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2011 Fantasy Football: Mailbag

There will be many more 2011 Fantasy Football Rankings and features in the late spring and summer, including tons of 2011 Fantasy Football Mock Drafts and Player Rankings. I'll also have an extensive 2011 NFL Fantasy Football Preseason Stock Report. Follow me @walterfootball for updates.

2011 Fantasy Football - Mailbag (July 24):

The following 2011 Fantasy Football mailbag questions are regarding the 2011 Fantasy Football Sleepers.

  • From Satan:

    I'm on board with just about all of your pass-catching sleepers, but I think Pettigrew might actually be primed for a disappointing season. For most of the 2010, Detroit ran a pretty simplistic offense, catering to their non-Stafford quarterbacks. Stafford won't be as content to just dump it off to Pettigrew in the soft part of the zone. You also have to assume that Titus Young and a healthier Jahvid Best will detract from his touches as well.

    --> I think you're onto something with Brandon Pettigrew's targets dropping. Matthew Stafford has a much stronger arm than Shaun Hill, and he'll undoubtedly take more shots downfield. At the same time, however, since Detroit's offense figures to be more productive, Pettigrew will be in position to catch more touchdowns.

  • From Pete:

    I know you have Arian Foster at the top of you RB ranking. He will not produce as much as last year. Remember Ben Tate is back. You will say "there is no way Ben Tate takes over Foste" I am not saying that, but remember Tate intrigues Gary Kubiak, he really does. I believe Foster is way better than Tate, but Kubiak will be really interested in Tate to emerge as a nice RB in order to save his draft prestige. I know for a facta that Texans are really concerned about the injury Foster recently pointed out, so they are not going to give him the same nunmber of carries as last season. A la Jones Drew-Rashaad Jennings. Carries will be little bit more splitted.

    --> I can't agree with that. Maybe if Ben Tate were a top-15 selection, the Texans would be more concerned about saving face. But Tate was a second-round pick in the 2010 NFL Draft. They're not going to take carries away from the NFL's leading rusher to make themselves look better. Also, you mentioned Foster's injury. Well, Tate's coming off an injury too. It's not like Tate is either proven or completely healthy.

  • From Omar:

    I took Mardy Gilyard in the last round of my draft because I am pretty confident that he will be the St Louis receiver to have a breakout season. I think Gilyard will post insane numbers for a player the will not even be drafted in most of the drafts. Gilyard has the ball skills, size and that knack for getting the ball that McDaniels loves for having as No. 1 WR. Just look the way he ignored Demaryius Thomas cause he is just not comfortable with his WR characteristics.

    --> Mardy Gilyard is talented, but that's not the issue. There are work ethic concerns, as he sat out player-organized activities this offseason. I wouldn't trust Gilyard - not until we see what happens this preseason. Sam Bradford will have a favorite weapon, whether that's Mark Clayton, Danario Alexander or Donnie Avery. I'll be shocked if it's Gilyard.

  • From GoBlue11:

    May just be the homer in me, but what about Mike Hart? You say that Delone Carter could become "the guy" due to injuries to Addai and the Brown falling out, but Hart has had more time in the system and showed he was at least passable at running the ball. Yes, I do know about his injury issues and that he may or may not be resigned but Carter hasn't worked out or payed his dues at all yet.

    --> Interesting point. I completely forgot about Mike Hart. I'll be pulling for him. Even though I'm a Penn State fan and alumnus, I've always had tons of respect for Hart, and I think he's an underrated player. Let's see how much he's utilized this preseason.

  • From NYCSportzFan:

    I agree with Austin Collie, Mario Manningham, Brandon Pettigrew, Sam Bradford, Matt Stafford, Jimmy Graham,Ryan Matthews,Dez Bryant,and Jacoby Ford.... Others i like that aren't on your list... Deion Branch, Arrelious Benn, Jordan Shipley(PPR)

    --> Deion Branch should have been on the list. I like him too. Arrelious Benn is coming off ACL surgery, so he may not be 100 percent in 2011. As for Jordan Shipley, I wouldn't feel too comfortable taking him because the Bengals have a rookie quarterback at the helm. If they sign a veteran signal-caller to play until Andy Dalton is ready, I'll definitely move Shipley up my rankings.

