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Kaltenecker's 2017 NFL Mock Draft-3.0
Published at 4/26/2017 1:58:37 PM

April 26, 2017- I used team's needs, teams' rankings, prospects' rank, and personal opinion to come up with my mock draft. Thank you to football outsiders, drafttek,, Draftbreakdown, Walter Football, and Nfl Draft Scout to help me find my information. Other Options= Charlie Campbell, Draftek, CBS, & SB Nation

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Millen  Bill

Round 1

Picks 1-16
1. Browns: Myles Garrett, Defensive End, Texas A&M

Team History: Cleveland Browns-69 seasons (1946-1995;1999-2017)
Record: 509-470-13
Number of 1st Round picks: 68 picks (3-1st overalls)
Total Rankings: Offense-30th: 311.0ypg / Defense-31st: 392.4ypg
Needs: QB, Def, OL, & TE

Garrett is hands down the best defensive player in the draft. He will make an immediate impact for the Browns defense that needs it. His quickness and strength will be notice in the first preseason game. This pick takes pressure off the Browns for three reasons.

Reason 1: Garrett is the consensus no.1 overall pick so missing on him would mean everyone else also misgraded him.
Reason 2: This allows the Browns to see which QB falls to no.12
Reason 3: The Browns will have a variety of different pass-rushers.

NFL Combine Results: Ht-6'4"/ Wt-272lbs/ 40time-4.64s/ Bench Press-33reps
Vert. Jump- 41"/ Broad Jump-10'7"/ 3-Cone Drill-4.57s/ Arm Length-35.25"/
Hands Size-10.25"

NFL Combine Grade: 7.63-Future All-Pro
NFL Comparison: Julius Peppers

Pro Day Results: Ht-6'4'"/ Wt-268lbs/ 40time-4.57s
Colin's Comparison: Michael Strahan

Other Option: TRADE

2. 49ers: Solomon Thomas, Defensive End, Stanford

Team History: San Francisco 49ers-72 seasons (1946-2017)
Record: 560-464-16
Number of 1st Round picks: 78 picks (2-2nd overalls)
Total Rankings: Offense-31st: 308.1ypg / Defense-32nd: 406.4ypg
Needs: QB, CB, S, & WR

The 49ers need a lot of help in a lot of places. The offense and defense have gotten worse every season since Harbaugh and they lack depth. The defense was ranked last in the league last season. Since Lynch and Shanahan will be in San Francisco for at least four seasons they will be "aggressively caution" in this draft. There is not a quarterback worth picking over the amount talent available this high. John Lynch was a defensive back and knows the importance of having a good defense. Thomas is one of the best athletes of this draft class.

NFL Combine Results: Ht-6'3"/ Wt-273lbs/ 40time-4.69s/ Bench Press-30reps
Vert. Jump- 35"/ Broad Jump-10'5"/ 3-Cone Drill-4.84s/ Arm Length-33"/
Hand Size-9.375"

NFL Combine Grade: 6.83- Good NFL Starter with Pro Bowl Potential
NFL Comparison: Justin Smith

Pro Day Results: Ht-6'4"/ Wt-273lbs
Colin's Comparison: Dion Jordan

Other Options: Jonathan Allen-DL: Deshone Kizer-QB; Jamal Adams-S

3. Bears: Jamal Adams, Strong Safety, LSU

Team History: Chicago Bears-98 seasons (1920-2017)
Record: 744-568-42
Number of 1st Round Picks: 91 picks (5-3rd overalls)
Total Rankings: Offense-14th: 356.5ypg / Defense-14th: 346.8ypg
Needs: QB, LB, WR, & DB

The Bears could use defense. the Bears have invested 8 out of 15 draft picks in the last two drafts ('15&'16) on defensive players. Adams will immediately help a mediocre defense. He is considered one of the top overall talents.

