Arizona (9-9).
Line: Montana +165 (1st Half).

This seems like a good price to take Montana on the first-half money line. Both of these teams are about the same. Plus, did you know that the Grizz led at halftime in their previous three trips to Northern Arizona? What? You didn't? What the heck's wrong with you?

Prediction: Montana +165 (1st Half).
Correct; +$165

Weber State (12-9) at Idaho State (10-9).
Line: Weber State +190 (1st Half).

Hopefully one of these first-half money lines will hit. Once again, these squads are about the same, so +190 seems like a great price.

Prediction: Weber State +190 (1st Half).
Correct; +$190

Wednesday, Jan. 24, 2007 (5-3, +$235)

Pittsburgh (17-3) at Cincinnati (10-8).
Line: Pittsburgh by 4 (1st Half).

The Panthers are coming off a home loss to Marquette, so I expect them to bounce back against mediocre Cincinnati by establishing a half-time lead. Pittsburgh has already beaten Syracuse on the road by eight, so I don't see why playing at the Bearcats would be such a big deal.

Prediction: Pittsburgh -4 (1st Half).
Correct; +$100

Evansville (11-9) at Indiana State (11-7).
Line: Indiana State by 1 (1st Half).

Evansville appears to be better than Indiana State right now because it beat Southern Illinois and Missouri State. However, both victories are at home, and a win on the road won't be easy to come by, given that the Aces are just 2-7 in away contests. Indiana State is 9-1 as a host.

Prediction: Indiana State -1 (1st Half).
Incorrect; -$110

DePaul (12-8) at Georgetown (13-5).
Line: Georgetown by 4 (1st Half).

As I said Monday, Big East teams have a knack for not covering big spreads and getting out to slow starts. I'll take the points here; DePaul recently won at Villanova and Rutgers. They're not a bad team.

Prediction: DePaul +4 (1st Half).
Correct; +$100

Arkansas (13-6) at South Carolina (10-7).
Line: Arkansas by 5.

Arkansas is favored when it hasn't even won a road game (0-4) this year? What in the wide world of sports is going on here? To add insult to injury, the Razorbacks are coming off a big victory against LSU and could be flat. Besides, winning on the road in the SEC is very taxing.

Prediction: South Carolina +5.
Correct; +$100

Texas (13-5) at Nebraska (12-5).
Line: Texas by (1st Half).

It's really tough to win at Nebraska (the Huskers are 9-0), and this is a huge game for their program. Knocking off Texas would be huge. The inexperienced Longhorns haven't exactly mastered the art of winning on the road yet, although it wouldn't surprise me if they pull this off. But as for the first half? Go Nebraska.

Prediction: Nebraska + (1st Half).
Incorrect; -$110

Creighton (12-7) at Missouri State (14-6).
Line: Creighton +165 (1st Half).

Much like the Northern Iowa selection yesterday, I think there's a good chance Creighton leads at halftime, given that these are two evenly matched squads.

Prediction: Creighton +165 (1st Half).
Correct; +$165

Temple (7-10) at Penn (10-6).
Line: Penn by 3 (1st Half).

When an old coach plays his former team for the first time, that squad usually tends to lose. Why? Well, they're usually choked up about seeing their ex-coach, and aren't focused on the game. Meanwhile, this coach knows his old team inside-out. Plus, in a heated rivalry, you always take the points.

Prediction: Temple +3 (1st Half).
Best Bet.
Correct; +$100

Drake (11-9) at Wichita State (12-8).
Line: Wichita State by 9.

Wichita State is coming off two consecutive losses, so I'm expecting a blowout here. Drake is 1-5 on the road, having lost those five contests by double digits.

Prediction: Wichita State -9.
Incorrect; -$110

Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2007 (4-1, +$385)

Florida State (14-5) at Boston College (13-5).
Line: Boston College by 1 (1st Half).

I know Sean Williams is out for the Eagles, but I still like them. They're 10-1 at Chestnut Hill, and they even won at N.C. State and Wake Forest recently. Florida State, meanwhile, is 2-4 on the road.

Prediction: Boston College -1 (1st Half).
Incorrect; -$110

Indiana (14-4) at Illinois (14-7).
Line: Illinois by 2.

You know that system that says to take unranked home favorites over ranked visitors? The system that was 4-0 last week? Yeah, that applies here.

Prediction: Illinois -2.
Best Bet.
Correct; +$100

Alabama (15-3) at Auburn (12-8).
Line: Alabama by 2.

I always mention that winning on the road in the SEC is extremely difficult. Maybe that's why Alabama has been blown out at Arkansas and at Vanderbilt. Maybe that's why Auburn just beat Tennessee. Maybe that's why I'm too tired to think of anything else to say.

Prediction: Auburn +2.
Correct; +$100

Murray State (8-10) at Tennessee Tech (10-9).
Line: Tennessee Tech by 3 (1st Half).

This teams are about even, and Tennessee Tech usually gets off to sluggish starts, so I like Murray State in the first half. Keep in mind that the Racers have led at halftime in the past three meetings.

Prediction: Murray State +3 (1st Half).
Correct; +$100

Northern Iowa (15-4) at Southern Illinois (15-5).
Line: Northern Iowa +195 (1st Half).

These are two pretty evenly matched teams, so I think there's a good chance that Northern Iowa is ahead at halftime -- a greater chance than Vegas is giving them.

Prediction: Northern Iowa +195 (1st Half).
Correct; +$195

Monday, Jan. 22, 2007 (1-0, +$120)

Connecticut (13-5) at Louisville (13-6).
Line: Connecticut +120 (1st Half).

As I said yesterday, Big East teams often fail to cover the number. The Huskies have lost four of six, so I expect them to play with desperation early on.

Prediction: Connecticut +120 (1st Half).
Correct; +$120

Sunday, Jan. 21, 2007 (3-1, +$190)

Purdue (13-6) at Michigan (15-4).
Line: Akron by 7 (1st Half).

Wow, I really have to apologize for that horrendous Saturday. I nailed both Best Bets, but my other selections were 3-11. Ouch. Guess I was due for a bad day with all of the success I was having. Let's try to rebound today.

Much like Ohio, Akron has one of the top home-court advantages in college basketball. The Zips are 6-1 as a host against Buffalo the past seven years. They've won their previous two meetings by 14 and 16, but they've gotten out to huge leads in both contests.

Prediction: Akron -7 (1st Half).
Incorrect; -$100

Drake (11-8) at Illinois State (10-9).
Line: Illinois State by 5.

