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2018 NBA Mock Draft by conlin.zach - 6.20
Published at 6/20/2018 11:18:09 PM

This draft is nuts... The lottery picks are mostly set, but the order is far from set... The middle first-second round could go any which way, as there isn't much separating these players... Looking forward to it.

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Round 1

Round 1: 1-15
1. Suns: DeAndre Ayton, Center, Arizona

Ayton has the physical gifts to be a superstar in the league, and the Suns shouldn't pass on that.

Suns's Needs via ESPN's RPM

2. Kings: Marvin Bagley III, Power Forward, Duke

I could see the Kings going Bagley, Jackson or Doncic here. Reports are that Doncic is falling a little bit. That leaves Bagley and Jackson. I think they go Bagley here, who has one of the higher floors in the class. His defense must improve for the next level.

Kings's Needs via ESPN's RPM

3. Hawks: Luka Doncic, Small Forward, Slovenia

Rumor is that the Hawks are leaning towards Doncic... He is arguably the safest player in the draft, and could make their unhappy point guard expendable.

Hawks's Needs via ESPN's RPM

4. Grizzlies: Jaren Jackson, Power Forward, Michigan State

Bamba doesn't want to play in Memphis, so I could see them taking Jackson Jr. or trading down. Jackson Jr. could play alongside Gasol and has legit two-way upside.

Grizzlies's Needs via ESPN's RPM

5. Mavericks: Mohamed Bamba, Center, Texas

This pick depends on whether or not the Mavs will make a run at Cousins in the offseason. If so, they would probably go a different route. Bamba has defensive POY upside, better-than-advertised offense, and is a very smart kid.

Mavericks's Needs via ESPN's RPM

6. Magic: Michael Porter Jr., Small Forward, Missouri

Most people would think Young in this scenario, however this is John Hammond we're talking about--a GM who loves to swing for the fences. Aaron Gordon more than likely won't be with the Magic going forward. MPJ and Issac provide two intriguing forward options going forward for the Magic. Would also not be surprised if they select Young. Porter Jr. reportedly is moving down the board, but it could just be a smoke screen.

Magic's Needs via ESPN's RPM

7. Bulls: Wendell Carter Jr., Power Forward, Duke

Carter looks the part of a solid pro. Carter and Lauri compliment each other very well.

Bulls's Needs via ESPN's RPM

8. Cavaliers: Mikal Bridges, Small Forward, Villanova

The Cavs take Bridges in hopes this convinces LeBron to stay. Bridges looks the part of a 3-and-D wing, who would help the Cavs against the Warriors and Rockets. The LeBron/IT experiment scares them away from taking Trae Young, IMO.

Cavaliers's Needs via ESPN's RPM

9. Knicks: Trae Young, Point Guard, Oklahoma

The Knicks need a PG (Frank is more of a 2-guard). Young brings excitement to New York. I think he is tad overrated (he's not Curry) but he could become an electric scorer at the next level. How he adapts to the pro game and his defense will make or break his career.

Knicks's Needs via ESPN's RPM

10. 76ers: Lonnie Walker IV, Shooting Guard, Miami

With Fultz still being an unknown and Redick being a free agent, the '6ers could use help at the 2-guard. Walker is the best available at the position.

76ers's Needs via ESPN's RPM

11. Hornets: Collin Sexton, Point Guard, Alabama

With the trade of Howard, the Hornets are looking nearer to the reset button finally. The Hornets could look at a PG to develop behind Walker, even if he's not traded. I think MJ would like the way Sexton plays.

Hornets's Needs via ESPN's RPM

12. Clippers: Kevin Knox, Small Forward, Kentucky

With two back-to-back picks, the Clippers can feel free to take the BPA, who is one of the youngest players in the draft.

Clippers's Needs via ESPN's RPM

13. Clippers: Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Point Guard, Kentucky

The Clips need a PG and SGA is the best available. He has nice two-way potential.

Clippers's Needs via ESPN's RPM

14. Nuggets: Miles Bridges, Small Forward, Michigan State

While the Nuggets seemingly have an overabundance at the 3/4 positions, I wouldn't be shocked to see many of those guys gone next year. Besides, Bridges is the BPA.

Nuggets's Needs via ESPN's RPM

15. Wizards: Robert Williams, Power Forward, Texas A&M

The Wizards should look to get younger and more athletic in their front court. Williams looks the part of an athletic lob target who can protect the rim.

Wizards's Needs via ESPN's RPM

Round 1: 1-15

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