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NCAA Hoops Picks
2006-2007 Season (as of Dec. 26): 49-44 (52.7%), +$180
2006-2007 Best Bets (as of Dec. 26): 15-13 (53.6%), +$70
Note: My past/weekly records and links to other months can be found at the bottom of the page.

Saturday, Dec. 30, 2006 (2-0, +$200)

Oregon (12-0) at Oregon State (8-5). Line: Oregon by 9?.

I love taking an underdog -- especially a home underdog -- in a huge rivalry. Oregon State could win straight up.

Prediction: Oregon State +9?.
Best Bet.
Correct; +$100

UC-Riverside (3-9) at Cal Poly-SLO (5-6). Line: Cal Poly-SLO by 9?.

Cal Poly-SLO just lose to San Jose State. I don't think they're in any position to be a 9?-point favorite over anyone.

Prediction: UC-Riverside +9?.
Correct; +$100

Thursday, Dec. 28, 2006 (3-3, -$30)

California (8-4) at Arizona (9-1). Line: Arizona by 14?.

Since losing to Virginia in its opener, Arizona has beaten everyone by at least 14, with the exception of Illinois, Louisville and Memphis. California isn't even close to them; the Golden Bears just got blown out at DePaul.

Prediction: Arizona -14?.
Incorrect; -$110

Washington State (11-1) at UCLA (11-0). Line: UCLA by 12?.

I can't believe Washington State is an underdog of 12?; the Cougars aren't getting any respect, even though they beat Gonzaga. With the public pounding UCLA, let's go with the underdog.

Prediction: Washington State +12?.
Best Bet No. 1.
Correct; +$100

Harvard (7-6) at UC-Irvine (4-8). Line: UC-Irvine by 9.

UC-Irvine is a 9-point favorite? Why? Is it because they lost to Southern Alabama, LMU and Drake?

Prediction: Harvard +9.
Incorrect; -$110

West Carolina (5-6) at Saint Mary's (6-8). Line: Saint Mary's by 15.

Saint Mary's has lost four in a row, and prior to that, they barely beat CS-Bakersfield. So, it's only natural that they're favored by 15.

Prediction: West Carolina +15.
Correct; +$100

Binghampton (6-4) at Pepperdine (3-10). Line: Pepperdine by 4?.

Binghampton just won at Miami. Pepperdine just lost at Long Beach State. I wonder which team should be favored.

Prediction: Binghampton +4?.
Best Bet No. 2.
Incorrect; -$110

Fairfield (3-10) at Fordham (5-5). Line: Fordham by 11.

Another sub-par team favored by way too much. Fade away.

Prediction: Fairfield +11.
Correct; +$100

Wednesday, Dec. 27, 2006 (0-1, -$110)

Jacksonville State (3-7) at Wisconsin-Green Bay (5-6). Line: Wisc-GB by 11.

Wisconsin-Green Bay is better than Jacksonville State, but not by much. The Phoenix have lost to Eastern Illinois, North Dakota State and Oakland. They're 3-1 in their previous four, but c'mon, who are they to be an 11-point favorite over mighty Jacksonville State?

Prediction: Jacksonville State +11.
Incorrect; -$110

Saturday, Dec. 23, 2006 (2-0, +$200)

St. Bonaventure (3-8) at Canisius (3-7). Line: Canisius by 9?.

Canisius shouldn't be favored by more than ? over any other team. Why? They've lost to Robert Morris, Fairfield and Farleigh Dickinson.

Prediction: St. Bonaventure +9?.
Correct; +$100

Delaware (0-8) at UNC-Greensboro (4-6). Line: UNC-Greensboro by 12?.

I know Delaware is winless, but the team is playing hard; it nearly defeated Vermont and Central Connecticut State recently. The Hens won't get the win, but they'll cover against UNC-Greensboro, a squad that has lost to Marshall, East Carolina and Hampton.

Prediction: Delaware +12?.
Best Bet.
Correct; +$100

Friday, Dec. 22, 2006 (0-4, -$440)

Hofstra (6-3) at Syracuse (9-3). Line: Syracuse by 12?.