NFL Combine Results: Ht-6'0"/ Wt-214lbs/ 40time-4.56s/ Bench Press-18reps
Vert. Jump- 31.5"/ Broad Jump-10'0"/ 20 Yrd Shuttle-4.13s/ 3-Cone Drill-4.54s/
Arm Length-33.375"/ Hand Size-9.25"

NFL Combine Grade: 6.6- Good NFL Starter with Pro Bowl Potential
NFL Comparison: Darren Woodson

Pro Day Results: Ht-6'0"/ Wt-212lbs/ 40time-4.33s/ Arm Length- 32.125"/
Hand Size- 9.375"

Colin's Comparison: Eric Berry

Other Options: Marshon Lattimore- CB; Deshaun Watson-QB; Solomon Thomas-DE

4. Jaguars: Leonard Fournette, Running Back, LSU

Team History: Jacksonville Jaguars-23 seasons (1995-2017)
Record: 155-197-0
Number of 1st Round Picks: 24 picks (None-4th overalls)
Total Ranking: Offense-22nd: 334.9ypg / Defense-6th: 321.7ypg
Needs: DE, DT, OLB, & RB

The Jaguars should be stocking up on defense like they did last year because this season is going to be a test for major offensive positions.Bortles-QB, Yeldon-RB, & Lee-WR2 are all auditioning for their jobs this season. This season will decide what the Jaguars will do with the QB position next draft.

Fournette will give the Jags a running back similar to Zeke that will represent the franchise and provide excitement for the fans. He is the top rated RB in this year's draft and according to he's the 9th best prospect. I really like that he participated in both: the NFL combine and LSU's pro day. However, he cannot pass block AT ALL.

NFL Combine Results: Ht-6'0"/ Wt-240lbs/40time-4.51s/ Vert. Jump- 28.5"/
3-Cone Drill-4.45/+0.6s/ Arm Length-31.625/ Hand Size-9.25"

NFL Combine Grade: 6.8- Good NFL Starter with Pro Bowl Potential
NFL Comparison: Bo Jackson

Pro Day Results: Ht-6'0"/ Wt-228lbs/ Hand Size-9.125"/ Arm Length-31.75"
Colin's Comparison: Adrian Peterson

Other Options: Jonathan Allen-DL; Solomon Thomas-DE; TRADE

5. Titans: Marshon Lattimore, Cornerback, Ohio State

Team History: Houston Oilers 37-seasons (1960-1996); Tennessee Oilers 2-seasons (1997-1998); Tennessee Titans 18-seasons (1999-2017)
Record: 413-449-6
Number of 1st Round Picks: 51 picks (2-5th overalls)
Total Ranking: Offense-11th: 358.0ypg / Defense-20th: 357.5ypg
Needs: S, DB, WR, & LB

High potent offense or continue to rebuild that defense. Since the Titans have 2 picks in the 1st round, I believe they can do both. They will draft a defensive player that will be help instantly. Lattimore is a shutdown corner who has the physicality to stop the run.

NFL Combine Results: Ht-6'0"/ Wt-193lbs/ 40time-4.36s/ Vert. Jump- 38.5"/
Broad Jump- 11'0"/ 3-Cone Drill-4.47s/ Arm Length-31.25"/ Hand Size-8.875"

NFL Combine Grade: 6.52- NFL Starter
NFL Comparison: Vontae Davis

Pro Day Results: DNP
Colin's Comparison: Trae Waynes

Other Options: Jamal Adams-S; TRADE; Malik Hooker-S

6. Jets: Jonathan Allen, Defensive Tackle, Alabama

Team History: New York Titans 3-seasons (1960-1962); New York Jets 55 -seasons (1963-2017)
Record: 392-468-8
Number of 1st Round Picks: 61 picks (5-6th overalls)
Total Ranking: Offense-26th: 329.2ypg / Defense-11th: 342.4ypg
Needs: QB, OT, C, & DB

Kiper has the Jets picking Trubisky and McShay has them picking Jamal Adams. I would have to agree with Kiper but I think the Jets will draft the best available player. Allen is the best DT in the draft and is a top-5 3-4 DE. I thought Allen could fall out of the top-15 picks but after further research and film study, there is no way he's falling out of the top-10.

NFL Combine Results: Ht-6'3"/ Wt-286lbs/ 40time-5.00s/ Bench Press-21reps/
Vert. Jump- 30"/ Broad Jump-9'0"/ 20yrd Shuttle-4.50s/ 3-Cone Drill-7.49s/
Arm Length-33.625/" Hand Size-9.375"

NFL Combine Grade: 6.81- Good NFL Starter with Pro Bowl Potential
NFL Comparison: Fletcher Cox

Pro Day Results: DNP
Colin' Comparison: Gerald McCoy

Other Options: Leonard Fournette-RB; Malik Hooker-S; O.J. Howard-TE

7. Chargers: Malik Hooker, Free Safety, Ohio State

Team History: Los Angeles Chargers 1-season (1960); San Diego Chargers 57-seasons (1961-2016) Los Angeles Chargers (2017)
Record: 426-431-11
Number of 1st Round Picks: 55 picks (2-7th overalls)
Total Ranking: Offense-13th: 356.8ypg / Defense-15th: 347.1ypg
Needs: DB, OL, WR, & QB

The Chargers will be set for the next years if Hooker falls to them. He and Bosa will provide a dominant duo. Bosa rushing the passer and Hooker ball hawking the pass no ill be able to move the ball through the air.