I'm aware that Drake just beat Indiana State, but the team is 1-4 on the road, with each of their losses coming by double digits. Illinois State has revenge on its mind after losing to this Bulldog squad on Jan. 13.

Prediction: Illinois State -5.
Best Bet.
Correct; +$100

Marquette (16-4) at Pittsburgh (17-2).
Line: Pittsburgh by 4 (1st Half).

If you follow the Big East closely, you'll notice that a lot of the teams have trouble covering the number at home. This hasn't applied to Pittsburgh yet, but I think it'll catch up to them as the season goes along. I think this game will be close in the first half.

Prediction: Marquette +4 (1st Half).
Correct; +$100

South Florida (10-9) at Notre Dame (15-3).
Line: Notre Dame by 7 (1st Half).

I guess I'm contradicting myself here, but I think Notre Dame will jump out to a huge lead in the wake of its blowout loss to Villanova.

Prediction: Notre Dame -7 (1st Half).
Correct; +$100

Saturday, Jan. 20, 2007 (5-11, -$635)

Purdue (13-6) at Michigan (15-4).
Line: Michigan by 2 (1st Half).

You know how I always say that winning on the road in the Big Ten is almost impossible for bad teams? Well, the Boilermakers are 0-4 as visitors, yet Michigan is only -2 for the half. Given that the Wolverines got blown out at Purdue a week ago, you have to take them in this spot.

Prediction: Michigan -2 (1st Half).
Incorrect; -$110

Georgia (11-5) at Alabama (14-3).
Line: Alabama by 3 (1st Half).

Alabama is coming off a blowout loss, so I think it'll jump out to a huge lead over Georgia. And as I always say, winning on the road in the SEC is extremely difficult.

Prediction: Alabama -3 (1st Half).
Incorrect; -$110

Texas (13-4) at Villanova (12-5).
Line: Villanova by 4.

Take an unranked home favorite over a ranked visitor. Always. This system is 3-0 so far this week. No. 21 Texas goes down.

Prediction: Villanova -4.
Best Bet No. 1.
Correct; +$100

Kansas State (12-6) at Iowa State (11-7).
Line: Pick.

I've always maintained that it's extremely difficult to win at Ames. Kansas State knows this all too well; they're 1-8 at Iowa State the past nine years. I don't know if the Cyclones will be up at halftime, but they will win this game.

Prediction: Iowa State PK.
Incorrect; -$110

Miami (9-10) at Florida State (13-5).
Line: Florida State by 7 (1st Half).

Everyone knows that these teams hate each other. When you have archrivals clashing and there's a big point spread, you should always take the underdog. Miami will play Florida State tough. Don't forget that the Seminoles are coming off an enormous victory against Virginia Tech.

Prediction: Miami +7 (1st Half).
Incorrect; -$110

Detroit (5-12) at Illinois-Chicago (9-10).
Line: Illinois-Chicago by 2 (1st Half).

Detroit is 1-9 on the road, as it recently lost at pathetic Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Cleveland State. The Flames defeated Butler about 10 days ago, so I'm not sure why they aren't favored by more than 4.

Prediction: Illinois-Chicago -2 (1st Half).
Incorrect; -$110

Indiana (13-4) at Connecticut (13-4).
Line: Connecticut by 2 (1st Half).

The Huskies are out of the Top 25 for the first time in about 932 years, and have lost three of four. If Jim Calhoun's squad has any pride, it will come out swinging and build an early lead. They may lose this contest at the end, but I don't care, as long as they cover the first-half number.

Prediction: Connecticut -2 (1st Half).
Incorrect; -$110

LSU (13-4) at Arkansas (12-6).
Line: Arkansas by 3.

You know that system I discussed in my Villanova-Texas preview? Well, it applies here as well.

Prediction: Arkansas -3.
Best Bet No. 2.
Correct; +$100

Baylor (11-6) at Oklahoma (10-6).
Line: Oklahoma by 4 (1st Half).

I took Baylor against Kansas State on Wednesday because I said the Bears were getting no respect. Well, they still aren't getting any. Who are the Sooners to be favored by 7?

Prediction: Baylor +4 (1st Half).
Incorrect; -$110

Michigan State (15-4) at Penn State (10-7).
Line: Penn State +110 (1st Half).

The Spartans are 0-3 on the road, yet are favored in this game? Penn State is a feisty squad that will jump out to an early lead at home. Keep in mind that the Nittany Lions led at halftime in East Lansing last year.

Prediction: Penn State +110 (1st Half).
Incorrect; -$100

BYU (13-5) at Colorado State (13-4).
Line: Colorado State by 1 (1st Half).

BYU has always had one of the toughest home-court advantages in college hoops. But they've almost always been horrible on the road, which is the case this year. The Cougars are 1-5 away from home, and even lost at Lamar. Lamar? Who the heck is this Lamar guy?

Prediction: Colorado State -1 (1st Half).
Incorrect; -$110

Wichita State (12-7) at Bradley (13-7).
Line: Bradley by (1st Half).

Favored by ? Looks so weird. Anyway, Wichita State has yet to win a conference road game, while Bradley will be looking for revenge; the Braves were blown out by the Shockers on Jan. 4.

Prediction: Bradley - (1st Half).
Correct; +$100

UNC-Greensboro (9-9) at The Citadel (6-12).
Line: UNC-Greensboro by 3 (1st Half).

UNC-Greensboro is coming off a huge win against Appalachian State, but I still can't have any respect for a team that lost at West Carolina and struggled at Elon. The Citadel, despite its record, is not as bad as you think.

Prediction: The Citadel +3 (1st Half).
Incorrect; -$110

Tennessee State (8-10) at Eastern Illinois (5-15).
Line: Tennessee State by (1st Half).

Isn't it weird that Tennessee State is favored in this contest despite owning an 0-9 road record? Eastern Illinois led at halftime against Tennessee Tech, so why can't it establish another early advantage?

Prediction: Eastern Illinois + (1st Half).
Incorrect; -$110

Tennessee Tech (9-9) at SE Missouri State (7-12).
Line: SE Missouri State by 1 (1st Half).

And speaking of Tennessee Tech, one of the reasons I took Eastern Illinois on Wednesday was because the Golden Eagles were 1-6 on the road going into that contest. They'll be 2-7 by Sunday.

Prediction: SE Missouri State -1 (1st Half).
Correct; +$100

Weber State (12-8) at Montana (8-10).
Line: Weber State +165 (1st Half).

Weber State seems to be the better squad, and Montana recently lost at home to Idaho State, so why can't the visitor be up at the half? At +165, the price is right to take Weber State on the first-half money line.