If you've been betting against Syracuse at home the past few years, you're probably tanning in Jamaica right now. Well, I want to get there too. Let's go Hofstra!

Prediction: Hofstra +12?.
Incorrect; -$110

Georgia (8-1) at Georgia Tech (7-3). Line: Georgia Tech by 4?.

I like taking the points in a rivalry, and it's not even that Georgia is a much worse team that will have to find some way to cover; the Bulldogs just beat Gonzaga and Wake Forest.

Prediction: Georgia +4?.
Incorrect; -$110

Northeastern (3-6) at Detroit (2-8). Line: Detroit by 4?.

Let's see... Loss to Toledo by 10, check. Lost to Canisius by 3, check. Loss to Xavier by 33, check. Loss to Wright State by 1, check. Loss to Texas A&M CC, whatever the hell that is, check. Yep, Detroit sucks!

Prediction: Northeastern +4?.
Best Bet.
Incorrect; -$110

Weber State (7-5) at Washington (9-1). Line: Washington by 18.

This seemingly harmless game for Washington is sandwiched between an LSU victory and the start of the PAC-10 slate. I don't think the Huskies will be focused.

Prediction: Weber State +18.
Incorrect; -$110

Thursday, Dec. 21, 2006 (1-2, -$120)

New Orleans (4-6) at Mississippi State (8-2). Line: Mississippi State by 17?.

There's no question that the host is a better team by a wide margin, but it may not be focused for this contest; Mississippi State plays George Mason, Missouri, Tennessee, Ole Miss and Kentucky after this game. New Orleans, a team that stayed within double digits of Ole Miss, has played the Bulldogs tough the past two years.

Prediction: New Orleans +17?.
Incorrect; -$110

Idaho State (5-6) at Illinois (11-2). Line: Illinois by 22.

I think this is another situation where the superior team won't be giving 100 percent. Illinois is coming off a thrilling 73-70 victory over Missouri on Tuesday, and will be battling Xavier in a few days. Why would they care about Idaho State? We'll have to see if the Bengals can stay within 22 points; they lost to Marquette by 3, BYU by 6 and Washington State by 6, all of which were on the road.

Prediction: Idaho State +22.
Correct; +$100

Saint Peter's (3-6) at UNC-Greensboro (3-6). Line: UNC-Greensboro by 8.

Can someone please tell me why UNC-Greensboro is favored by eight? Oh, I know... its 71-64 loss to 2-8 Hampton sealed the deal. What about the team's 8-point loss to 4-5 East Carolina? Going down to three-win Marshall must have helped too. And UNC-Greensboro will definitely be intimidated by the Peacocks.

Prediction: Saint Peter's +8.
Best Bet.
Incorrect; -$110

Wednesday, Dec. 20, 2006 (0-1, -$110)

LSU (6-2) at Washington (8-1). Line: Washington by 1.

We all saw Washington get demolished at Gonzaga, but check out whom the Huskies have beaten this year: Pepperdine (by 8), Nicholls State, Northern Iowa, Sacramento State (9), Eastern Washington (7), Idaho, Southern Utah and Portland State. Translation: They haven't defeated anyone good. LSU will go into Seattle and win.

Prediction: LSU +1.
Incorrect; -$110

Tuesday, Dec. 19, 2006 (4-0, +$400)

Drexel (6-2) at Syracuse (9-2). Line: Syracuse by 8.

Syracuse rarely covers at home and Drexel is actually a decent team; it beat Villanova about 10 days ago. This should be tight.

Prediction: Drexel +8.
Correct; +$100

Kent State (5-3) at Duke (9-1). Line: Duke by 16.

I don't think Duke will be too focused for this contest; it is coming off a big win against George Mason and has Gonzaga on Thursday.

Prediction: Kent State +16.
Correct; +$100

Jacksonville State (3-6) at Murray State (4-7). Line: Murray State by 9?.

It's time for one of these: I wonder why Murray State is favored by 9?. Hmmm... could it be their 3-point victories over Morehead State and Eastern Illinois? Their 1-point triumph over Belhaven? The fact that they lost to Eastern Kentucky, Illinois-Chicago and Seattle-Pacific? The fact that Jacksonville's not a state?

