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If The Season Ended Today Mock 1.0
Published at 11/26/2016 10:16:42 AM

It is that time of year again where i try to predict what teams would be looking for at this exact moment if the NFL season was done and over with. PLEASE hear me out before you head to the comments looking for my head haha, I try to make sense of all picks by adding a description to each. I try to make selections without ANY bias, I appreciate all the views and opinions on Mocks so feel free to voice your concerns or praises!

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Round 1

Picks 1-16
1. Browns: Jonathan Allen, Defensive Tackle, Alabama

The most draft ready player headed into Philly especially as I was shocked he decided to stay last year in Alabama. I will say this, I am a Texas A&M fan. A LOT of people would say and rightfully so i may add; that Myles Garrett Deserves to be the number one overall player. I see a player who is ready to dominate at the NFL level right now in BOTH players. However, with Allen's versatility and the Browns defensive scheme I see this a match made in heaven for Ray Horton. Allen will fill his role nicely at Left End and will add tremendously to a Browns front 7 that is incredibly underrated based on what the offense does tremendously bad.

2. 49ers: Mitch Trubisky, Quarterback, North Carolina

Although Trubisky only has had the reigns for a very short time at UNC. Which has made some teams very weary of what they want to see at the combine and his pro day, but this QB matches a Chip Kelly offense very well in my opinion. I would not be surprised one bit if the 49ers go after offense all day and every day in this draft to try and help a decent defense. Trubisky will hopefully thrive under the pressure in San Francisco.

3. Jaguars: Leonard Fournette, Running Back, LSU

I will say it to any Jaguars fan's face... The Jaguars defense is EXTREMELY underrated for what they have and what symptoms are ailing certain players. I do not see defense being selected here, Fowler has a shoulder injury taking away from his play. Arguable the Jaguars' Ramsey is one of the top tier corners in the game. What are the needs of such a abysmal team? one need is offensive lineman to give time for Blake Bortles and QB who has proven he belongs in the NFL to throw. However, a BIG need many are overlooking is the Jaguars need a STABLE Franchise RB. Yeldon proves he isn't a every down back, and this season Ivory has shown he should've found a team that he could run behind because so far he is a one year wonder with the Jets. Leonard Fournette is the Smash Mouth runner that the Jaguars need to take the proverbial monkey off Bortles' back. Fournette has shown alot behind a LSU offensive line that is very average and in my opinion generate big time yards and big time drive extending plays for the Jaguars.

4. Bears: DeShone Kizer, Quarterback, Notre Dame

In my opinion, Kizer is one of the two most early draft ready quarterback available for NFL teams to select. The Bears need to get Cutler's broken spirit and body out of the city of Chicago if they would like to win anytime soon. Players are rotting on that offense because of the lack of a gritty and successful QB. Yes, I understand how Kizer will need to make the jump to be a NFL pro in a division that head hunts opponent Quarterbacks and dance over their broken bodies, But it just seems way too risky keeping cutler and not drafting Kizer who is a player who isn't afraid to run or throw deep. I will be excited to hopefully see many Kizer jersey's in Soldier field soon and watch Kizer practice his game until he is successful.

5. Jets: Jabrill Peppers, Strong Safety, Michigan

It would be interesting to see the Jets draft Myles Garrett here as a pass rushing LB since it seems a player with a high motor would function a lot better being a stand up LB than having his strength diminish against top tier OLs. However, Peppers is a once in a lifetime type of player that can add so much to a struggling Jets team. The Free Safety position is a struggle for the jets including many other roles on that NYJ defense. I could see Peppers being a Polamalu type of safety ball hawking for years to come.

6. Bengals: Myles Garrett, Defensive End, Texas A&M

I would not be surprised if someone tried to trade up for this pick to be able to land Garrett on their team, HOWEVER the Bengals need SOMETHING and its not OL. In my opinion, The Bengals should look to move Michael Johnson on the inside by getting rid of Peko and drafting Garrett to play Right End. The addition of Garrett to a already scary line with Geno and Dunlap would make every opposing QB face pressure and find themselves face down into the dirt. Myles is a VERY versatile player with a high motor, some question his conditioning but when you're being double teamed, picked up and playing with nagging injuries ANY player would breath a little heavy. Look to see Garrett land himself in a battle of Defensive ROY with players like Peppers, Allen, and Himself in 2017.

