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We were hacked on 4/23/17, which took the site down and caused us to lose some data. One on-going problem is that our login system for Mock Draft Builder, contests, rants and Draft Day no longer works properly. The login system tied into the Forum, but the hack has led us to move the Forum to the cloud; the move to the cloud should improve the Forum overall, but it cannot connect to the features login system.

We are looking to come back stronger, offering more options for connecting to the site. In addition to using a Forum account to access our Reader Features you can also create a new account using an email and password, or connect using GMail. They are basically two different gateways to our features but with some caveats:

  • Reader Features Gateway - If you setup a new account this doesn't create a forum account. That is if you intend to use our forum you should start by registering an account there.
  • Forum Gateway - At the moment it isn't 100% reliable for actually connecting. We're working on it

Reader Features Gateway - Access Reader Features with GMail, or, email and password.

Existing users, you will recover your content (mock drafts, comments, rants) if you register with the email address tied to your vBulletin account. We may also be able to recover your account regardless if you contact us. Facebook and Twitter may be enabled some time this summer.

Forum Gateway - Use your Forum Account to connect to our Reader Features.

A bit spotty right now.

An Illustration by WFDevTeam - He thought it might help.

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NFL Free Agents...
NFL Free Agents...
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