Prediction: Jacksonville State +9?.
Best Bet.
Correct; +$100

Samford (3-4) at SE Missouri State (3-8). Line: Samford by 7?.

Samford has lost to Southern Alabama and Towson State. Why is the team a 7?-point road favorite?

Prediction: SE Missouri State +7?.
Correct; +$100

Monday, Dec. 18, 2006 (0-1, -$110)

The Citadel (2-8) at West Carolina (4-4). Line: West Carolina by 12?.

I wonder why West Carolina is a 12?-point favorite. It can't be because they just lost to Dayton and Gardner-Webb, can it? Maybe it's because The Citadel's logo looks like an anvil was dropped on a dog's head. I don't get it.

Prediction: The Citadel +12?.
Best Bet.
Incorrect; -$110

Sunday, Dec. 17, 2006 (3-0, +$300)

Florida International (4-5) at Troy State (5-6). Line: Troy State by 11?.

The books obviously made Troy State an 11?-point favorite because it recently lost to Florida Atlantic, Drake, Bowling Green and Alabama State. Oh, and the fact that they've yet to beat a Division-I opponent by double digits also helps. Why is 87 percent of the public on the host?

Prediction: Florida International +11?.
Best Bet.
Correct; +$100

Louisiana Monroe (4-6) at Middle Tennessee State (4-4). Line: MTS by 13?.

Like the Florida International-Troy State matchup, the host is favored by way too many points -- and the public is backing it.

Prediction: Louisiana Monroe +13?.
Correct; +$100

Arkansas State (6-7) at Louisiana-Lafayette (2-7). Line: Louisiana-Laf by 4.

There's no reason Louisiana-Lafayette should be publicly backed as a favorite. The Cajuns have two victories this year, and one of them was against Ouachita Baptist. No, I did not make that school up.

Prediction: Arkansas State +4.
Correct; +$100

Saturday, Dec. 16, 2006 (3-3, -$30)

Cal Poly-SLO (4-3) at Utah (3-5). Line: Utah by 12?.

Why is Utah favored by 12?? The Utes have a great history of success, but they've lost to the likes of Rhode Island, Utah State, Southern Utah and Santa Clara this year. And they're being asked to cover 12?? I'm taking SLO.

Prediction: Cal Poly-SLO +12?.
Incorrect; -$110

Denver (1-10) at Arkansas-Little Rock (5-6). Line: Arkansas-Little Rock by 13?.

I know Denver stinks, but check out Arkansas-Little Rock's futility: In the past 11 days, the team has lost to McNeese State by 14, and Simon Belmont by 15. Both contests were at home. You're asking Little Rock to cover 13?? In the words of Lee Corso: Forget about it! Yo!

Prediction: Denver +13?.
Best Bet.
Incorrect; -$110

Gonzaga (9-2) at Georgia (6-1). Line: Gonzaga by 2.

This is a public shade, as about 75 percent of the action is on Gonzaga on this seemingly easy game. The Bulldogs -- err, the visitor -- has Duke coming up, so I don't know if Georgia is on its radar. I think the Bulldog hosts pull the upset.

Prediction: Georgia +2.
Correct; +$100

Baylor (6-2) at Syracuse (8-2). Line: Syracuse by 11.

A betting strategy in college basketball that has made money over the years is going against Syracuse as a large home favorite; the Orange Men rarely cover the number.

Prediction: Baylor +11.
Incorrect; -$110

New Mexico State (6-3) at UTEP (5-4). Line: UTEP by 1.

Everyone is assuming UTEP will win because New Mexcio State beat them a few nights ago. But in the words of Lee Corso: "Not so fast, my friend! Zoink!" The Aggies are the better squad, and these teams haven't split a season series in quite a while.

Prediction: New Mexico State +1.
Correct; +$100

Canisius (2-6) at Detroit (2-6). Line: Detroit by 6.

This line should be three; not six. Detroit doesn't deserve to be more than a 3-point favorite over anyone.

