NFL Interviews - Brett Favre

Disclaimer: These are not real interviews. They are purely satire. They were featured weekly in my NFL Power Rankings.

It's always an honor to interview the great Brett Favre. No introduction needed.

ME: Hey, Brett. You might be the most famous guest I've ever had. Thanks for joining me!

FAVRE: "No problem. I might leave this interview early, but I'm not sure. I still have to decide."

ME: Why? Did I do anything wrong? Do I smell? I just showered about five hours ago! I swear!

FAVRE: "It's not you; it's me. I kind of want to go home to my family so I can hunt. But I kind of want to stay. And I may want to do an interview with another Web site as well - but only if you find someone to replace me when I go home."

ME: No way! You'll always be my top option, Brett!

FAVRE: "That's great. Hey, want some advice on how to get more hits than, and"

ME: You know how I can do that? Seriously? I'm all ears, Brett.

FAVRE: "You gotta attack them hard."

ME: Uh... that's it? Attack them hard? What does that mean?

FAVRE: "I see that you don't appreciate me as much anymore. I'm going home to my family. I'll announce whether I'm coming back a few hours prior to your next power rankings update so you won't have enough time to find another guest. And if you do, I'll do an interview with another Web site."

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