7. Titans: Malik Hooker, Free Safety, Ohio State

THE RICH GET RICHER! A Trade with the Rams gift a great player to a already diamond in the rough team. In my opinion the Titans are one of the most underrated teams in the NFL, with an offense that shows they can shut down opposing defenses and a majority of the games they have unfortunately lost due to secondary, Malik would be a great addition to the team and fix its woes in the secondary.

8. Panthers: Cam Robinson, Offensive Tackle, Alabama

Someone needs to protect Cam and isn't it funny it's another Cam who will do so. Cam Robinson has shown that although some have seen him struggling against certain defenses he stepped up many times this season so far including a tough match up with Myles Garrett. Cam Newton and the Panthers run game would benefit greatly with the addition of Robinson to their offense.

9. Chargers: Malik McDowell, Defensive Tackle, Michigan State

The addition of McDowell to Bosa and Liuget would be a scary sight for any NFL QB for years to come. The Chargers have a very unfortunate plague of injuries with Verrett and Teo being gone for the season even including offense with Keenan being a guy who will most notably go down as one of the most unlucky players to play wideout with injuries. Some may say a good pick would be John Ross here but I believe he would fall to the next day where the Chargers may look to pick him but with the growth of Tyrell Williams and Allen hopefully being able to play a season without getting hurt, i think the Chargers will be okay. Malik has shown he has the strength and block shedding to be a force on a chargers fierce front line.

10. Saints: Jalen Tabor, Cornerback, Florida

Julio Jones, Kelvin Benjamin, Mike Evans. All are players the saints soft secondary has to face two times a year. Bell has shown that he is going to be a great safety for years to come in my opinion, but it all can't be left to him to stop some of the best wideouts in the NFL who are also in their division. Tabor has show he could be a dominating force in the NFL with finesse to be able to contort his arms to snatch balls out of the air and give Brees the chance to win games.

11. Packers: Quincy Wilson, Cornerback, Florida

Now knowing that both Tabor and Wilson plan on leaving early gives a glimmer of light to the Packers poor defense who have almost cost the packers the playoffs if a miracle doesn't happen soon. Wilson has the talent to be a great corner and i believe that the Packer would absolutely love his IQ and love for the game.

12. Cardinals: Pat Mahomes, Quarterback, Texas Tech

Now before you start grabbing your pitch forks and torches, hear me out. I think Carson Palmer has shown that he only has a few years left in this league and he has had a great revival in AZ. Yes most of his mistakes are because of injuries on the Line and receivers who should be barred from playing football thinking they should run in a circle for a route. However, with this being a DEEP year for OL I believe the Cardinals will look to the Future with this pick. Mahomes is in my opinion the last draft ready QB that i think doesn't need too much development. He has shown he can be accurate with the Deep ball and has completely shocked me with his ability to make big plays with being sacked 25 times this year against some schools who some would consider having jokes for defense. Carson Wentz has shut me up with my beliefs that smaller schools or weaker conferences should not be trusted drafting their Quarterbacks. Mahomes would make the Cardinals future very bright and would lead a team who could win their division just having one of the best runners in the NFL with Johnson.

13. Titans: Marlon Humphrey, Cornerback, Alabama

the Titans will keep adding to their secondary and defense this draft. Marlon Humphrey is arguably the best corner in this draft however dropping to 13 will be a blessing for the Titans defense who is capable of shutting down the run but is questioned by pass attacks bombing their secondary. Humphrey can play the deep ball very well and will look to dominate a division of quarterbacks who throw MANY questionable balls.

14. Bills: Mike Williams, Wide Receiver, Clemson

Tyrod should be given more weapons so he can show off why he is such a talented quarterback. Adding to Sammy Watkins, who will hopefully stay healthy; you could possibly see Tyrod being a fantasy monster with the addition of a high flyer like Mike Williams. This pick would take pressure off of shady and would make their division rivals think twice before slacking off in the passing game.

15. Colts: Ethan Pocic, Center, LSU

Someone needs to go out and protect Luck because if he keeps taking punishment the way he is taking it, he will be the next Archie Manning sooner than later. Pocic could solve a position still in question for the Colts. Ethan shows great strength and the ability to stop opposing defenses in their tracks.

16. Steelers: Adoree' Jackson, Cornerback, USC

The steelers secondary is one of the worst in the entire NFL. Jackson who many compare to the abilities in the Return and Corner game of Pat Pete, Could solve some issues to a team who has a very threatening offense but loses games due to allowing points being put up without any fight.

Picks 1-16

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