    The following 2011 Fantasy Football mailbag questions are regarding the 2011 Fantasy Football Mock Draft: 2-QB Format.

  • From Skeptic:

    I'm having a hard time getting on board with many of your teams that you've drafted in your mocks. I will still use your ranking system and follow your stock reports religously but some of the teams you have put together this offseason are head scratching. You can't really expect to compete with Campbell as your QB2 and Collie and Meachem as your wide receivers. Both Collie and Meachem are on your sleepers list, meaning they are worth taking a shot at, maybe Collie as a WR2 but to expect him to be the stud of your WRs is not very strong. Again still love reading your mocks and updates just skeptical of some of the teams you've been putting together in your mocks this offseason.

    --> First of all, this was the first time I've ever done a 2-QB mock draft, so I didn't like my team when I finished. I would have selected Matt Ryan instead of LeGarrette Blount if I had to redo the whole thing.

    Second, while I'm lacking at QB2 and WR2 (I like Austin Collie a lot), I'm very strong at running back (Chris Johnson, LeGarrette Blount), flex (Jahvid Best) and tight end (Antonio Gates). I'd say my team is in the middle of the road. Like I said, I wasn't too pleased with my results which were a byproduct of my unfamiliarity with the 2-QB system, but with some nice waiver-wire additions, my team could compete for a championship.

  • From Broseph:

    Your plan to draft Mark Clayton and Danario Alexander seems like a good idea, but what if one of the rookies the rams just drafted becomes Sam bradfords favorite target?

    --> That's where the preseason comes in. As always, I'm going to watch every single preseason game, and post notes and stock reports on this site. I'll definitely be counting Sam Bradford's targets, so hopefully we'll learn whom his favorite wideout is.

  • From Barney Fife's Bullet:

    I have been in a 2QB league for a few years. My best advice would be to take 2 QBs within your first 4 picks. Landing Brees and Brady in this mock was huge. While everyone else is scrambling for QBs, you are still able to get good value on RB and WR. As of now, I like how late you can get Stewart and D. Williams at RB.

    --> After doing a 2-QB fantasy mock for the first time, I happen to agree with you. I'd definitely pick Matt Ryan over LeGarrette Blount if I had the chance.

  • From Funk:

    What's with the "Hasselbeck's transition to Tennessee" talk? Did somebody sign a CBA and open free agency without us knowing?

    --> It's being widely reported that Matt Hasselbeck will sign with the Titans. Teams and players have definitely been communicating during the lockout despite rules that forbid otherwise. For example, I learned from an NFC team that most of the UDFAs have already agreed to sign with specific teams.

  • From Daniel:

    Would you please stop referring to Michael Vick as Dog Killer? Are you five years old? The last time I checked he had already served his punishment for his crimes, so in my opinion your ongoing provocative attitude towards him, must be seen as a discredit for the legal system that gave him his punishment?

    --> No! And I am rubber you are glue whatever you say bounces off to me and sticks to you!

  • From Nathan:

    Who cares about kickers? Well, I do... I mean, I wouldn't take one before R15 in a 16-round draft, but a good K (on a team that can't score TDs) can net you 10-15 points a week.

    --> I know. Kickers can definitely influence the outcomes of fantasy football battles. But the point is that you don't have to draft a kicker before the 16th round. You can just pick up a good one in free agency if the kicker you draft stinks. I don't think I've ever finished a fantasy season with the same kicker I drafted.

    The following 2011 Fantasy Football mailbag questions are regarding the 2011 Fantasy Football: First-Round Bust History.

  • From Wraith:

    Peyton Hillis is on the Madden Cover. That is called the Madden Curse, not an inexplicable regression.

    --> You're right. That's definitely explicable. Yet another reason to be down on Peyton Hillis.