Prediction: Canisius +6.
Correct; +$100

Friday, Dec. 15, 2006 (0-1, -$110)

Eastern Washington (5-5) at Oregon (8-0). Line: Oregon by 18?.

The Ducks are 8-0, but they are not 18? points better than Eastern Washington. The Eagles have hung with the likes of Gonzaga, Washington and UNLV -- all on the road. They were blown out at Santa Clara, but I think they were looking forward to this contest; this game clearly means more to Eastern Washington.

Prediction: Eastern Washington +18?.
Incorrect; -$110

Thursday, Dec. 14, 2006 (1-1, -$10)

UT-Chattanooga (4-4) at College of Charleston (3-6). Line: CoC by 7.

Last night marked the second time in five days that I lost with an average-sized underdog despite actually winning the game by double digits in the second half. How did Wright State surrender 57 second-half points to Marshall? Unbelievable. OK, I'm done complaining.

Why is the College of Charleston a 7-point favorite? The Cougars recently lost to Appalachian State and Charleston Southern. UT-Chattanooga is better than both of those squads.

Prediction: UT-Chattanooga +7.
Best Bet.
Correct; +$100

Austin Peay (3-4) at Memphis (7-2). Line: Memphis by 24.

Memphis hasn't beaten anyone by 20 or more this month. I don't think it'll happen tonight; this contest is sandwiched between previously unbeaten Ole Miss and Arizona.

Prediction: Austin Peay +24.
Incorrect; -$110

Wednesday, Dec. 13, 2006 (1-1, -$10)

Wright State (3-3) at Marshall (2-5). Line: Marshall by 5?.

Neither squad should be more than a 3-point favorite over the other, as both are pure garbage. Marshall has already lost to Robert Morris and Missouri-KC at home.

Prediction: Wright State +5?.
Incorrect; -$110

Louisiana-Lafayette (2-6) at New Orleans (2-6). Line: New Orleans by 6.

What has New Orleans done to warrant it being a 6-point favorite over anyone? Maybe it was the team's stunning 2-point victory at Lamar. Oh wait, maybe it was the fact that they only lost to Tulane by 14. Yeah, that's it.

Prediction: Louisiana-Lafayette +6.
Best Bet.
Correct; +$100

Tuesday, Dec. 12, 2006 (1-0, +$100)

UC-Irvine (3-5) at Drake (5-2). Line: Drake by 13?.

Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't get why a team like Drake is favored by 13? over anyone; it lost to Utah State and Troy State earlier in the year.

Prediction: UC-Irvine +13?.
Best Bet.
Correct; +$100

Sunday, Dec. 10, 2006 (2-1, +$90)

Youngstown State (3-6) at Wisconsin-Milwaukee (2-8). Line: Wisconsin-Milwaukee by 6.
Horizon League Featured Game of the Day

I'm ashamed of my alma mater. Penn State was up 12 in the second half as an 8-point underdog. I walked away from the TV, thinking it was in the bag. Yet, they found some way to lose by 10. I was shocked, Jerry, shocked!

Who is Wisconsin-Milwaukee to be laying six points to anyone? And why are people taking them? The Panthers have been great over the years, but they're rebuilding after losing all of their starters.

Prediction: Youngstown State +6.
Correct; +$100

Loyola-Maryland (4-3) at Manhattan (3-5). Line: Manhattan by 4?.
MAAC Featured Game of the Day

I think the people who are betting the heck out of Manhattan are living in the past. The Jaspers used to own the MAAC; now they're just a regular team that has already lost to New Jersey Tech, Boston University and Fordham. Loyola-Maryland is the better squad.

Prediction: Loyola-Maryland +4?.
Correct; +$100

Appalachian State (5-2) at Virginia Tech (5-3). Line: Virginia Tech by 15?.

A pretty obvious sandwich situation if you ask me. Virginia Tech is coming off a feel-good win against Old Dominion, and has Wake Forest next. Appalachian State has stayed within the number on multiple occasions, beating the College of Charleston and losing to Wake by only 10.

