2009 NFL Pre-Draft Analysis - Cincinnati Bengals

By Matt McGuire

Matt will be reviewing each team's 2009 Pre-Draft Analysis by talking about the draft range of targeted players.

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Cincinnati Bengals (Last Year: 4-11-1)

The Cincinnati Bengals got off to a horrible start when Carson Palmer was playing terrible football because of his nagging injury, then it simply never got any better. Ryan Fitzpatrick played the way we expected Ryan Fitzpatrick to play. Chad Johnson changed his name to a grammatically incorrect Spanish phrase because he thought he could sell more jerseys (Chad �Eight Five�). The defense played surprisingly well despite Antwan Odom and Robert Geathers not living up to their contracts. Keith Rivers suffered a season-ending injury. Not much went right for Cincinnati, though things are looking up in 2008.

Now, I could tell you whom Cincinnati could draft and the needs their team could fill, but quite simply it does not matter. Whatever Cincinnati does on Draft Day, it will be bad. Why is this? It's because this organization is run by the most moronic person on the planet, Mike Brown. Brown does not care about winning. He doesn�t care about the fans. He doesn�t care about the team. The only thing he cares about is his self-worth.

Do you know how many college scouts the Bengals have? As Chad Ocho Cinco would say, �Uno.� That�s right, they have one measly scout touring the entire country for talent. Oh yeah, but let�s not forget about the other two scouting consultants.

Bengals fans: I am sorry you have to go through this every single season. You deserve better�everyone else involved in this franchise deserves better. Mike Brown should be ejected from the NFL because he is a loser, just my opinion.

You want to know why the Bengals crank out terrible drafts every year? It's because Brown can�t put any money back into his football team. That�s why the Bengals have sucked for majority of the past two decades, and I do not think Mr. Brown is worthy of owning a team, especially one with some of the most loyal fans in the NFL.

On to their draft range at No. 6 overall:

Jason Smith/Eugene Monroe/Michael Oher: The Bengals are a prime candidate to pick up a left tackle at this pick. I do not think it will be Andre Smith because his intangibles are terrible�then again it does seem like a perfect fit for the Bengals. Let me go ahead and bold Andre Smith as a possibility. Levi Jones is not the player he once was, and it makes sense to protect Carson Palmer.

B.J. Raji: I believe Raji is the favorite to be selected with the sixth-overall pick. There is a long history of teams selecting their Senior Bowl studs, and the Bengals coached the North team in Mobile this year. San Diego coached Philip Rivers at the Senior Bowl in 2004; same for Cadillac Williams/Tampa in 2005, Patrick Willis/San Francisco in 2007, and Kentwan Balmer/San Francisco in 2008. Cincinnati gave Domata Peko an extension, but there is a need for a starter alongside him. Cincinnati also loves those big, two-gap run-stuffers. Raji seems like the perfect fit here.

After their first-round selection, the Bengals have quite a few needs to address.

Eric Ghiaciuc could be upgraded at center. Jonathan Luigs, Eric Wood, Max Unger and Antoine Caldwell are possibilities in the second or third rounds.

If they opt to take Raji at No. 6, Andre Smith, Troy Kropog and Gerald Cadogan are second round possibilities. I know you think Andre Smith won�t fall, but his character and work ethic is so bad, I will be surprised if he is a top-25 pick.

Running back is a position that must be addressed later on�and I am not taking about a Chris Perry- or Kenny Irons-like pick. This team does not make the best decisions when it comes to this position, but LeSean McCoy and Donald Brown would be excellent second-rounders. Mike Goodson, Javon Ringer and Kory Sheets would also be solid value in the third or fourth rounds.

Defensive end depth is needed behind Geathers and Odom. I like Paul Kruger, Michael Johnson, Kyle Moore and Lawrence Sidbury as third-round options. Moore, Sidbury and Henry Melton are valuable pickups in the fourth to sixth rounds as well.

I have never been sold on Reggie Kelly or Ben Utecht in this offense at tight end. Jared Cook, Shawn Nelson, Cornelius Ingram, James Casey and Travis Beckum would all be phenomenal second- or third-round picks. Cameron Morrah, Richard Quinn and John Phillips are attractive late-round picks.

Linebacker depth is always helpful because starters get injured and they provide value on special teams as well. Gerald McCoy, Kevin Ellison, Moise Fokou, Ashlee Palmer and Brian Toal are possibilities in the mid-to-late rounds. They can play outside and on coverage/return units.

The Bengals had one of the worst punters in the NFL last season, and Ryan Plackemeier is not much of an upgrade. Thomas Morstead and Kevin Huber are talented booters who will go off the board in the fifth or sixth rounds.

Cincinnati Bengals 2009 Offseason Needs

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