Prediction: Weber State +165 (1st Half).
Correct; +$165

Friday, Jan. 19, 2007 (1-0, +$100)

Loyola-Maryland (9-7) at Saint Peter's (3-14).
Line: Loyola-Maryland by 2 (1st Half).

The good: I went 5-1 last night. Very nice! I like! The bad: The one game I lost was my Best Bet. Not so much! As for this contest, the last time Saint Peter's won was on Nov. 8 against this Loyola-Maryland squad. I'm sure the Greyhounds remember that. They've defeated Siena and Manhattan on the road already, so beating the Peacocks shouldn't be much of a problem for them.

Prediction: Loyola-Maryland -2 (1st Half).
Correct; +$100

Thursday, Jan. 18, 2007 (5-1, +$390)

Buffalo (9-7) at Ohio (11-5).
Line: Ohio by 10.

For some reason, Ohio has one of the toughest home-court advantages in college hoops. I've made a lot of money betting on them as a host over the years. Now you can make money too! I sound like that weird guy with the question marks glued onto his suit in those stupid commercials.

Prediction: Ohio -10.
Correct; +$100

Towson State (8-9) at Hofstra (12-5).
Line: Hofstra by 6 (1st Half).

Hofstra happens to be one of the elite teams in the CAA. However, the team is coming off a loss to woeful but aptly named Northeastern, so I think they'll rebound by building a huge, early lead over Towson State.

Prediction: Hofstra -6 (1st Half).
Best Bet.
Incorrect; -$110

Penn (9-6) at LaSalle (8-9).
Line: Penn by 2 (1st Half).

These two teams hate each other, so I think this will stay close in the first half. Penn was a lot better in 2006 than it is this season, and it led by just two points against LaSalle at home in last year's meeting.

Prediction: LaSalle +2 (1st Half).
Correct; +$100

Wichita State (12-6) at Illinois State (9-9).
Line: Wichita State by 2 (1st Half).

Wichita State has lost all three of its conference road games, and that number could become four tonight. The Shockers are coming off a big victory against Creighton, so I expect them to come out flat against a feisty Illinois State squad. The Redbirds led at halftime in last year's meeting at this location.

Prediction: Illinois State +2 (1st Half).
Correct; +$100

Arizona (13-3) at USC (13-5).
Line: Arizona by 1.

This almost applies to the system I pointed out yesterday. Unranked home favorites almost always cover against ranked visitors. USC isn't favored, but the line is close enough. No. 11 Arizona goes down.

Prediction: USC +1.
Correct; +$100

Tennessee Tech (8-9) at Eastern Illinois (5-14).
Line: Tennessee Tech by 2 (1st Half).

I find it funny that Tennessee Tech, despite being 1-6 on the road, is favored at Eastern Illinois. The Panthers recently battled Eastern Kentucky (10-6) down to the wire in a 1-point loss as a visitor.

Prediction: Eastern Illinois +2 (1st Half).
Correct; +$100

Wednesday, Jan. 17, 2007 (6-4, +$160)

Loyola-Illinois (11-7) at Detroit (5-11).
Line: Detroit by 1 (1st Half).

Loyola-Illinois has played six road games this year; it lost to Wright State and Chicago-Illinois as a favorite, and pathetic Youngstown State, was beaten soundly at Bradley and Purdue, and snuck by Fairfield. Detroit is 9-0 against them at home the past nine years.

Prediction: Detroit -1 (1st Half).
Incorrect; -$110

Virginia Tech (13-4) at Florida State (12-5).
Line: Florida State by 2.

A strong trend over the years has been taking unranked home favorites against teams that are ranked.

Prediction: Florida State -2.
Correct; +$100

Notre Dame (15-2) at Villanova (11-5).
Line: Villanova by 4.

The trend that applies in the Virginia Tech-Florida State game works here too.

Prediction: Villanova -4.
Correct; +$100

South Florida (10-8) at West Virginia (13-3).
Line: West Virgnia by 8 (1st Half).

The Mountaineers, one of the top teams in the Big East, is coming off two consecutive losses on the road. I expect them to bounce back by getting out to an early lead against mediocre South Florida.

Prediction: West Virginia -8 (1st Half).
Correct; +$100

Northeastern (5-12) at Drexel (12-4).
Line: Drexel by 8 (1st Half).

Drexel was 12-2 before it lost consecutive games to very tough opponents (Hofstra and Old Dominion). I see no reason why they won't jump to an early lead against the Huskies. By the way, I have to give credit for Northwestern for living up to its name -- the school happens to be in the Northeast. That doesn't apply to Northwestern, which is located in North-central America. Their should change their name to Northcentralern. And don't get me started on Northwestern State. I'm on crack.

Prediction: Drexel -8 (1st Half).
Incorrect; -$110

Providence (12-4) at Seton Hall (10-6).
Line: Seton Hall +100 (1st Half).

Providence has yet to win on the road, yet it is favored visiting Seton Hall? What's next, is Abu Fayed going to be favored over Jack Bauer?

Prediction: Seton Hall +100 (1st Half).
Correct; +$100

Tennessee (13-4) at Auburn (11-7).
Line: Tennessee by 2 (1st Half).

I keep saying this, but no one listens to me. Winning on the road in the SEC is extremely difficult for teams that aren't in the top tier. As evidenced by its loss at Vanderbilt, Tennessee definitely isn't top-tier material.

Prediction: Auburn +2 (1st Half).
Incorrect; -$110

Georgia (10-5) at Arkansas (12-5).
Line: Arkansas by 3 (1st Half).

Like I just said, winning on the road in the SEC is very difficult. Georgia will find that out tonight. Remember, this is the same Arkansas squad that knocked off Alabama. They're coming off two consecutive losses as visitors -- not of the nuke variety -- so I think they'll jump out to an early lead.

Prediction: Arkansas -3 (1st Half).
Best Bet.
Incorrect; -$110

Baylor (11-5) at Kansas State (11-6).
Line: Kansas State by 4 (1st Half).

I don't think people have caught up to Baylor; these aren't your older brother's Bears -- they're actually a pretty good team. I was actually considering them as a +195 first-half money line.

Prediction: Baylor +4 (1st Half).
Correct; +$100

Alabama (14-2) at Vanderbilt (11-6).
Line: Vanderbilt +100 (1st Half).

Proof that my winning-on-the-road-in-the-SEC-is-impossible theory works: Stinkin' Vanderbilt is 6-0 at home against Vanderbilt in the past six meetings.