Prediction: Appalachian State +15?.
Incorrect; -$110

Saturday, Dec. 9, 2006 (5-4, +$40)

Arkansas-Little Rock (4-5) at Minnesota (4-6). Line: Minnesota by 10?.

It's surprising, but Minnesota has actually played well since head coach Don Monson was fired; they beat Arizona State and South Dakota State, and lost to UAB by only 7. I like the Gophers in this spot, as Arkansas-Little Rock has recently lost by double digits to McNeese State and Centenary.

Prediction: Minnesota -10?.
Incorrect; -$110

Ole Miss (7-1) at Memphis (6-2). Line: Memphis by 15.

The last time Memphis lost a game this year, they rebounded with a 17-point victory over Kentucky. Ole Miss is a lot worse than the Wildcats, even though its record doesn't indicate that. The Rebs have done a great job masking their futility; the best teams they've beaten are Fairfield and Tennessee Tech. Their only loss was a 77-59 decision at UConn.

Prediction: Memphis -15.
Incorrect; -$110

Penn State (6-2) at Seton Hall (5-1). Line: Seton Hall by 8.

I've covered Penn State and watched a few of the team's practices. Head coach Ed DeChellis is doing a remarkable job in turning around this program. It wouldn't even surprise me if the Nittany Lions qualified for the NCAA Tournament this year. Seton Hall, despite a 5-1 record, is a squad on the decline. I think Penn State wins outright.

Prediction: Penn State +8.
Early Afternoon Best Bet.
Incorrect; -$110

BYU (5-2) at Michigan State (8-2). Line: Michigan State by 8.

Anyone who follows BYU basketball knows about its futility on the road. In three situations, the Cougars were blown out by UCLA, lost to Boise State and barely snuck by Weber State. The Spartans win big.

Prediction: Michigan State -8.
Correct; +$100

Austin Peay (2-4) at Eastern Kentucky (6-2). Line: Eastern Kentucky by 6?.

The public is all over Eastern Kentucky, and I'm not really sure why. The team is 6-2, but it hasn't beaten anyone this year. Austin Peay should hang the number.

Prediction: Austin Peay +6?.
Correct; +$100

UC-Riverside (3-5) at Montana (3-5). Line: Montana by 15.

I don't understand the line or the action on this game. Why is Montana a 15-point favorite when it has yet to beat a Division-I school by more than 7? And why are people betting on the Grizzlies?

Prediction: UC-Riverside +15.
Correct; +$100

Drexel (5-2) at Villanova (7-1). Line: Villanova by 10.

No idea why the line is so low, but I'm going the other way. Villanova will be flat after going into Oklahoma and winning. This is a rivalry game, and means much more to Drexel.

Prediction: Drexel +10.
Best Bet.
Correct; +$100

Ball State (3-5) at Oklahoma State (10-0). Line: Oklahoma State by 14.

I'm not sure how interested Oklahoma State will be, as this contest is sandwiched between Syracuse and Tennessee. This means much more to Ball State.

Prediction: Ball State +14.
Incorrect; -$110

UTEP (4-3) at New Mexico State (4-3). Line: New Mexico State by 10?.

Who is New Mexico State to be favored by 10?? And why is everyone all over them?

Prediction: UTEP +10?.
Correct; +$100

Thursday, Dec. 7, 2006 (0-3, -$330)

Michigan (8-1) at Miami of Ohio (3-5). Line: Michigan by 2.

Everyone is looking at this line and pounding Michigan. At first it made no sense to me; how could a 3-5 Miami of Ohio squad be just a 2-point dog to 8-1 Michigan? But then I looked at the Red Hawks' schedule. They battled Kentucky and Illinois extremely tough, neither of which was at home.

Prediction: Miami of Ohio +2.
Best Bet.
Incorrect; -$110

Florida State (6-2) at Georgia State (3-4). Line: Florida State by 10?.

I like catching Georgia State as a home dog; it's 3-1 as a host, with its only defeat coming to College of Charleston by 6. The Seminoles historically have not enjoyed much success as a visitor.

