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2018 NFL Mock Draft by henderlogan929 - 2.7
Published at 2/7/2018 10:05:06 PM

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Round 1

Picks 1-16
1. Browns: Sam Darnold, Quarterback, USC

The browns are going to go quarterback here, deciding which one may be a little harder. Rosen said he doesn't want to play for your team, Josh Allen could get whoever the GM is fired, and Baker Mayfield will remind to much of Manziel, even if they are diffrent players and should be treated as such.

Even if the other QBs are elimanted Sam Darnold is no slouch and could make a case as the best QB in the class. He's got the big body to handle the NFC North while also being a class act leader who's arm is definitley good enough to be elite in today's game.

2. Giants: Josh Rosen, Quarterback, UCLA

Eli isn't getting any younger and it's time they found his replacement. The giants need a leader who can shine in the New York spotlight. And while Rosen might not have been the first QB taken he may be the best.

The thing that stands out most with Rosen is his accuracy. The guy makes some throws that just jump out at you. While there are questions about his personality Rosen's arm is undeniable and should put up some good numbers throwing to OBJ and the rest of the giants offense.

3. Colts: Saquon Barkley, Running Back, Penn State

While Bradley Chubb will definitley get a look here, This pick will ultimatley come down to whoever the new head coach of the franchise is. While Josh Mcdaniels the other coaches interested in the job are all offensive minded and most of them would love the chance to call plays for the best offensive player in the draft

Barkley is arguably the best player in the entire draft. He's fast, shifty, strong, can catch, block and return kicks. The biggest question can be whiter or not he can eliminate some of the dancing around in the backfield which a Veteran presence such as Frank Gore can mentor out of him.

4. Browns: Minkah Fitzpatrick, Safety, Alabama

The browns very well may trade out of this pick to a team like Buffalo or Arizona who are in need of a QB. But for the purposes of this mock lets say they stay here.

Minkah Fitzpatrick can do tons of diffrent things from the safety postion. Hes able to play the run as well as man up on recivers as well as any safety in the class. This pick may also help them better establish Jabrill Peppers into a postion.

5. Broncos: Baker Mayfield, Quarterback, Oklahoma

Oh have the mighty have fallen. Two years removed from a super bowl victory the Broncos are picking in the top 5. The Browns are in desperate need to find a signal caller to take it's talented offense back to the place it once was.

John elway expressed personally to Baker that he wants him on his team. While there are questions about his personality the thing that seems to be apparent when pepole disscuss Baker's personality is leadership and how hard he works. He's a talented runner with the football who can do alot in the passing game much like a former broncos QB.

6. Jets: Josh Allen, Quarterback, Wyoming

The Jets need some excitment. They need someone who can take this offense to a an actual successful level. In recent years they have played it safe in the draft, and while that has come with its success they need some actual production now

Josh Allen's biggest accolade is by far his potential. The guy has unreal arm strength and great size. He also has Mitch Trubisky level athletscim to escape the pocket and make plays with his legs. If he can imrpove his decsion making and and accuray Josh Allen could be an Elite QB.

7. Buccaneers: Bradley Chubb, Defensive End, N.C. State

The bucs generated very little pass rush last lear outside of Gerald Mccoy. Noah Spence hasn't done much, while Robert Ayers is 33 and a free agent. The bucs are in prime postion to gets some defensive talent considering the offensive needs above them

Bradley Chubb is the best defensive player in this draft. While this is a slight fall for the senior it was a good fall. I am a big preponet to the idea that teams will go after players close to their area and North carolina is close enough to florida. He's got great size and power and suprising agility to beat tackles. He's also versatile enough to rush from multple postions and be successful.

8. Bears: Calvin Ridley, Wide Receiver, Alabama

A lot of Chicago's lack of weapons offensivly had to do with injuries, most of it came from just a sheer lack of talent. Kendall wright was their most succesful reciver with a little over 600 yards, which is unaccetable in today's NFL.

Ridley is very talented wide reciever. While his biggest stregnths are his sure hands and smooth route running he does offer some excting potential with his speed and quickness. Ridley is a deadly threat when on the field as he could catch a deep fade while also racking of yards after catch on a slant. Should be a favorite weapon of Mitch Trubisky.