Prediction: Vanderbilt +100 (1st Half).
Correct; +$100

Tuesday, Jan. 16, 2007 (1-0-1, +$160)

Connecticut (13-3) at Pittsburgh (16-2).
Line: Pittsburgh by 4 (1st Half).

Connecticut has been knocked out of the Top 25 for the first time since the George Washington administration (actually, it's 2003), so I believe Jim Calhoun will have his Huskies playing for respect. If they cover the number it'll be in the first half.

Prediction: Connecticut +4 (1st Half).
Correct; +$100

Northern Illinois (4-11) at Ball State (4-12).
Line: Northern Illinois +160 (1st Half).

Both teams are horrendous, so there's a pretty good chance Northern Illinois will be up at halftime. Consider this: In the past four meetings, the Huskies have led at halftime.

Prediction: Northern Illinois +160 (1st Half).
Push; +$60

Monday, Jan. 15, 2007 (1-2-1, -$120)

Missouri State (13-4) at Illinois State (9-8).
Line: Missouri State by 3 (1st Half).

I'm not used to calling Southwest Missouri State, or SMS "Missouri State." It's messin' with my mind, man. I'm just gonna have to take Illinois State to spite the school. Actually, the Redbirds have played really well at home lately, beating Northern Iowa and losing to Indiana State by only 4.

Prediction: Illinois State +3 (1st Half).
Push; -$10

Creighton (11-5) at Wichita State (11-6).
Line: Creighton +150 (1st Half).

These are two evenly matched teams, but Creighton is hotter; it has won seven of nine, while Wichita State has dropped six of eight. Here's an interesting fact: The road squad has led at halftime in four of the previous five meetings.

Prediction: Creighton +150 (1st Half).
Incorrect; -$100

Gonzaga (12-6) at Saint Mary's (9-9).
Line: Gonzaga by 4.

Everyone and their great uncle's evil stepsister probably has Gonzaga, but I have to take them tonight for the same reason I picked them on Saturday. To quote myself, "Gonzaga played really poorly in its non-conference schedule, but I think you're going to see the Zags pick it up in WCC play. The talent disparity is just too large."

Prediction: Gonzaga -4.
Incorrect; -$110

West Carolina (7-9) at Appalachian State (12-4).
Line: Appalachian State by 6 (1st Half).

For those of you unfamiliar with the SoCon, Appalachian State is one of the elite teams in that conference. However, the Mountaineers are coming off an inexplicable loss to Elon. I look for them to rebound with an early lead over West Carolina.

Prediction: Appalachian State -6 (1st Half).
Best Bet.
Correct; +$100

Sunday, Jan. 14, 2007 (3-3, $0)

Duke (13-3) at Miami (9-8). Line: Duke by 3 (1st Half).

The Blue Devils have inexplicably lost two consecutive games, so I expect them to jump out to an early lead at Miami. The Hurricanes lost to Binghampton at home, so that should tell you how bad they are. Oh, and don't forget that brawl against Florida International.

Prediction: Duke -3 (1st Half).
Best Bet.
Correct; +$100

Illinois (13-5) at Michigan State (14-4). Line: Michigan State by 4 (1st Half).

Like I've said countless times, it's really tough to win on the road in the Big Ten. Michigan State will get the job done.

Prediction: Michigan State -4.
Correct; +$100

Oregon (15-1) at Arizona (13-2). Line: Arizona by 7.

Why is this line 7? Arizona never blows anyone out, while Oregon is one of the better teams in college basketball. Unfortunately, this game starts at 8, which is the same time 24 comes on. Won't be watching this one.

Prediction: Oregon +7.
Correct; +$100

Ohio (11-4) at Kent State (8-7). Line: Ohio +160 (1st Half).

This is a pretty good price for a first-half money line. Ohio will probably be leading at halftime, and I'm getting 1.6:1 odds. Very nice! I like!

Prediction: Ohio +160 (1st Half).
Incorrect; -$100

Fordham (8-7) at Duquesne (5-9). Line: Duquesne +155 (1st Half).

Fordham is 2-4 on the road, while Duquesne is a few games removed from winning at Boston College. How can I not take +155?

Prediction: Duquesne +155 (1st Half).
Incorrect; -$100

Samford (9-7) at Tennessee Tech (7-9). Line: Samford +125 (1st Half).

Tennessee Tech usually starts out pretty slowly, and I think Samford is the better team regardless.

Prediction: Samford +125 (1st Half).
Incorrect; -$100

Saturday, Jan. 13, 2007 (10-10, -$15)

Indiana (11-4) at Penn State (10-5). Line: Indiana by 3 (1st Half).

It's difficult to win on the road in the Big Ten, so I like Penn State as a home dog. Indiana's favored; keep in mind that the Hoosiers are winless in away contests.

Prediction: Penn State +3 (1st Half).
Correct; +$100

Kansas (14-2) at Iowa State (11-5). Line: Kansas by 6 (1st Half).

The Jayhawks are 1-1 on the road, and you're asking them to cover a double-digit point spread? I don't know about that. The Cyclones are usually pretty dominant at home, especially in the role of a dog.

Prediction: Iowa State +6 (1st Half).
Correct; +$100

Wisconsin (16-1) at Northwestern (10-6). Line: Wisconsin by 6 (1st Half).

Wisconsin is coming off a huge victory against Ohio State, so I expect it to be flat. Northwestern plays well at home, so I think they can cover the large spread.

Prediction: Northwestern +6 (1st Half).
Best Bet (Early Games).
Correct; +$100

Georgia State (5-10) at UNC-Wilmington (4-10). Line: UNC-Wilmington by 5 (1st Half).

I really don't get how a 4-10 team is favored by nine points. That has to be a typo, right?

Prediction: Georgia State +5 (1st Half).
Incorrect; -$110

Auburn (11-6) at LSU (11-4). Line: LSU by 8 (1st Half).

As I always say, winning on the road in the SEC is nearly impossible for sub-par teams. Auburn fits into that category. LSU is coming off a loss and will pounce on the other Tigers early.

Prediction: LSU -8 (1st Half).
Incorrect; -$110

Texas Tech (13-4) at Baylor (10-5). Line: Texas Tech by 1.

Like Washington State -- I had them on Thursday -- Texas Tech is severely underrated; the Red Raiders should be favored by at least four points. I have confidence in their ability to win at Baylor; they're 5-0 on the road.

Prediction: Texas Tech -1.
Incorrect; -$110

Kansas State (10-6) at Missouri (11-4). Line: Kansas State +135 (1st Half).