Prediction: Georgia State +10?.
Incorrect; -$110

Eastern Illinois (3-5) at Tennessee Tech (3-3). Line: Tennessee Tech by 11?.
OVC Featured Game of the Day

Tennessee Tech has yet to beat any Division-I school by more than 10, so naturally they're favored by 11?. I do like them though; Eastern Illinois stinks, and Tennessee Tech has always dominated the Panthers at home.

Prediction: Tennessee Tech -11?.
Incorrect; -$110

Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2006 (1-1, -$10)

Duquesne (2-4) at Pittsburgh (8-0). Line: Pittsburgh by 27.

I can't believe Iowa blew a 13-point lead in the second half yesterday. That one hurt. Oh well... I think this contest will be closer than the spread indicates. Duquesne hasn't lost to anyone by more than 14, while Pitt doesn't have a knack for blowing teams out; it has only one victory greater than 22 points this year (78-52 over Northeastern).

Prediction: Duquesne +27.
Correct; +$100

Texas Tech (6-3) at Louisiana Tech (1-5). Line: Texas Tech by 5.

Curious line movement: Texas Tech went from -6 to -5 even though 86 percent of the public is betting on them. A pretty formulaic sucker bet.

Prediction: Louisiana Tech +5.
Best Bet.
Incorrect; -$110

Tuesday, Dec. 5, 2006 (0-3, -$330)

Miami of Ohio (3-4) at Illinois State (5-2). Line: Illinois State by 4.

Illinois State has won five in a row, which includes an impressive 78-65 triumph over St. John's. Miami of Ohio hasn't done much of anything this year. So, with that in mind, why is Illinois State a slim 4-point favorite? And why has Pinnacle, the sharpest book on the Web, made them -4 -101? I smell a rat.

Prediction: Miami of Ohio +4.
Incorrect; -$110

Northern Iowa (6-1) at Iowa (4-4). Line: Iowa by 2?.

I don't get it. Northern Iowa has been demolishing opponents left and right. Iowa has looked mediocre. So, why is the latter favored? Even if Northern Iowa were -3, there would still be tons of action on them. Something's up.

Prediction: Iowa -2?.
Best Bet.
Incorrect; -$110

Weber State (4-4) at Portland (2-7). Line: Weber State by 1.

Weber State should be a 6- or a 7-point favorite. Not one. Portland stinks; the team has been blown out by the likes of Portland State, Oregon State and BYU. The Pilots have also lost to UC-Santa Barbara, Cal Poly-SLO and SE Louisiana. And that's exactly why you take them tonight.

Prediction: Portland +1.
Incorrect; -$110

Monday, Dec. 4, 2006 (0-1, -$110)

Davidson (5-3) at UNC-Greensboro (2-5). Line: Pick.
SoCon Featured Game of the Day

The public knows Davidson is a solid mid-major that has only lost to BCS schools like Michigan, Missouri and Duke. The public also knows UNC-Greensboro isn't that good. Those bettors are looking at this line and pounding Davidson because it looks so easy. Vegas doesn't give away free money.

Prediction: UNC-Greensboro PK.
Best Bet.
Incorrect; -$110

Sunday, Dec. 3, 2006 (4-1, +$290)

Evansville (4-2) at Missouri (5-2). Line: Missouri by 9.

Anyone have any clue as to why Missouri is a slim 9-point favorite over Evansville after completely demolishing previously unbeaten Arkansas, 86-64? The spread should be somewhere in the teens. This "weak" line has forced the public to jump on the host. Let's go the other way.

Prediction: Evansville +9.
Incorrect; -$110

Drake (2-2) at Iowa State (6-1). Line: Iowa State by 4.

Anyone else find it odd that 6-1 Iowa is a slim 4-point favorite over a 2-2 Drake squad that lost to Troy State and Utah State?

Prediction: Drake +4.
Correct; +$100

New Mexico (5-0) at UTEP (3-3). Line: New Mexico by 6.

In its past four contests, UTEP has been blown out by Syracuse and Texas Tech; lost to Chicago State; and barely scraped by Cal-Davis. With that in mind, why aren't they a double-digit dog to undefeated New Mexico.

Prediction: UTEP +6.
Correct; +$100

Cal Poly-SLO (4-2) at San Jose State (0-6). Line: Cal Poly-SLO by 2.