NFL Combine Results: Ht-6'1"/ Wt-206lbs/ 3-Cone Drill-4.47s/ Arm Length-32.25"
Hand Size-10.75"

NFL Combine Grade: 6.7-Good NFL Starter with Pro Bowl Potential
NFL Comparison: Reggie Nelson

Pro Day Results: DNP
Colin's Comparison: Ed Reed

Other Options: Ryan Ramczyk-OT; Jamal Adams-S; John Ross-WR

8. Panthers: Curtis Samuel, Wide Receiver, Ohio State

Team History: Carolina Panthers 23-seasons (1995-2017)
Record: 172-179-1
Number of 1st Round Picks: 22 picks (2-8th overalls)
Total Ranking: Offense-19th: 343.7ypg / Defense-21st: 359.8ypg
Needs: RB, OT, WR, & DB

If there was a top-10 OL then I would have the Panthers picking a OT but there isn't. I saw a mock draft where the Panthers take Garett Bolles from Utah but Kiper is giving the top rated OT to Ryan Ramczyk from Wisconsin so I believe they will draft a offensive playmaker.

Samuel would add a dynamic advantage to the offense. His speed, length, and versatility give Newton and the offense matchups to exploit. He is a top-4 rated WR and top-10 rated RB. Curtis' experience and knowledge of the zone-read offense would utilize Newton's running ability and strengths.

NFL Combine Results: Ht-5'11"/ Wt-196lbs/ 40time-4.31s/ Bench Press-18reps/
Vert. Jump-37"/ Broad Jump-9'9"/ 20yrd Shuttle- 4.33s/ 3-Cone Drill- 7.09s/
Arm Length-31.25"/ Hand Size-9.5"

NFL Combine Grade: 5.81- Could become early NFL starter
NFL Comparison: Josh Huff

Pro Day Results: DNP
Colin's Comparison: Percy Harvin

Other Options: Leonard Fournette-RB; Dalvin Cook-RB; Cam Robinson-OT;

9. Bengals: Charles Harris, Defensive End, Missouri

Team History: Cincinnati Bengals 49-seasons (1968-2017)
Record: 344-408-4
Number of 1st Round Picks: 60 picks (1-9th overall)
Total Ranking: Offense-12th: 356.9ypg / Defense-17th: 350.8ypg
Needs: DE, OLB, CB, & OL

The Bengals are going to draft a pass rusher this year. In a division that has 2 Super Bowl winning QBs, the Bengals has focused on defending the pass in the last couple of drafts. They drafted William Jackson III last year and will draft Harris this season. Harris is quick and has better tape than Solomon Thomas when Harris is in a four point stance. Harris is a known pass rusher but for being undersized he held his own against the run-heavy LSU team last season.

NFL Combine Results: Ht-6'3"/ Wt-253lbs/ 40time-4.82s/ Bench Press-21reps/
Vert. Jump-33"/ Broad Jump-9'1"/ 20yrd Shuttle- 4.74s

NFL Combine Grade: 6.00- Chance to become good NFL starter
NFL Comparison: Connor Barwin

Pro Day Results: Ht-6'3"/ Wt-253lbs/ Vert. Jump-37.5"/ Broad Jump-9'10"/
20yrd Shuttle- 4.40s/ 3-Cone Drill- 7.35s

Colin's Comparison: K.J. Wright

Other Options: Reuben Foster-LB; Mike Williams- WR; Corey Davis-WR

10. Bills: Marlon Humphrey, Cornerback, Alabama

Team History: Buffalo Bills 57-seasons (1960-2017)
Record: 400-460-8
Number of 1st Round Picks: 59 picks (1-10th overall)
Total Ranking: Offense-16th: 354.1ypg / Defense-19th: 357.0ypg
Needs: CB, OL, S, & DL

The Bills are looking to rebuild on the fly. They resigned Taylor so they could draft Mike Williams here. A lot of other mock drafts have Mike Williams here. I believe with a new head coach they will address their DB need. Gilmore left for New England and Humphrey coull step as a day one starter and be a success.