I think there's a good chance Kansas State has the lead at halftime; Missouri has no conference victories, while the Wildcats have beaten solid teams like USC. I know Kansas State has lost three in a row, but the Tigers just aren't that good.

Prediction: Kansas State +135 (1st Half).
Correct; +$135

Minnesota (7-9) at Iowa (9-7). Line: Iowa by 6 (1st Half).

Minnesota is a team in complete disarray; it just lost at Wisconsin by 23, went down to Arkansas-Little Rock and barely beat Southeast Louisiana, 63-61. I'm not making this up. The Hawkeyes are coming off a loss to Illinois, so they'll bounce back with a victory and an early big lead here.

Prediction: Iowa -6 (1st Half).
Incorrect; -$110

Loyola-Illinois (11-5) at Illinois-Chicago (8-9). Line: Illinois-Chicago by 1 (1st Half).

Loyola-Illinois has played five road games this year; it lost to Wright State as a favorite and pathetic Youngstown State, was beaten soundly at Bradley and Purdue, and snuck by Fairfield. Shouldn't this line be higher? I'm taking Illinois-Loyola. I mean Chicago-Illinois. I mean, uhh...

Prediction: Illinois-Chicago by 1 (1st Half).
Correct; +$100

Illinois State (9-7) at Drake (9-7). Line: Illinois State +130 (1st Half).

I'm getting a +130 price tag on a decent team that is playing a squad that has lost five consecutive games? Seems like free money.

Prediction: Illinois State +130 (1st Half).
Incorrect; -$100

Arkansas (12-4) at Ole Miss (11-5). Line: Arkansas by 1.

I'm going back to one of my cardinal rules, which is that it's nearly impossible to win on the road in the SEC. That's why Ole Miss has beaten Arkansas eight of the previous nine meetings at Mississippi.

Prediction: Ole Miss +1.
Correct; +$100

Detroit (5-10) at Cleveland State (6-12). Line: Detroit by 1.

Check out Cleveland State's recent history: The Vikings are 1-9 since the beginning of December, which includes seven double-digit losses. The only team they beat are Division-IX West Virginia Tech -- and I'm not sure that team is even real.

Prediction: Detroit -1.
Incorrect; -$110

Oregon State (8-9) at Arizona State (6-10). Line: Arizona State by 6.

I'm not sure why the Sun Devils are 6-point favorites when they've lost six games in a row, while Oregon State battled Arizona pretty tough. I think this game is pretty close and could go either way.

Prediction: Oregon State +6.
Correct; +$100

DePaul (10-7) at Rutgers (8-8). Line: DePaul by 3 (1st Half).

Rutgers continues to be really underrated; this line should be closer to a pick-em. I think the Scarlet Knights could actually win this game outright.

Prediction: Rutgers +3 (1st Half).
Incorrect; -$110

Washington State (15-2) at Stanford (10-4). Line: Stanford by 1.

Let me just copy-paste what I wrote on Thursday to make my point: "When will Washington State get the respect it deserves? The Cougars are underdogs every game they play, which is pretty ridiculous. But hey, that's fine; I'll keep picking them." This is definitely getting pretty ridiculous. This has to be a trap, right? Well, I guess I'm a sucker.

Prediction: Washington State +1.
Best Bet (Late Games).
Incorrect; -$110

Gonzaga (11-6) at Santa Clara (11-5). Line: Gonzaga by 4.

Gonzaga played really poorly in its non-conference schedule, but I think you're going to see the Zags pick it up in WCC play. The talent disparity is just too large; Santa Clara recently lost to Air Force by 30. Thirty points!

Prediction: Gonzaga -4.
Correct; +$100

Nevada (15-1) at Hawaii (10-6). Line: Hawaii by 1 (1st Half).

People are playing Hawaii because of the team's domination at home (8-1 straight up, 4-3 against the spread). But did you know that Nevada is 1-1 at the Islands the past two years, and led at halftime in each contest? I guess the Wolfpack don't get distracted by the exotic girls in grass skirts. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Prediction: Nevada +1 (1st Half).
Best Bet (Very Late Game).
Incorrect; -$110

Jacksonville State (3-13) at Tennessee State (6-9). Line: Tenn St. by 3 (1st Half).

Jacksonville State's record is horrible, but the team recently went on the road and played Samford and Tennessee Tech pretty hard, losing both contests by five combined points. I think this will be a very close game.

Prediction: Jacksonville State +3 (1st Half).
Incorrect; -$110

Canisius (6-10) at Saint Peter's (3-12). Line: Canisius +140 (1st Half).

I'm getting +140 to bet against 3-12 Saint Peter's at halftime? Thanks for the free lottery ticket, Vegas.

Prediction: Canisius +140.
Correct; +$140

Montana State (4-12) at Montana (7-9). Line: Montana by 7 (1st Half).

I love taking dogs in huge rivalry games; it usually pays off. Plus, I want to go with the Bobcats because Montana's coach is Wayne Tinkle. Tinkle! How can you take that guy seriously?

Prediction: Montana State +7 (1st Half).
Correct; +$100

Friday, Jan. 12, 2007 (2-0, +$280)

Dartmouth (6-7) at Harvard (7-8). Line: Dartmouth +180 (1st Half).

I find it odd that Dartmouth is a huge underdog on the first-half money line, even though they beat Harvard straight up a few days ago.

Prediction: Dartmouth +180 (1st Half).
Correct; +$180

Manhattan (6-8) at Iona (0-14). Line: Manhattan by 5.

Manhattan's not a great team, but Iona has lost every single one of its games by at least seven points. In fact, only two of their defeats have been by single digits.

Prediction: Manhattan -5.
Correct; +$100

Thursday, Jan. 11, 2007 (3-2, +$80)

Xavier (11-4) at Fordham (8-6). Line: Xavier by 3 (1st Half).

That's it! How many games can you lose in the second half!? Georgia State and Rutgers both would have been winners. I'm starting to realize that college basketball games are way too long, and too much shady stuff happens after halftime. Most of my games will be first-half picks from now on.

Anyway, I'm taking Fordham in this spot. I can't believe Xavier is favored, even though it is 0-2 on the road.

Prediction: Fordham +3 (1st Half).
Incorrect; -$110

Miami of Ohio (5-8) at Akron (9-4). Line: Akron by 5 (1st Half).

I've made a lot of money over the years taking Akron at home. I'm not sure why, but the Zips are unbeatable as a host. Miami of Ohio, meanwhile, is winless on the road.