  • From Zach:

    I'm surprised you don't have QB Dog Killer on here. The combination of his age, playing style, and delusional owners picking him in round one just screams BUST.

    --> You're right. I didn't include QB Dog Killer on my potential first-round bust list because I couldn't imagine ever drafting him in the first round. But you're right - he definitely is a major candidate to bust in the first round.

  • From Stone:

    Steven Jackson and Darren McFadden are the only players I'd consider drafting on this list anyway. I'd say McFadden has a less chance of missing games than Steven Jackson though.

    --> Why do you say that? Steven Jackson has missed only one game in the past two seasons, and only 12 games in his 7-year career. Darren McFadden, meanwhile, has missed nearly as many games (10) in just three seasons. McFadden is definitely the greater injury risk.

  • From Harold Ballsagna:

    Walt, one guy I would consider adding to this list is Rashard Mendenhall. When you factor in his 300+ carries from the regular season, the additional 50+ from the playoffs, not to mention the wear and tear he withstood at the goalline, many people are concerned his huge workload will carry over. I personally believe he is young enough and fresh enough to rebound from this, but I thought it was worth mentioning. Thanks for all the good work, bud!

    --> Thanks, Harry Ballsagna! That's a fair point about Rashard Mendenhall. He had just 324 carries during the regular season, but received about 60 more carries during Pittsburgh's run to the Super Bowl. Look at his carry totals in Weeks 13-17: 19, 18, 17, 18, 14. Mike Tomlin clearly realized that he was overworking Mendenhall, so he gave him more breathers during the stretch run. This could help Mendenhall stay healthy in 2011, but it could hurt his fantasy production if he's not a major workhorse again.

  • From FoRM:

    As a Texans fan, it really pains me to say this, but I think Arian Foster is getting a little overrated. Just like the 2008 Giants, the 2011 Texans have a great run-blocking line and three talented running backs. Ben Tate will see some carries and Slaton will have receptions out of the backfield. I predict a slide in production out of Arian Foster.

    --> It definitely would make sense to sell high on Arian Foster from an economical standpoint, but perhaps the belief that he could be a one-year wonder means that he could be slightly undervalued. Foster is the real deal. He led the NFL in broken tackles last year, so it wasn't just the offensive line doing all of the work.

    The following 2011 Fantasy Football mailbag questions came from my previous 2011 Fantasy Football Mailbag entries.

  • From Stephane:

    Walt - I was doing a FF Mock on and I noticed Jimmy Graham was ranked 123 and Brandon Pettigrew was it just me or is that incredibly, insanely low for 2 of the sleeper tight ends this year?

    --> That definitely is insane. If you can't land Antonio Gates at a reasonable place, there's no reason to reach for any tight end because you might be able to land eithe rof these guys.

  • From Eric:

    Who do you think will have a better chance to have a Mike Williams (TB) type season this year, Jacoby ford, or Greg Little? I'm really high on Ford, and think the lockout is going to hurt Little a lot.

    --> Greg Little would be this year's Mike Williams if there was no lockout. You're right - maybe Little produces at the end of the year, but the lockout really hurt him. I really like Jacoby Ford.

  • From Lee Ving:

    Miss White?!! Sure, Madeline Kahn was cute in a chipmunk-like way, but let's be's ALL about Yvette the French maid and her heaving bosoms.

    --> I haven't seen the movie in a long time, and I'm ashamed to admit that I forgot about Yvette, the hot French maid. My cousin runs a cleaning service, so I get maids to come to my house once a month at a discount. I think I'm going to demand that they wear those French maid outfits from now on. Seems like a reasonable request, no?


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    David 07-04-2011 11:32 pm (total posts: 2)
    26     25

    By the way, for all you people that think Walt's full of himself, I'm a witness that say he's not.

    I keep coming back here because he raved about Arian Foster and Mike Williams last year, so I trusted him and drafted them early in my fantasy draft. He came through for me.

