2009 NFL Pre-Draft Analysis - Green Bay Packers

By Matt McGuire

Matt will be reviewing each team's 2009 Pre-Draft Analysis by talking about the draft range of targeted players.

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Green Bay Packers (Last Year: 6-10)

Green Bay was my pick to win the NFC North last season, and looking at their record will disappoint you. However, I still feel as though my pick was justified. While Mike Golic and Jamie Dukes said Aaron Rodgers would be nothing, he had an amazing season, throwing for 4,038 yards and 28 touchdowns. The Cheeseheads� record was a result of a brutal schedule, slow development by the interior offensive line, and a porous rush defense. It is up in the air as to whether this defense can turn it around in Dom Capers� 3-4 scheme, but one thing is for certain: Rodgers proved all the haters wrong. On to the Packers draft range at the No. 9 overall selection:

DE/OLB pass rusher: This team needs someone who can get off the snap and rush opposing quarterbacks. It looks like Aaron Kampan will take one outside spot on the defense, but this team has nothing else outside of him. I like Everette Brown or Aaron Maybin at this pick, but do not sleep on someone like Larry English from Northern Illinois.

Tyson Jackson: Cullen Jenkins is one of the base ends in this 3-4 defense, otherwise known as a 5-technique. Jackson is simply in a class by himself in this draft class at that scheme specific position, and the Packers will consider him at this pick.

I really feel like these are the two main draft needs for the Packers, and since their offense is set for the most part, they will not go with an offensive player at No. 9.

After this selection, Green Bay will be able to maximize the talent because most of their needs are filled.

If they do not select Jackson at No. 9, they could be looking for Evander Hood, Fili Moala and Jarron Gilbert in the second or third rounds at 5-technique.

Ted Thompson might like Jackson enough to go with him at No. 9. If that is the case, then they must upgrade their pass rush later on. Clint Sintim, Michael Johnson and Lawrence Sidbury could be second- or third-round options. Because the 2009 NFL Draft does not have much depth at the conversion DE/OLB guys, the Packers might consider trading up high into the second round if they take Jackson at No. 9.

Offensive line would be a possibility for the Packers later on in the 2009 NFL Draft. I really like Troy Kropog, Andy Levitre, Robert Brewster, and Gerald Cadogan in the third or fourth rounds for the Packers. In terms of interior offensive linemen, they might target Levitre, Antoine Caldwell, Duke Robinson and Jonathan Luigs in the second or third rounds.

Inside linebacker depth might be an option for Green Bay in the mid or late rounds. Jasper Brinkley would be a great fit because he is one of the best linebackers in the 2009 NFL Draft in terms of playing the run, and he brings the bulk you want in the 3-4 defense. Jason Phillips, Worrell Williams and Frantz Joseph could be third-to-fifth round selections for this team.

Punter is a huge need. Derrick Frost and Jeremy Kapinos were arguably the worst punters in the NFL last season. Thomas Morstead and Kevin Huber are fifth- or sixth-round options.

Green Bay Packers 2009 Offseason Needs

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