This is one of the most bizarre lines I've seen. Winless San Jose State, a team that has been getting blown out left and right, is a slim 2-point dog to Cal Poly-SLO. Shouldn't this line be, I don't know, 25? Everyone is on the visitor. Don't fall for the trap.

Prediction: San Jose State +2.
Correct; +$100

Georgia Tech (6-1) at Miami (4-3). Line: Georgia Tech by 5.
ACC Featured Game of the Day

You've gotta love a conference home dog. Besides, doesn't this line seem too low? Miami has dropped three of four, losing to Buffalo, Cleveland State and Northwestern.

Prediction: Miami +5.
Best Bet.
Correct; +$100

Saturday, Dec. 2, 2006 (4-2, +$180)

James Madison (2-3) at Old Dominion (5-2). Line: Old Dominion by 17?.
CAA Featured Game of the Day

I love conference games, and I love taking Old Dominion in this rivalry. Old Dominion has won the past four meetings by: 23, 22, 18 and 17. Pinnacle, the sharpest book on the Web, has made this line -18, so they want you to take the dog.

Prediction: Old Dominion -17?.
Incorrect; -$110

San Diego State (8-0) at Western Michigan (2-4). Line: San Diego State by 3.

If the books wanted to induce 50-50 action on this contest, it would have made San Diego State a 6- or a 7-point favorite. They obviously want you to take the Aztecs, and it's working -- 70 percent of the money is on the visitor.

Prediction: Western Michigan +3.
Correct; +$100

San Diego (2-4) at Central Michigan (3-2). Line: Central Michigan by 5.

Let's see... San Diego has dropped three in a row, including a 64-49 loss to Texas-San Antonio. Central Michigan has won three of four. The latter is favored by just five points. Seems about right.

Prediction: San Diego +5.
Correct; +$100

Kansas (6-1) at DePaul (2-4). Line: Kansas by 9.

Kansas just beat No. 1 Florida, and completely demolished Dartmouth, 83-32, and Tennessee State, 89-54. DePaul, meanwhile, just lost to Purdue on a neutral court. This line is way too low, forcing the public to pounce on the Jayhawks.

Prediction: DePaul +9.
Correct; +$100

Boston College (3-2) at UMass (6-1). Line: UMass by 2?.

Boston College has become a very public team after beating Michigan State on National TV. Thus, people are seeing that they're a 2?-point underdog against a fradulent 6-1 UMass squad.

Prediction: UMass -2?.
Best Bet.
Incorrect; -$110

San Francisco (3-4) at New Mexico State (1-3). Line: New Mexico State by 7.

There's no reason for 1-3 New Mexico State to be a 7-point favorite. There's no reason for me to take them at that line. And there's no reason for any of you to tail me on the Aggies.

Prediction: New Mexico State -7.
Correct; +$100

Friday, Dec. 1, 2006 (2-1, +$90)

North Dakota State (3-2) vs. Princeton (4-1). Line: North Dakota State by 1.

Let's break this game down: Princeton, a dominant Ivy League team that everyone is familiar with, is a 1-point underdog to a school whose picture I don't have. Yeah, seems way too easy.

Prediction: North Dakota State -1.
Best Bet.
Correct; +$100

Northwestern State (4-2) vs. Marquette (7-0). Line: Marquette by 15.

Marquette is undefeated, and it beat Duke about a week ago, so that's why the public is dumping tons of money on them. However, this Golden Eagles squad has had a bad habit of playing down to its competition; they barely beat Valparaiso by 3, Idaho State by 3 and Hillsdale by 10. Take the points with underrated Northwestern State.

Prediction: Northwestern State +15.
Incorrect; -$110

Elon (1-4) at Davidson (4-3). Line: Davidson by 17?.

The first conference game of the year, so I have to cover it. Elon is on the verge of falling apart. Wait, what am I saying? They're already done; out of the four contests they played against Division-I foes, the Phoenix have lost three by at least 25. Davidson is a good team and will be able to sit on Elon.

Prediction: Davidson -17?.
Correct; +$100

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