9. 49ers: Denzel Ward, Cornerback, Ohio State

The 49ers draft strategy looks alot diffent than it did at the begging of the year. The addition of Jimmy GQ has tunred the franchise into one of hope. The quesition could now turn to the defensive side of the ball.

Fiesty is a great word to descive Denzel Ward. His top end speed and tenacity allows him to make some really exciting plays. He's got good ball skills and excels and man coverage. Ward could make a big impact in year one much like former teamater Marshon Lattimore did.

10. Raiders: Roquan Smith, Outside Linebacker, Georgia

The new hire of Jon Gruden could mean offense gets looked at for the raiders, but that's not where their holes are at. The raides have some glaring holes at linebacker for some time now. and it may be time to get some high end talent on the roster, instead of some older veterans.

The raiders definitlety get a playmaker here. Smith is a sideline to sideline to player. Yes he does have trouble getting of blocks, at times, but hes also a very smart player whos smooth in coverage and is very effective on outside runs. Smith's frame also has room to add weight which could allow him to escape blocks easier.

11. Dolphins: Quenton Nelson, Offensive Guard, Notre Dame

Miami did not have the season it wanted follwing a playoff berth. Look for them to do things to better prepare for the return of Ryan Tannehill as they look to imrpove the offense around him. While they have good options at reciver and found their bell cow in kenyan Drake, they need to improve their awful o-line.

Quenton Nelsonis very good and Dolphins are lucky he falls into their laps. He's a mean tenacious blocker who also is preety athleitc and has great movement when pulling. He's got Zach martin atheltcism with Brandon Scheriff tenacity and meaness. He can also make life easier for Mike Pouncey and Laremy Tunsil.

12. Bengals: Connor Williams, Offensive Tackle, Texas

The free agency losses that Cincy suffred a year ago proved to be too great for the Bengals last year as tthe unit was awful in 2017. With needs on most of the line it will be intresting to see what they do in the draft.

Connor Williams may have not had the year he was suppose to but he was still a very good player. His 2015 and 2016 tape is exceptional and shows a player who had something else going on last year. He's very good in pass protection as his athleticism is exceptional. He could also allow the Bengals to move their line around to make a better improved unit then they did last year.

13. Redskins: Vita Vea, Defensive Tackle, Washington

The redskins still have needs all along their D-line after drafting Jon allen a season ago. While Allen played well they stil have questions across the line and could look to add something here as Alex Smith fills their QB need for now.

Vita vea may get a lot of Danny Shelton comaprions cause of their size postion heritage and school but thats about where the comparions should end. Vita is a very good player while massive in size still has very suprisng athletcism. He can provide a conerstone anchor in the middle of the defense that they desperatley need.

14. Packers: Joshua Jackson, Cornerback, Iowa

The packers had one ofthe more unfornate injuries last year in Aaron Rodgers neck injury. They should take advantage of this by getting a guy to help bolster it's secondary as their offense should be fine with the return of Rodgers.

Ball skills are what stand out to you the most when watching Jackson. He's able to make a play on most balls in his range and with a long 6'1 frame it's a preety big frame. He's also able to jam players on thel ine with pro level technique as he is Richard Sherman esque in his playing ability.

15. Cardinals: Mike McGlinchey, Offensive Tackle, Notre Dame

The cards definitley want a QB to drop to them here but will probally not trade up consdering the high level of free agency QBs. So they will instead look to bolter the O-line.

Mike could have been a top-10 player had he gone a year earlier but he should still be fine consdering that his play wasn't bad in 2017. He has high off-feild character and should be a plug and play tackle at either postion for the cards who still feel they have a talented roster that can compete.

16. Ravens: Courtland Sutton, Wide Receiver, SMU

This marks the first draft and a very long time that the Ravens will be without former GM Ozzie Newsome. and whle Ozzie was one of the better GMs in the NFL for a long time he did have some recent flaws. So the current raven staff may try to fix those flaws.

The thing that reigned true during the Newsome regime was the bust of wide reciver prospects taken. The current staff could try to fix this with Courtland Sutton a big fast reciver who has big potnetital. Hsi hands are very good and so is his ball trackign ability. A more suprising aspect of his game is his YAC ability as SMU ran a lot of slants and screens that saw him break off some big plays. There are some questions however about his playng speed and effort at times

Picks 1-16

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