Cap`n Crunch's Published Draft Mocks

NFL 2019

  1. 2019 NFL Mock Draft by Cap`n Crunch - 5.28 view
    Early 2019 NFL Draft. 4th of July update.

NFL 2018

  1. 2018 NFL Mock Draft by Cap`n Crunch - 1.1 view
    Draft Day Update... Finally its here.. as with the last few years I like to mention a few top prospects & outlooks. Most Intriguing: Once again all the QB`s top the list here. Safest picks: Q. Nelson.... B. Chubb ... S. Barkley. Most Athletic: D. James... T. Edmunds... D. Ward.

NFL 2017

  1. Early 2017 NFL Mock Draft by Cap`n Crunch - 10.28 view
    Here we are 2 days away from the big draft. Last year at this time the big trades were done. I`m a Fantasy Football junkie so I love the draft. Had a few thoughts on the top 6 players from 2016 ,was cool how they actually panned out so I thought I`d do it again this year. Went with 15 players this year showing the depth of this years draft.. Most intriguing ?? Watson-Trubisky-Mahomes-Webb & Kizer... Once again , just like last year, the QB position has the most questions and interest. Safest picks? Garrett-Thomas-Adams-Barnett & McCaffrey all look NFL ready. Most athletic? Peppers-Samuel-Melifonwu-Ross... GARRETT Just wow on how deep this draft class is. Best in decades.

NFL 2016

  1. 2016 NFL Mock Draft by Cap`n Crunch - 4.19 view
    NFL junkie and fantasy fanatic. Its great to mock and get with friends to watch the draft. Our fantasy rookies will be out on front stage for the 1st time & its gonna be great. Here is a list of the top 6 guys or so. Most intriguing? Wentz & Goff. How will these 2 compare from now on? Safest guys? Tunsil & Bosa. Both will be great at the next level. Most athletic? Ramsey & Elliot. Was hard to choose on this topic.Darron Lee is right up there . Rank my draft if you want & comment. Used Scout`s Top 100 list for this draft. Cheers!

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