Prediction: Akron -5 (1st Half).
Incorrect; -$110

Oregon State (8-8) at Arizona (12-2). Line: Arizona by 12 (1st Half).

Arizona is coming off a loss, so I think it'll be focused and will jump out to an early lead against a struggling Oregon State squad. The Beavers have just been humiliated in back-to-back games by UCLA and USC -- both of which were at home.

Prediction: Arizona -12 (1st Half).
Best Bet.
Correct; +$100

Oregon (14-1) at Arizona State (6-9). Line: Oregon by 4 (1st Half).

The Ducks just knocked off No. 1 UCLA, and they're obviously preparing for Arizona this Saturday. I think they will look past Arizona State and come out a bit sluggish.

Prediction: Arizona State +4 (1st Half).
Correct; +$100

Washington State (14-2) at California (10-5). Line: California by 1 (1st Half).

When will Washington State get the respect it deserves? The Cougars are underdogs every game they play, which is pretty ridiculous. But hey, that's fine; I'll keep picking them.

Prediction: Washington State +1 (1st Half).
Correct; +$100

Wednesday, Jan. 10, 2007 (5-5, -$30)

Purdue (12-4) at Indiana (10-4). Line: Indiana by 8 (-105).

Ugh -- for the second consecutive night, I had my best bet well in hand at halftime. And for the second consecutive night, my team blew it in the second half. Argh. I'm going with Indiana here; Purdue has played two games on the road, and has not looked in either contest. The Boilermakers also struggled with Penn State at home. Meanwhile, the Hoosiers just destroyed Michigan State.

Prediction: Indiana -8 -105.
Correct; +$100

James Madison (4-10) at UNC-Wilmington (3-10). Line: UNC-Wilmington by 11 (-105).

Whoever made this line either escaped from a mental hospital or spent too much time watching William Shatner's new game show. Regardless, why is a 3-10 team favored by 11 points?

Prediction: James Madison +11 -105.
Incorrect; -$105

Georgia State (5-9) at Northeastern (3-12). Line: Northeastern by 7 (-110).

Another game, another crappy team favored by way too much.

Prediction: Georgia State +7 +100.
Incorrect; -$100

Syracuse (12-4) at Rutgers (8-7). Line: Syracuse by 7 (-105).

Syracuse is coming off a huge victory at Marquette, and has Villanova next. Think they'll look past Rutgers? The Scarlet Knights are underrated; they just beat Cincinnati and stuck with Seton Hall.

Prediction: Rutgers +7 -105.
Best Bet No. 1.
Incorrect; -$105

Loyola-Illinois (11-5) at Wright State (9-7). Line: Loyola-Illinois by 2 (-105).

Loyola-Illinois has played four road games this year; it lost to pathetic Youngstown State, was beaten soundly at Bradley and Purdue, and snuck by Fairfield. Why are they favored as a visitor against a team that is 5-1 at home?

Prediction: Wright State +2 -105.
Correct; +$100

Butler (14-1) at Illinois-Chicago (7-9). Line: Butler by 5 (-105).

Call me crazy, but I think Illinois-Chicago pulls the upset here. Butler has been very shaky on the road, losing at Indiana State and barely beating 4-13 Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Prediction: Illinois-Chicago +5 -105.
Correct; +$100

Auburn (11-5) at Kentucky (12-3). Line: Kentucky by 14 (+100).

This is pretty interesting: With the exclusion of a victory over Mississippi Valley State back in November, Kentucky hasn't beaten anyone by more than 16 points this year. Here are some of their wins: Houston by 7; Eastern Kentucky by 13; UMass by 14. Auburn is better than all of those squads.

Prediction: Auburn +14.
Incorrect; -$110

Northwestern (10-5) at Michigan State (13-4). Line: Michigan State by 7 (-120) (1st Half).

Michigan State is coming off two straight losses, so I expect them to jump out to an early lead against woeful Northwestern.

Prediction: Michigan State -7 -120 (1st Half).
Correct; +$100

Tennessee (13-2) at Vanderbilt (10-5). Line: Tennessee by 2 (+100).

It's really difficult to win on the road in the SEC, and I can't understand why the Vols are favorited as a visitor, especially considering that they have one road game under their belts (a non-cover victory at Louisiana-Lafayette).

Prediction: Vanderbilt +2.
Correct; +$100

Virginia Tech (11-4) at UNC-Greensboro (7-8). Line: Virginia Tech by 7 (+100).

Virginia Tech just had one of the biggest victories in program history, as it beat Duke on the road on Saturday. To top it off, they have North Carolina after this contest. Hmmm... I wonder if they'll be focused for UNC-Greensboro.

Prediction: UNC-Greensboro +7.
Best Bet No. 2.
Incorrect; -$110

Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2007 (2-3, -$120)

Toledo (5-8) at Central Michigan (6-7). Line: Toledo by 1 (-105).

Toledo's 1-6 on the road, and they're actually favored at Central Michigan? Can someone explain this to me?

Prediction: Central Michigan +1 -105.
Incorrect; -$105

Texas A&M (13-2) at Baylor (10-4). Line: Texas A&M -7 (+100).

In case you didn't notice, Baylor nearly beat Oklahoma State on Saturday. The Bears aren't as bad as they used to be; the program has turned itself around, and it's out to prove something as a huge home dog.

Prediction: Baylor +7.
Best Bet.
Incorrect; -$110

Northern Iowa (13-2) at Illinois State (8-7). Line: Northern Iowa by 2 (-105).

I don't think Northern Iowa is going to be focused for this game; it is coming off a huge victory against Southern Illinois and has Creighton next. I love talking home dogs.

Prediction: Illinois State +2 (-105).
Correct; +$100

Boston College (10-4) at Wake Forest (9-5). Line: Boston College by 3 (-105).

I don't think much of either team, and I like home dogs, so Wake Forest seems like the right way to go. Besides, the Demon Deacons just won at Miami, so they're not completely worthless.

Prediction: Wake Forest +3 -105.
Incorrect; -$105

LSU (11-3) at Alabama (13-2). Line: Alabama by 3.

It's really hard to win on the road in the SEC, and I think Alabama is going to discover that tonight. I think Alabama wins by double digits.

Prediction: Alabama -3.
Correct; +$100

Monday, Jan. 8, 2007 (1-2, -$115)

Northeastern (3-11) at Virginia Commonwealth (11-3). Line: Virginia Commonwealth by 17 (-105).

