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2017 NFL Mock Draft by Seth78 - 1.25
Published at 1/25/2017 9:59:45 AM

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Round 1

Picks 1-16
1. Browns: Myles Garrett, Defensive End, Texas A&M

Though people will scream about the Browns needing a QB the whole draft, for a team with as many wholes as the Browns have, choosing the best player is the right option. Garrett gives the Browns the pass-rusher they need to compete at a high level in the future, and fits Gregg Williams' 4-3 defense perfectly.

2. 49ers: DeShone Kizer, Quarterback, Notre Dame

The 49er's take Kizer because of his upside. With completely starting over again with a new GM and coach, they are going to try to find their future signal caller. Don't expect Kizer to start the upcoming season as I suspect he will receive the "Aaron Rodgers treatment" and sit behind either Collin Kaepernick or Blaine Gabbert for a season or two before getting the nod.

3. Bears: Jonathan Allen, Defensive Tackle, Alabama

The Bears' defense is so full of holes that they just have to take the best player available at this slot on the defensive side of the ball. Allen will be a huge help moving forward at plugging the line in a 3-4 Defense for future Bears' linebackers, and is probably one of the safer picks of this draft in terms of a high floor.

4. Jaguars: Derek Barnett, Defensive End, Tennessee

This is just another good defensive fit for a team with holes. Barnett is two small to play as a 3-4 defensive end and too slow to play a 3-4 outside linebacker. I think he can play very well in a 4-3, though, which, luckily for him, is a scheme that Jacksonville plays. Barnett would be a big upgrade over Tyson Alualua long term.

5. Titans: Malik Hooker, Free Safety, Ohio State

The Titans need a big-time playmaker in the secondary, and Hooker fits the bill perfectly. Though Hooker is not as technically sound as Jamal Adams or physical as Jabrill Peppers, he has the "IT" factor that a lot of NFL teams look for in younger players. Hooker reminds me of a bigger and less injury-prone Tyrann Mathieu.

6. Jets: Mitch Trubisky, Quarterback, North Carolina

The Jets' offense is actually surprisingly sound despite some of the struggle they has this year. One of the big holes, as for many teams that struggle on offense, is that they don't have a franchise quarterback. Mitch Trubisky, despite also being a project QB, is the most NFL ready on a physical level than the other QBs in the draft.

7. Chargers: Jamal Adams, Strong Safety, LSU

The Chargers don't have a terrible secondary, but Jamal Adams gives them the third level run support that they are currently lacking. Adams' play style works perfectly with the play-making corners that the Chargers like to employ, and Adams can eventually evolve into the leader of that unit as the Chargers prepare for one more playoff run before Philip Rivers' career is over.

8. Panthers: Leonard Fournette, Running Back, LSU

Ever since De'angelo Williams left, the Panthers running game hasn't been great. Fournette fills that hole and makes the Carolina offense scary, as long as the offensive line can protect Cam Newton better. Fournette is the same level of player as Ezekial Elliott, but in a better overall draft so Fournette falls a bit, but he will do better in Carolina than the other seven teams above.

9. Bengals: Marshon Lattimore, Cornerback, Ohio State

With Adam Jones not being very good anyways on top of his arrest and past issues, the Bengals grab his replacement in a true shut-down, man-to-man corner. Lattimore, despite going ninth, is one of the more under-rated pospects in this draft, and I believe he has the potential to take over the top corner spot in the NFL in three or four years. Add his great coverage skills with his willingness to step up and help with the run and you have a very good future player.

10. Bills: Mike Williams, Wide Receiver, Clemson

Aside from Sammy Watkins (who is usually hurt half the year anyways), the Bills don't have many threats in the receiving game. Mike Williams gives them a big play, vertical threat to pull safeties away from the middle of the field for Charles Clay and other wide receivers running crossing routes. Williams will need to show up at the NFL combine to prove his speed, but, if he does. Will be a top end pick.

11. Saints: Reuben Foster, Inside Linebacker, Alabama

I don't even know what to do on the Saints defense, how do all of your starting linebackers combined have less than 100 tackles? The main issue at play here is that New Orleans needs a new defensive coordinator, but Reuben Foster has the leadership and instincts to step up for the defense as well.

12. Browns: Marlon Humphrey, Cornerback, Alabama

Though many would probably disagree with me, I don't know what to think about Humphrey because of Alabama's defense. I am not sure if his high level of play was because of his skill as a player or due to playing with one of the best defenses in the country. Regardless, from the tape, Humphrey looks like a good corner with great instincts, so the Browns will take a stop with him.

13. Cardinals: Malik McDowell, Defensive Tackle, Michigan State

The Cardinals need a stronger presence on the defensive line than Frostee Rucker, and they can get that from McDowell. McDowell is a very strong player who has shown that he is a play-maker at Michigan State.

14. Colts: Prospect not selected

I don't know why Racmcyzk isn't an option on the advanced picked, but oh well. Ramcyzk looks a lot like Joe Thomas when he came out of Wisconsin, and whoever is able to pick him up in the draft is going to have a good tackle for the next few years. Worst case scenario, Ramcyzk ends up being a very good right tackle instead of left tackle.

15. Eagles: Cam Robinson, Offensive Tackle, Alabama

Robinson is a big, strong player who can give the Eagles some continuity on the offensive line. Though a lot of teams say they see Robinson as more of a guard, wherever he plays for the Eagles will be a relief than having a million different offensive line combinations.

16. Ravens: Quincy Wilson, Cornerback, Florida

All of the corners on the Ravens aside from Jimmy Smith should never be more than a 3rd or 4th option for most NFL teams, with that in mind, the Ravens looks to improve their secondary with a corner who can compliment their solid safeties and Smith. Wilson is a solid player with a lot of upside.

Picks 1-16

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