2008 NFL Free Agent Positions:
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2008 Free Agency Page Notes: Star rating is out of five.
Age listing is as of Sept. 11, the first day of the 2008 regular season.
If I missed a signing or a free agent, please let me know. There are so many players on the market I may have missed someone.

  1. Gibril Wilson, Giants. Age: 26.
    Signed with Raiders (6 years, $39 million)

    Gibril Wilson is coming off the best season of his career, notching 92 tackles and four interceptions. The Giants will likely sign him to a huge deal.

  2. Ken Hamlin, Cowboys. Age: 27.
    Re-signed with Cowboys (6 years, $39 million)

    Ken Hamlin will be looking for tons of cash this offseason, as he will be the starting free safety for the NFC in the Pro Bowl. Given the problems in their secondary, the Cowboys cannot afford to let him go.

  3. Yeremiah Bell, Dolphins. Age: 30.
    Re-signed with Dolphins (1 year, $1.4 million)

    Yeremiah Bell was a bullfr... I mean a talented safety prior to tearing his ACL last year. He's 30, so there's a chance he may never be the player he was.

  4. Chris Crocker, Dolphins. Age: 28.
    Signed with Bengals

    Chris Crocker isn't the best safety in the world, but he's a solid, capable starter. The Falcons have way too many needs to look for an upgrade, so they should re-sign him if he's not asking for too much.

  5. Atari Bigby (RFA), Packers. Age: 26.
    Re-signed with Packers (1 year, $445,000)

    The beleaguered Atari Bigby shocked everyone with an outstanding playoff run. The Packers have to hope that this will translate into a solid 2008 campaign.

  6. C.C. Brown, Texans. Age: 25.
    Re-signed with Texans (1 year, $1.417 million)

    A proud member of my forum, C.C. Brown had a career-high 84 tackles in 2007.

  7. Will Demps, Texans. Age: 28.
    Signed with Texans (2 years, $4.75 million)

    I still have no idea how this guy became an alternate for the Pro Bowl. Then again, Mario Williams wasn't voted to the thing, so that shows how much that means.

  8. Marlon McCree, Chargers. Age: 31.
    Signed with Broncos

    Marlon McCree is a decent, veteran free safety who was just getting too expensive for the Chargers to keep. He should be able to find a job elsewhere.

  9. Hamza Abdullah, Broncos. Age: 25.
    Signed with Browns

    Hamzah Abdullah played really well in place of Nick Ferguson. He'll continue to improve, as he has just eight starts under his belt.

  10. Eugene Wilson, Buccaneers. Age: 28.
    Signed with Texans

    Injuries have really slowed down Eugene Wilson, who was once one of the better free safeties in the NFL. Wilson has missed 18 games the past two years.

  11. Madieu Williams, Bengals. Age: 26.
    Signed with Vikings (6 years, $33.75 million)

    Like Eugene Wilson, Madieu Williams seemed destined for great things before suffering a multitude of injuries.

  12. O.J. Atogwe (RFA), Rams. Age: 27.
    Overrated. O.J. Atogwe's eight interceptions will give him a solid contract, but he was often torched last season. The reason for his eight picks was a product of opposing quarterbacks looking his way.

  13. Hiram Eugene (RFA), Raiders. Age: 27.
    Re-signed with Raiders (1 year, $370,000)

    Took over the starting free safety spot late in the year. Hiram Eugene did a solid job, but the Raiders could use an upgrade.

  14. John Lynch, Patriots. Age: 36.
    Announced retirement

    John Lynch asked for his release from the Broncos. Apparently, he wasn't happy with taking a reserve role. Lynch is thinking about retirement, though he would still be a solid backup.

  15. Keith Davis, Dolphins. Age: 29.
    Signed with Cowboys

    Assuming he's not asking for anything crazy, the Cowboys should re-sign Keith Davis, a solid reserve defensive back and a great special teams player.

  16. James Butler (RFA), Giants. Age: 26.
    Re-signed with Giants (1 year, $1.417 million)

    While free safety Gibril Wilson has really stepped up, strong safety James Butler has been a liability in New York's secondary.

  17. Matt Giordano (RFA), Colts. Age: 25.
    Re-signed with Colts (1 year, $927,000)

    I'd love to have Matt Giordano on my team; he's a solid backup, and he's great on special teams.

  18. Mel Mitchell, Patriots. Age: 29.
    New England's version of Matt Giordano.

  19. Gerald Sensabaugh (RFA), Jaguars. Age: 25.
    Re-signed with Jaguars (1 year, $1.417 million)

    Talk about bad luck. After being named the starting strong safety for the Jaguars, Gerald Sensabaugh suffered a season-ending injury the second week of the year.

  20. Brandon McGowan (RFA), Bears. Age: 24.
    Re-signed with Bears (1 year, $1.417 million)

    Brandon McGowan looked pretty solid in relief of Adam Archuleta last season. However, that could just be because Archuleta really sucks.

  21. Sammy Knight, Jaguars. Age: 33.
    Signed with Giants (3 years, $5.15 million)

    A veteran safety who can only offer experience at this point. Should not be a starter.

  22. Kenoy Kennedy. Age: 30.
    Like Sammy Knight, Kenoy Kennedy can still be a solid reserve, but should not be in any starting lineup.