Northeastern happens to be 3-11, but it's not that bad. They've recently lost to William and Mary by 3; Old Dominion by 6 and Boston College by 5. They've been blown out twice since Thanksgiving against Louisville and Connecticut. Virginia Commonwealth isn't up to par with those squads -- it recently lost to Appalachian State and barely squeaked by Towson State.

Prediction: Northeastern +17 -105.
Best Bet.
Incorrect; -$105

Texas Tech (12-4) at Kansas State (10-5). Line: Kansas State by 5 (+100).

As I said on Saturday, Bobby Knight's team was playing tight because its coach was pursuing Dean Smith's all-time record for victories. The Red Raiders got a convincing victory against Oklahoma, and that should continue in Manhattan.

Prediction: Texas Tech +5.
Correct; +$100

Villanova (10-4) at Georgetown (11-3). Line: Georgetown by 5 (-105).

After navigating through a soft non-conference schedule, Villanova has gotten rocked in back-to-back Big East games. This isn't a fluke. Meanwhile, Georgetown has recently enjoyed blowout victories against Notre Dame and at Michigan. I normally don't take favorites, but I'm siding with the Hoyas.

Prediction: Georgetown -5.
Incorrect; -$110

Sunday, Jan. 7, 2007 (1-1, $0)

Rutgers (7-7) at Cincinnati (9-5). Line: Cincinnati by 8.

I'm not sure why Cincinnati is such a huge favorite; it just got blown out at Memphis, and barely beat Ohio and Miami of Ohio. Rutgers covered a big point spread at Seton Hall, and should be able to do the same here.

Prediction: Rutgers +8 +100.
Best Bet.
Correct; +$100

Kansas (12-2) at South Carolina (10-2). Line: Kansas by 8.

The Jayhawks have just one road game under their belt, which happens to be a loss to DePaul. Not sure why they're this big a favorite.

Prediction: South Carolina +8 +100.
Incorrect; -$100

Saturday, Jan. 6, 2007 (5-8, -$340)

Penn State (10-4) at Purdue (11-4). Line: Purdue by 4 (1st Half).

I know I said that winning Big Ten road games is a difficult task, but I believe that Penn State is the better squad in this matchup; it dominated the first halves against Georgia Tech and DePaul, both of whom are better than Purdue. I think the Nittany Lions will be leading at halftime -- but I'm not going through another second-half collapse.

Prediction: Penn State +4 -105 (1st Half).
Incorrect; -$105

Oklahoma (8-4) at Texas Tech (11-4). Line: Texas Tech by 4 (-105).

Texas Tech has appeared to have struggled recently, but that's because the players were tight regarding Bobby Knight breaking Dean Smith's win record. Now that that's out of the way, I'm expecting a huge performance out of the Red Raiders, who will beat up on a weak Oklahoma squad.

Prediction: Texas Tech -4 -105.
Correct; +$100

Ohio State (12-2) at Illinois (12-4). Line: Ohio State by 1.

Ohio State has played in two road games this year and lost both. I think the Buckeyes are way too young to beat really good teams on the road. That applies here.

Prediction: Illinois +1.
Incorrect; -$110

Boston College (9-4) at NC State (10-4). Line: Boston College by 2 (-105).

Who is Boston College to be favored on the road against a quality ACC team? The Eagles barely beat Northeastern recently.

Prediction: NC State +2 -105.
Incorrect; -$105

Towson State (6-6) at Georgia State (4-8). Line: Towson State by 1 (-105).

If you're Borat, you have the option of saying: "Towson State should NOT be a road favorite," or "Towson State should be a road favorite.....NOT!"

Prediction: Georgia State +1 -105.
Correct; +$100

Michigan (13-3) at Northwestern (10-4). Line: Michigan by 2 (-105).

Michigan is coming off a huge victory against Illinois, so it's primed for an upset at Northwestern. Like I've said multiple times, winning on the road in the Big Ten is very difficult.

Prediction: Northwestern +2 -105.
Best Bet (Early Games).
Incorrect; -$105

St. John's (10-4) at West Virginia (12-1). Line: West Virginia by 12 (+100).

West Virginia is coming off two monstrous Big East victories over Connecticut and Villanova. To be honest, I didn't expect the Mountaineers to be this great this year. With that said, I'm taking St. John's; West Virginia could be looking past the Red Storm because it has Notre Dame next. Plus, huge Big East favorites rarely cover the number.

Prediction: St. John's +12.
Incorrect; -$110

Minnesota (7-8) at Wisconsin (14-1). Line: Wisconsin by 18.

Why is this line so high? Minnesota beat Purdue recently, and hung with UNLV and UAB on the road. Wisconsin, meanwhile, has Ohio State next on the slate and may not be focused.

Prediction: Minnesota +18 +100.
Incorrect; -$100

USC (12-4) at Oregon State (8-7). Line: USC by 5.

I'll take a conference home dog nine out of 10 times. USC is coming off a monumental win against Oregon, and could be unfocused for feisty Oregon State.

Prediction: Oregon State +5 +100.
Incorrect; -$100

Vanderbilt (10-4) at Auburn (10-5). Line: Auburn by 1 (-105).

I don't have enough confidence in Vanderbilt to go on the road and win in a tough SEC venue. This line is basically a pick-em, so I'm taking Auburn.

Prediction: Auburn -1 -105.
Correct; +$100

Virginia Commonwealth (10-3) at James Madison (4-8). Line: VA Comm by 12 (-105).

Who is Virginia Commonwealth to be laying double digits on the road? The Rams recently lost to Appalachian State and struggled against Towson State.

Prediction: James Madison +12 -105.
Incorrect; -$105

Pepperdine (4-12) at Portland (4-12). Line: Pepperdine by 2.

I don't get how a 1-7 road team can possibly be favored. This is insanity sauce.

Prediction: Portland +2 +100.
Correct; +$100

Arizona (12-1) at Washington State (13-2). Line: Arizona -2 (+100).

Washington State just doesn't get any respect; the team nearly knocked off undefeated UCLA, and managed to beat Gonzaga and USC on the road. I'll take them as a home dog.

Prediction: Washington State +2.
Best Bet (Late Games).
Correct; +$100

Thursday, Jan. 4, 2007 (4-4, -$25)

Creighton (8-4) at Indiana State (8-4). Line: Creighton by 3 (-105).

Wow, 8-0 last night. I'm kicking myself for not playing a $10 parlay to win $1,700. Ugh.

I can't believe Indiana State is an underdog; Creighton has yet to win on the road. I'm siding with the home dog.

Prediction: Indiana State +3 -105.
Correct; +$100

Denver (1-13) at Louisiana-Lafayette (2-12). Line: LA-Lafayette by 8 (-105).

