Chet Gresham's Fantasy Rankings - Standard Scoring

Published Jul 19, 2018, 01:00 AM
By Chet Gresham

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Quarterback Running Back Wide Receiver Tight End Kicker Defense

  • 1 Antonio Brown, WR, Steelers.

    Brown beats out the other top receivers due to his consistency and extremely high floor. Beckham and Hopkins have just as much upside as Brown, but they just haven't proven they have that consistency yet.

  • 2 DeAndre Hopkins, WR, Texans.

    Nuk has had bad luck with quarterbacks, but last season, he still put up huge numbers with rotten quarterback play, while also showing that a healthy DeShaun Watson can only help him.

  • 3 Julio Jones, WR, Falcons.

    What do you do with a talent like Jones, who can't seem to score touchdowns? You rank him high because he still put up great numbers without the touchdowns, plus he can sometimes, once in a blue moon, will get into the end zone. And, Jones' three touchdowns last season were an outlier even for him, so expect 6-8, which are around his average. If he would have gotten just six touchdowns this season, he would have finished as a top-four fantasy receiver.

  • 4 Keenan Allen, WR, Chargers.

    Allen had a great rookie season and then two seasons marred by injury. Last season, we finally got to see what Allen is capable of outside of that rookie year, and he was great. Even with just six touchdowns, Allen finished as the third-best fantasy wide receiver in PPR leagues. There's no reason to believe things will change in 2018.

  • 5 Odell Beckham Jr., WR, Giants.

    Beckham Jr. probably has more upside than all of these guys, but a not-that-effective Eli Manning and a packed receiving corps is what knocks his ranking down. It is nice to have such a strong group of receivers and running backs to pick from for the first round.

  • 6 Michael Thomas, WR, Saints.

    Thomas had trouble getting into the end zone in 2017, as the Saints had great luck at getting their running backs in the end zone, but he's the no-doubt No. 1 receiver on a top offense. I expect we'll see an increase to better touchdown numbers moving forward.

  • 7 A.J. Green, WR, Bengals.

    Green had a down 2017 but still finished as a top-10 fantasy receiver. We know his upside is much higher than that, but it would be tough to draft for that upside this season.

  • 8 T.Y. Hilton, WR, Colts.

    This ranking leans on the hope that Andrew Luck returns in 2018. The news isn't bad, but it's also not overly reassuring, so I wouldn't take Hilton too early just yet.

  • 9 Davante Adams, WR, Packers.

    Adams got a big new contract, while Jordy Nelson was released. Adams is the no-doubt No. 1 receiver now and has Aaron Rodgers throwing to him. Adams on any other team would be good, but Rodgers elevates him into a second-round pick.

  • 10 Doug Baldwin, WR, Seahawks.

    Baldwin continues to put up good numbers while not seeing the targets his talent level demands. If Jimmy Graham heads to a new team, I do think Baldwin will have more touchdowns than last season.

  • 11 Mike Evans, WR, Buccaneers.

    Evans has now gone through a great season, a poor season, a great season again and then a poor season again. If the pattern holds, then we get a great season in 2018! Of course, that's not how this works, but we know what he can do and we know he's stayed relatively healthy and will continue to see good target numbers. His floor isn't as high as I'd like, but his ceiling is.

  • 12 Tyreek Hill, WR, Chiefs.

    Hill had plenty of doubters coming into last season, but he proved that he could take on the role of a No. 1 receiver and thrive. He'll have Pat Mahomes as his quarterback this season, so there will be some more doubt cast on this upcoming season, but even if there are some major learning curves, Mahomes looks good enough to keep Hill as a strong fantasy receiver.

  • 13 Demaryius Thomas, WR, Broncos.

    Thomas' fantasy fate will rely on Case Keenum, which isn't exactly who you want to hitch your fate too, but Thomas' prospects are better than with Siemian, Osweiler, and company.

  • 14 Larry Fitzgerald, WR, Cardinals.

    Fitzgerald will likely see close to 100 receptions again this season, so you can't fade him due to his oldness, but we still don't know who his quarterback will be. But we've seen Fitzgerald put up good numbers with bad quarterbacks, like last year, so I see no reason not to take the safe receptions.

  • 15 Amari Cooper, WR, Raiders.

    Derek Carr says that Cooper was hurting more than he let on last season, which gives some hope for this year. Cooper has a ton of ability but hasn't been able to put it together completely. I'm going to lean toward his ability more than his recent stats, but he's not a lock at this point and it sure looked like he would be.


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