NFL Combine Results: Ht-6'0"/ Wt-197lbs/ 40time-4.41s/ Bench Press-10reps
Broad Jump-10'5"/ 3-Cone Drill-6.75s/ Arm Length- 32.25"/
Hands Size- 8.75"

NFL Combine Grade: 6.16- Chance to become good NFL starter
NFL Comparison: Jimmy Smith

Pro Day Results: DNP
Colin's Comparison: Leon Hall

Other Options: O.J. Howard-TE; Mike Williams-WR; Corey Davis-WR

11. Saints: Taco Charlton, Defensive End, Michigan

Team History: New Orleans Saints 50-seasons (1967-2017)
Record: 338-427-5
Number of 1st Round Picks: 49 picks (3-11th overalls)
Total Ranking: Offense-1st: 426.0ypg / Defense-26th: 375.4ypg
Needs: OLB, DE, CB, & OT

The Saints need defense. Taco has the size and physicality to help fill that void. He can get to the passer and help support the run. I originally had Mckinley but it was Taco's size and he's ability to disturb an offense is why I chose him over Mckinley.

NFL Combine Results: Ht-6'6"/ Wt-277lbs/ 40time-4.92s/ Bench Press-25reps/
Vert. Jump-33"/ Broad Jump-9'8"/ 20yrd Shuttle-4.39s/ 3-Cone Drill-7.17s/
Arm Length-34.25"/ Hand Size-9.75"

NFL Combine Grade: 6.7- Good NFL Starter with Pro Bowl Potential
NFL Comparison: Chandler Jones

Pro Day Results: Ht-6'6"/ Wt-251lbs/ 40time-4.83s
Colin's Comparison: Jason Taylor

Other Options: Derek Barnett-DE; Gareon Conley-CB; Marshon Lattimore-CB

12. Browns: Deshaun Watson, Quarterback, Clemson

Team History: Cleveland Browns 69-seasons (1946-1995;1999-2017)
Record: 509-470-13
Number of 1st Round Picks: 68 picks (4-12th overalls)
Total Rankings: Offense-30th: 311ypg / Defense-31st: 392.4ypg
Needs: QB, Def, OL, & TE

The Browns need a franchise quarterback. The options for qb could be Trubisky, Watson, Mahomes or Kizer. I believe the Browns will select Watson at #12 because of his success against defenses with 1st round talent (Alabama, & Ohio State) and his athletic ability. Watson was the best thrower at the NFL Combine and was ability to play around high level talent. Watson will need to sharpen his accuracy and develop better arm strength.

Hue Jackson could have a really competitive battle for quarterback with this pick. Imagine, Kessler vs Watson vs Osweiler for the #1 & #2 spots & Hogan vs late round pick/undrafted QB. The losers of each battle would be cut or sign to the practice squad. This way you find out the best talent. This may be a big risk to take especially on a 1st round pick but if Watson and Kessler are really that much better than Osweiler then it should be no problem for either player.

NFL Combine Results: Ht-6'2"/ Wt-221lbs/ 40time-4.66s/ Vert. Jump-32.5"/
Broad Jump-9'11"/ 3-Cone Drill-6.95s/ Arm Length-33"/ Hand Size-9.75"/
Arm Velocity-49mph

NFL Combine Grade: 5.98- Could become early NFL starter
NFL Comparison: Marcus Mariota

Pro Day Results: DNP
Colin's Comparison: Dak Prescott

Other Options: Dalvin Cook-RB; Malik Hooker-S; O.J. Howard-TE

13. Cardinals: Mike Williams, Wide Receiver, Clemson

Team History: Chicago Cardinals 39-seasons (1920-1959); St. Louis Cardinals 27-season (1960-1987); Phoenix Cardinals 5-seasons (1988-1993); Arizona Cardinals 23-seasons (1994-2017)
Record: 542-732-40
Number of 1st Round Picks: 85 picks (5-13th overalls)
Total Ranking: Offense-8th: 366.8ypg / Defense-2nd: 305.2ypg
Needs: QB, ILB, WR, & S

Cardinals need a quarterback for the future and/or a wide receiver. Williams will still be on the board but could go earlier. I'm predicting between the 10th-15 pick range. William will be a franchise wide receiver no matter where he goes it just depends on the defensive talent that team scouts feel are ahead of him.

