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2018 NFL Mock Draft by devaunte - 11.7
Published at 11/8/2017 12:38:14 AM

This draft is based upon if the season were to end today (11/7/17) and where I think each team would finish. This includes trades to try to represent the most likely draft I can think of. May not be entirely accurate based on where each team would slot exactly but I don't think it'd affect the picks too much. Any FA assumptions I think will happen will be posted within the pick analysis.

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Round 1

Picks 1-16
1. Jets: Josh Rosen, Quarterback, UCLA

Jets Trade: 9th overall, 3rd, 4th round picks. 2019 1st and 3rd round picks.
49ers Trade: 1st overall, 5th round.
Whether or not Darnold comes out (I don't believe he will) I think the Jets make this move for a QB. They've surprised this year, actually showing up as a competent and capable team. But there's no question they need a QB round 1 here, and while the Niners would like Saquon here, RBs don't go 1st overall and the ability to trade down and get more options will be too tempting.

2. Browns: Saquon Barkley, Running Back, Penn State

This is an ideal situation for the Browns. They don't like to draft QBs early, and really need offensive help. Crowell has under performed and Hue refuses to start Duke. This gives them an incredible weapon, aim for Darnold or someone next year, and potentially shop Crowell.

3. Giants: Mike McGlinchey, Offensive Tackle, Notre Dame

They need a young franchise QB, RB, OL, HC, LBs, and younger DBs and DEs with their studs getting older. With Rosen not available and the idea of a solid QB being available early second round, the Giants replace the friendliest LT in the game with a young stud with a lot of potential to like, and hope to pick up a young stud QB early 2nd round (Thorson, Mayfield, or Barrett).

4. Cardinals: Luke Falk, Quarterback, Washington State

Cardinals Trade: 12th overall, 3rd round. 6th round 2019 1st and 4th round.
Browns Trade: 4th overall (from Texans). 7th round.
The Browns don't like to take QBs high unless they're a stud. They're probably aiming at Darnold next year if the Peyton Manning joining their FO are true they may convince him Cleveland isn't so bad. They also still have Kizer who has shown a little promise, and he may improve from Manning or just with experience. No matter what I think they trade this pick, with who and for what is subjective, but I think it's with either the Broncos, Chargers, or Cardinals. The Cards, picking the latest of the 3, and feeling the most pressure with Palmer likely gone after his injury, move first and select their QB of the future (assuming they don't get anyone in FA).

5. Colts: Arden Key, Defensive End, LSU

With Barkley off the board, Love or Guice COULD be in play here, but if they really wanted one of those RBs they could trade Brissett most likely with someone for a high enough picks. (UPDATE, while typing this, news broke Andrew Luck may not play in the NFL again, if so, they would not trade Brissett obviously and may move Luck if anyone is a taker).

6. Packers: Josh Allen, Outside Linebacker, Kentucky

The recent Aaron Rodgers injury exposed something I've been saying for a long time; this is one of the worst rosters in the NFL without Rodgers. Initially I had Bryce Love slotted here in order for them to stop using a WR at RB, but I figured they could get an Alabama RB round 2 or something. WR could also be in play with Cobb a likely cap casualty, and Jordy getting up there in age. But I figured they're likely to get another LB to improve that core. Blake Martinez has been playing very well, but overall that defense is still suspect.

7. Bengals: Derwin James, Safety, Florida State

This team has talent in a lot of places and yet it feels like eons ago they had 5 straight playoff appearances. I've debated between o line or safety here. O line is the biggest need but safety is also a huge need, with Derwin being the best player available and a need, they decide to try to add elite talent back there which they haven't had for awhile.

8. Buccaneers: Bradley Chubb, Defensive End, N.C. State

What happened to this team? They have so much talent and now Jameis might be getting benched and possibly becoming a bust, Koetter could be on the hot seat, and the defense that was elite the back half of last year has barely done in a season what Jacksonville has done in a half of a game (only 7 sacks!). They need a permanent starter across from Spence to get after Brees, Newton, and Ryan.

9. 49ers: Calvin Ridley, Wide Receiver, Alabama

Jets Trade: 9th overall, 3rd, 4th round picks. 2019 1st and 3rd round picks.
49ers Trade: 1st overall, 5th round.
The 9ers are happy to have moved back and still be able to pick up an offensive play maker to go with their (hopeful) franchise QB in Jimmy G. Ridley is now a true WR1 on this roster with a big frame and nice speed to compliment the speedy Goodwin and Garcon.

10. Chargers: Minkah Fitzpatrick, Safety, Alabama

This team has talent EVERYWHERE, and could very likely finish ahead of this spot in the actual draft, but for right now this is where I've slotted them. Their DBs are really good, but can't stay healthy and could use a bit of youth. They could look at a QB to replace Rivers in a year or 2, but I think they ride him out and either look at someone later this draft or next. People say o line, but forget the Chargers top 2 draft picks haven't played yet this year. Williams would provide a big body and another weapon for Rivers to use quickly, and Forrest Lamp was a top o linemen last draft who's been bugged by the Charger's injury bug.

11. Broncos: Mason Rudolph, Quarterback, Oklahoma State

It's really only QB, right tackle, or maybe center for this Broncos team. Siemian has now burnt out after 4 games 2 year in a row. Lynch is looking more and more like a bust, and the Brockinator is not the answer. Their window is closing as their SB caliber defense ages, as does their elite WR duo.

12. Browns: Denzel Ward, Cornerback, Ohio State

Cardinals Trade: 12th overall, 3rd round. 6th round 2019 1st and 4th round.
Browns Trade: 4th overall (from Texans). 7th round.
While they would've loved to add Calvin RIdley and possibly Courtland Sutton is an option here, I think they realize they need to add either an ILB or CB. Here they replace Joe Haden with an in-state stud in Denzel Ward, who like Marshon Lattimore has somehow fallen out of the top 10.

13. Dolphins: Ken Webster, Cornerback, Ole Miss

One of the most impressive DBs this year, and one of the teams needing help at CB more than any else. It's a match made in heaven as Ken Webster falls right into the Dolphins laps. Possibly on the board: LB, DT.

14. Raiders: Roquan Smith, Outside Linebacker, Georgia

They just missed out on Ward and Webster, so they decide to improve one of the positions that has plagued them the most in recent years. Smith is solid enough in coverage and has shown the ability to improve. He can also add some blitz/rush pressure. Other options: DB, G, LT

15. Falcons: Quenton Nelson, Offensive Guard, Notre Dame

If the Cards or Broncos add a FA QB expect one of them to nab Nelson instead, who could easily go earlier than this because of his talent, or the Bengals if they decide they're ok with their safety play. The right side of Atlanta's line has taken a serious step back due to Ryan Schraeder sustaining injury, and their RG just not being that good.

16. Bears: Courtland Sutton, Wide Receiver, SMU

I'm surprised I have the Bears ending up here, but don't be shocked if they're low enough to make a play for Calvin Ridley or even move up if they do end up here. Easily, the Bears biggest need is at WR. Their high draft picks have either been injured or under performed. Mitch Trubisky needs some help and Courtland Sutton is just what the doctor ordered with a big and athletic frame, solid speed and huge play ability and a constant threat to score.

Picks 1-16

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