This line is a joke; Louisiana-Lafayette doesn't deserve to be more than a 3-point favorite over anyone.

Prediction: Denver +8 -105.
Correct; +$100

Southern Illinois (11-2) at Drake (9-4). Line: Southern Illinois by 4 (-105).

Drake is coming off two ugly road losses, but they should be able to bounce back at home, where they beat Iowa recently. Southern Illinois just had a monstrous victory over Wichita State, so it may not be focused for home (Bull)dogs.

Prediction: Drake +4 -105.
Incorrect; -$105

San Jose State (1-11) at Louisiana Tech (2-10). Line: Louisiana Tech by 6 (-105).

Yep, Louisiana Tech is one of those squads that doesn't deserve to be more than a 3-point favorite over anyone. San Jose State stayed within 20 points of Duke, so you know they're not completely worthless.

Prediction: San Jose State +6 -105.
Incorrect; -$105

Michigan State (13-2) at Iowa (8-6). Line: Michigan State by 1 (-110).

As I mentioned yesterday, it's hard to win on the road in the Big Ten, and I find it odd that Michigan State is favored despite only playing in the role of a visitor once.

Prediction: Iowa +1 +100.
Correct; +$100

UCLA (13-0) at Oregon State (8-6). Line: UCLA by 12 (-105).

Way too many points. First of all, UCLA has 13-0 Oregon in two days, so it could be preparing for that. Secondly, Oregon State gave the Ducks everything they could handle in a 76-73 loss on Dec. 30.

Prediction: Oregon State +12 -105.
Best Bet.
Incorrect; -$105

Pacific (4-9) at UC-Riverside (3-11). Line: Pacific by 6.

Pacific is 4-9 and happens to be a 6-point road favorite? What the...?

Prediction: UC-Riverside +6.
Incorrect; -$110

Montana (7-8) at Sacramento State (6-8). Line: Montana by 2 (-110).

Montana is 7-8 and just 1-5 on the road. Who are they to be a visiting favorite? Pretty ridiculous if you ask me.

Prediction: Sacramento State +2 +100.
Correct; +$100

Wednesday, Jan. 3, 2007 (8-0, +$800)

Northwestern (10-3) at Penn State (9-4). Line: Penn State by 2 (1st Half).

It's hard to win Big Ten road games, and Northwestern will find that out tonight. The Wildcats recently lost to Tennessee Tech, and had trouble beating Loyola-Maryland, Wheaton-Illinois, Western Michigan and Mayaguez-Puerto Rico. I'm taking the first-half line because I'm not suffering through another one of Penn State's patented second-half collapses.

Prediction: Penn State -2 (1st Half).
Correct; +$100

Old Dominion (8-4) at Northeastern (3-9). Line: Old Dominion by 6 (-105).

I love betting divisional home dogs. Here's the bottom line: You're asking Old Dominion, 0-2 on the road, to cover a 6-point spread against a squad that is undefeated as a host. Northeastern lost by only five points at Boston College on New Years Eve.

Prediction: Northeastern +6 -105.
Best Bet.
Correct; +$100

Virginia Commonwealth (9-3) at Towson State (6-5). Line: VA-Comm by 6.

Another conference home dog. Towson State is 4-1 as a host, while the Rams just lost to Appalachian State as an 11-point favorite. Who are they do be taking points?

Prediction: Towson State +6.
Correct; +$100

William & Mary (7-4) at George Mason (6-5). Line: George Mason by 14.

Think George Mason is overrated after their NCAA Tournament run? The Patriots only retained two starters, and consequently have struggled against the likes of Drexel (61-49 loss), Radford (62-60 win), Bucknell (60-57 loss), Hampton (55-46 win) and Cleveland State (79-74 win).

Prediction: William & Mary +14 +100.
Correct; +$100

Rutgers (7-6) at Seton Hall (8-4). Line: Seton Hall by 8 (-105).

Seton Hall just isn't good enough to be an 8-point favorite over anyone in the Big East. The Pirates have lost to BYU, Oral Roberts and Farleigh Dickinson this year, and even had trouble with Liberty about a week ago.

Prediction: Rutgers +8 -105.
Correct; +$100

DePaul (9-5) at St. John's (9-4). Line: DePaul by 3 (-105).

I don't get how St. John's can be a home underdog. I'm all over that; DePaul is a solid team but hasn't really been tested on the road yet.

Prediction: St. John's +3 -105.
Correct; +$100

Illinois (12-3) at Michigan (12-3). Line: Illinois by 2 (-105).

Illinois has owned Michigan in Ann Arbor, but this Fighting Illini squad isn't as powerful as the teams of yesteryear. I love taking conference home dogs, especially those with 12-3 records. I know the Wolverines just lost to Georgetown, but they were clearly looking ahead to this contest.

Prediction: Michigan +2 -105.
Correct; +$100

The Citadel (3-10) at Elon (3-8). Line: Elon by 6 (+100).

It's always a party when The Citadel and Elon clash. You know, the kind of party with all dudes, bad beer and no drinking games. Both teams stink, and neither deserves to be more than a 3-point favorite over the other.

Prediction: The Citadel +6.
Correct; +$100

Tuesday, Jan. 2, 2007 (3-1, +$190)

South Florida (9-5) at Connecticut (11-1). Line: Connecticut by 9 (1st Half).

Coming off a loss to West Virginia, Connecticut should be focused for this contest right from the get-go. South Florida has lost its previous two road contests by 16 and 15, so I expect the Huskies to establish a dominant half-time lead.

Prediction: Connecticut -9 (1st Half).
Correct; +$100

Indiana (9-3) at Ohio State (11-2). Line: Ohio State by 8.

These are obviously two really talented teams, so I was leaning toward the underdog just looking at this game. But keep this in mind: Indiana lost by just three at Duke, and five at Kentucky. They should be able to cover the number at Columbus.

Prediction: Indiana +8.
Correct; +$100

Marist (10-3) at Loyola-Maryland (5-6). Line: Marist by 3.

Marist is by far the class of the MAAC; the Red Foxes are 7-1 since Black Friday. Loyola-Maryland, meanwhile, has recently lost to High Point and Saint Peter's.

Prediction: Marist -3.
Incorrect; -$110

Manhattan (3-8) at Pepperdine (4-11). Line: Pepperdine by 9.

Pepperdine stinks and should not be favored by more than a few points over anyone.

Prediction: Manhattan +9.
Best Bet.
Correct; +$100

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