NFL Combine Results: Ht-6'4"/ Wt-218lbs/ Bench Press-15reps/ Vert. Jump-32.5"/
Broad Jump-10'1"/ Arm Length-33.375"/ Hand Size-9.375"

NFL Combine Grade: 6.29- Could to become good NFL starter
NFL Comparison: Plaxico Burress

Pro Day Results: Ht-6'4"/ Wt-218lbs/ 40time-4.49s
Colin's Comparison: Keyshawn Johnson

Other Options: John Ross-WR; Reuben Foster- ILB; Jonathan Allen-DL

14. Eagles: Christian McCaffrey, Running Back, Stanford

Team History: Philadelphia Eagles 84-seasons (1933-2017)
Record: 555-591-26
Number of 1st Round Picks: 70 picks (6-14th overalls)
Total Ranking: Offense-20th: 337.4ypg / Defense-12th: 342.8ypg
Needs: RB, WR, CB, & OLB

The Eagles are looking for a running back or a to go wide receiver. Wentz hit his rookie wall at the end of the season last, year. Finding a playmaker for Wentz will help further his development into the franchise quarterback.

Christian McCaffrey is one of the most athletic players in this year's draft. He has the genetics, speed, quickness, and IQ. He has played in a similar system to the Eagles in college and excelled to create separation. He was a top performer in the NFL combine and could be the next Marshall Faulk.

NFL Combine Results: Ht-5'11"/ Wt-202lbs/ 40time-4.48s/ Bench Press-10reps/
Vert. Jump-37.5"/ Broad Jump-10'1"/ 60yrd Shuttle-11.03s/ 20yrd Shuttle-4.22s/
3-Cone Drill-6.57s/ Arm Length-30"/ Hand Size-9"

NFL Combine Grade: 6.02- Could to become good NFL starter
NFL Comparison: Tiki Barber

Pro Day Results: DNP
Colin's Comparison: Marshall Faulk

Other Options: Gareon Conley-CB; Takkarist McKinley-EDGE; Dalvin Cook-RB

15. Colts: Derek Barnett, Defensive End, Tennessee

Team History: Baltimore Colts 30-seasons (1953-1983); Indianapolis Colts 34-seasons (1984-2017)
Record: 502-441-7
Number of 1st Round picks: 70 Picks (2-15th overalls)
Total Ranking: Offense-9th: 364.4ypg / Defense-30th: 382.9ypg
Needs: DB, RB, DE, & OLB

Barnett brings versatility and a productive college career with 52 TFLs (#2 SEC) & 32 sacks (#7 NCAA) to a struggling defense. He is drawing comparisons to Nick Perry, however, he's hands and football IQ are like the great Bruce Smith.

NFL Combine Results: Ht-6'3"/ Wt-259lbs/ 40time-4.88s/ Vert. Jump-31"/
Broad Jump-9'9"/ 20yrd Shuttle-4.44s/ 3-Cone Drill-6.96s/ Arm Length-32.125"/
Hand Size-10"

NFL Combine Grade: 6.19-Should become instant starter
NFL Comparison: Nick Perry

Pro Day Results:Ht-6'3"/ Wt-259lbs/ 40time-4.90s/ Bench Press-20reps/
Vert. Jump-31"/ Broad Jump-9'9"/3-Cone Drill-7.12s

Colin's Comparison: Bruce Smith

Other Options: Hassan Reddick-OLB; Gareon Conley-CB; Solomon Thomas-DE

16. Ravens: Cam Robinson, Offensive Tackle, Alabama

Team History: Baltimore Ravens 21-seasons (1996-2017)
Record: 181-154-1
Number of 1st Round Picks: 21 picks (0-16th overalls)
Total Ranking: Offense-17th: 347.7ypg / Defense-7th: 322.1ypg
Needs: WR, RB, DL, & OL

NFL Combine Results: Ht-6'6"/ Wt-322lbs/ 40time-5.15s/ Vert. Jump-26"/ Broad Jump-8'10"/ 20yrd Shuttle-4.82s/ 3-Cone Drill-7.81s/ Arm Length-35.5"/
Hand Size-10.5"

NFL Combine Grade: 6.09- Chance to become good NFL starter
NFL Comparison: Ereck Flowers

Pro Day Results: DNP
Colin's Comparison: Eric Winston

Other Options: Dalvin Cook-RB; Cam Robinson-OL; Mike Williams-WR

Picks 1-16

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