    I never even knew that pre-season football was a good way to identify sleepers, but apparently it is because he was talking about a breakout year for Josh Freeman and Mike Williams based on their pre-season performances as well as others that turned out to be correct. The pre-season stock up, stock down section of this site is my favorite because of that.
    mtm 07-04-2011 11:24 pm (total posts: 2)
    26     22

    Not sure what that guy's talking about with the 30 and 10 comment....It's not that uncommon.

    Peyton's done it twice. Threw 49 and 10 and 31 and 9.
    Brady threw 50 and 8. Does that not count?
    Rodgers has done it.
    Steve Young threw 35 and 10.

    What's that guy talking about?
    KLL 07-04-2011 07:01 pm (total posts: 1)
    21     27

    Haha, I love the Clue reference!
    Ham 07-04-2011 06:19 pm (total posts: 1)
    22     27

    Ham <3
    Automatic6 07-04-2011 05:42 pm (total posts: 1)
    21     27

    Walt, Thanks for the rankings and mock draft results so far. I have a RB question though. If Vonta Leach does leave Houston, will Arian Foster still be the safest RB to select with the #1 pick? I hate the RB selection this year...
    Dorf 07-04-2011 05:23 pm (total posts: 1)
    25     21

    Logan 07-04-2011 03:10 pm (total posts: 1)
    20     22

    Hey Walt, I got a question, but first I would like to thank you because I am only 14 and in my first fantasy league last year with my dad I made it all the way to the fantasy superbowl in a league filled with 30 year old men.

    But my question was would you recommend drafting the trio of Josh Freeman, LeGarrette Blount, and Mike Williams?
    Braynk 07-04-2011 12:22 pm (total posts: 1)
    20     22

    Walt I have to give you props, last season I had Adrian Peterson, Aaron Rodgers, Arian Foster, Greg Jennings, Mike Williams (Buccs), and Peyton Hillis. All of this was based on what Walt said last year. I plan on listening to you again this year in my IDP League. One thing though, could you maybe incorporate Defensive Players into you rankings. I know a substantial amount of people who use IDP instead of Team Defense.
    Joseph 07-04-2011 10:56 am (total posts: 1)
    23     26

    Walt could you answer my reply to your forum mock draft? Thanks man.
    Fantasy God 07-04-2011 10:55 am (total posts: 1)
    22     27

    Your wrong about Vick. Dude is the #1 QB going in every fantasy draft ive seen so far. And he should be. You take Brady and his 20 PPG. I'll take Vick where the sky is the limit. He will average 30 PPG no doubt. If he stays healthy there is not doubt the person who has him is at least making the playoffs and has a chance to win their league. I like those chances.
    Stephane 07-04-2011 10:45 am (total posts: 1)
    21     21

    thanks for the inclusion in the mailbag, walter. also, i was curious to see your thoughts on jeremy maclin. i project him as a legit #2 WR, someone you could get in the 5th round and go RB-WR-RB-QB-WR or something like that
    $-The Moneyman-$ 07-04-2011 01:21 am (total posts: 1)
    27     22

    In response to mrm27's question, Aaron Rodgers also had 30 touchdowns and less than 10 interceptions (7) in 2009, so it's been done fairly recently.
    Matt 06-20-2011 08:58 am (total posts: 1)
    25     22

    Walt did like Arian Foster before almost everyone... but not before me. I was taking him in the 14th or 15th rounds of drafts as early as June. I remember people actually laughing at me when I took him and making comments like "Who the hell is he??"

    Foster did very well in the last two weeks of the 2009 season. Slaton was in the doghouse. Tate was a rookie. It was pretty clear to me that Foster would get the crack at the starting job there in 2010. I had no idea he would do THAT good though.
    Adam 06-20-2011 08:31 am (total posts: 1)
    21     26

    I love your predictions Walt. Thank you for being the man.
    DH 06-19-2011 03:04 pm (total posts: 1)
    21     31

    Hey walt, I've done a few mock drafts where matt forte was taken before steven jackson. I think forte could have a huge season next year, but I'm a Bears fan so I'm biased. Are people just stupid for taking forte first or does it have some merit?

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