  23. Dwight Smith, Vikings. Age: 30.
    Lions sign Dwight Smith (2 years, $5 million)

    In the same boat as Sammy Knight; any team that needs Dwight Smith as a starter really sucks.

  24. Bryan Scott, Bills. Age: 27.
    Bills re-sign Bryan Scott

    A former starter with the Falcons, Bryan Scott is nothing more than a backup now, albeit a solid one.

  25. Jimmy Williams, Falcons. Age: 24.
    Chosen in the second round of the 2006 NFL Draft, Jimmy Williams completely flopped in the NFL, starting just seven career games. However, Williams is really young, so I expect someone else to take a shot on him.

  26. Deke Cooper, Falcons. Age: 30.
  27. Erik Coleman, Jets. Age: 26. - Signed with Falcons (4 years, $10 million)
  28. Vincent Fuller, Titans. Age: 26. - Re-signed with Titans (1 year)
  29. Von Hutchins, Texans. Age: 27. - Signed with Falcons
  30. Donnie Nickey, Titans. Age: 28. - Signed with Titans
  31. Josh Barrett, Broncos. Age: 23.
  32. Blue Adams, Bengals. Age: 28. - Signed with Falcons
  33. Lamont Thompson, Jaguars. Age: 30.
  34. Adam Archuleta, Raiders. Age: 30.
  35. Steve Gleason, Saints. Age: 31. - Announced retirement
  36. Pierson Prioleau, Redskins. Age: 31. - Signed with Jaguars
  37. Idrees Bashir, Lions. Age: 29.
  38. Jamar Adams, Seahawks. Age: 22. - Re-signed with Seahawks
  39. Jamaine Winborne, Ravens. Age: 27.
  40. Marquand Manuel, Panthers. Age: 29. - Signed with Broncos (3 years, $4.5 million)
  41. Glenn Earl, Texans. Age: 27.
  42. Terrence Holt, Bears. Age: 28. - Signed with Saints
  43. Travares Tillman, Dolphins. Age: 30.
  44. Cameron Worrell, Jets. Age: 28. - Signed with Bears
  45. Jim Leonhard (RFA), Bills. Age: 25. - Signed with Ravens
  46. Jon Alston (ERFA), Raiders. Age: 25. - Re-signed with Raiders (1 year)
  47. Gerome Sapp, Ravens. Age: 27.
  48. Vernon Fox, Redskins. Age: 28. - Signed with Broncos
  49. Jarrod Cooper, Raiders. Age: 30.
  50. Coy Wire, Bills. Age: 29. - Signed with Falcons
  51. Omar Stoutmire, Redskins. Age: 34.
  52. Matt Ware, Cardinals. Age: 25. - Re-signed with Cardinals (2 years)
  53. Jason Simmons, Texans. Age: 32.
  54. Tank Williams, Vikings. Age: 28. - Signed with Patriots (1 year)
  55. Calvin Lowry, Broncos. Age: 25. - Signed with Jaguars
  56. Stuart Schweigert, Giants. Age: 27.
  57. Tyrone Culver, Dolphins. Age: 25. - Re-signed with Dolphins
  58. Mike M.S. Doss, Vikings. Age: 27. - Signed with Bengals
  59. Kalvin Pearson, Buccaneers. Age: 29. - Signed with Lions (3 years, $3.5 million)
  60. Jerome Carter (RFA), Rams. Age: 25. - Re-signed with Rams
  61. Steve Gregory (ERFA), Chargers. Age: 25. - Re-signed with Chargers
  62. Hanik Milligan, Rams. Age: 28.
  63. Gary Baxter, Browns. Age: 29.
  64. Marviel Underwood, Raiders. Age: 26.
  65. Mike Green, Seahawks. Age: 31. - Signed with Redskins
  66. Daren Stone, Cowboys. Age: 23. - Signed with Ravens
  67. Jamie Silva, Colts. Age: 23. - Re-signed with Colts
  68. Curome Cox, Saints. Age: 27.
  69. Donte Nicholson, Buccaneers. Age: 26. - Re-signed with Buccaneers
  70. J.R. Reed, Eagles. Age: 26. - Signed with Jets
  71. Nick Sorensen, Browns. Age: 30. - Re-signed with Browns (3 years, $2.5 million)
  72. Ty Law, Chiefs. Age: 34. - Signed with Jets
  73. Nick Ferguson, Broncos. Age: 33. - Signed with Texans (1 year, $730,000)
  74. Lance Schulters, Saints. Age: 33.
  75. C.J. Gaddis, Falcons. Age: 22.
  76. Greg Blue, Lions. Age: 26.
  77. Jamaal Fudge, Jaguars. Age: 25. - Signed with Falcons
  78. Roderick Rogers, Broncos. Age: 24.
  79. Darnell Bing, Lions. Age: 24.
  80. Greg Wesley, Chiefs. Age: 30.
  81. Oliver Celestin, Cardinals. Age: 27. - Signed with Chiefs
  82. LaMarcus Hicks, Lions. Age: 25. - Re-signed with Lions
  83. Jay Bellamy, Saints. Age: 36.

2008 NFL Free Agent Positions:
QB | RB | FB | WR | TE | OT | G | C | DE | DT | OLB | MLB | CB | S | KP

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