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2011 NFL Draft Prospects: Quarterbacks

The top 2011 quarterback prospects available for the 2011 NFL Draft.

Combine 40 Times: As I explained on Twitter (@walterfootball), the official Combine 40 times are incorrect, and they've been proven false via the NFL Network's simul-cam.

For the 40 times, I use the NFL Network's unofficial times, which are more accurate. NFL teams use their own timed 40s anyway, so the official 40s are meaningless.

This page was last updated April 16, 2011.

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  1. Cameron Newton, Auburn - Scouting Report
    Height: 6-5. Weight: 244.
    Projected 40 Time: 4.64.
    Combine 40 Time: 4.58.
    Pro Day 40 Time: DNP.
    Hand: 9 7/8.
    Projected Round (2011): Top 3 Pick.

    3/9/11: Prior to his Pro Day workout, Cam Newton approached Gil Brandt and said, "I let you down at the Combine. I'll make up for it today." Newton did just that, completing 50-of-60 passes in windy conditions. Three to five of the incompletions were drops. Todd McShay, a renowned Newton detractor, remarked that Newton really improved. It's really hard to imagine Newton falling out of the top three.

    2/28/11: Cam Newton was wildly inaccurate during the Combine drills. He went 11-of-21, and nearly all of his misses, including several 10-yard outs, were high. Newton had a great broad jump (10-6), but that's a meaningless stat. Save for Josh Johnson, all of the quarterbacks who have recorded a long broad jump at the Combine in the past decade are either out of the league or rotting on a depth chart.

    On a side note, I'm really looking forward to Newton's broadcasting career. Echoing Emmitt Smith's stint on ESPN, Newton told the NFL Network crew that he "wants to be consistency." Somewhere in this world, a striped leopard is shaking its head.

    2/20/11: Cam Newton's stock is on the rise after a positive workout in front of the media. The Bills like him. Will they be willing to take him at No. 3?

    1/24/11: Cam Newton had a brilliant season, parlaying a $180,000 contract into a national championship. He's very raw, but possesses enough tools to intrigue a team like the Dolphins.

    7/25/10: Cameron Newton has great size and athleticism to be a very effective collegiate quarterback, but like Dan LeFevour, will be downgraded for playing in a gimmick offense.

  2. Blaine Gabbert, Missouri - Scouting Report
    Height: 6-4. Weight: 234.
    Projected 40 Time: 4.71.
    Combine 40 Time: 4.61.
    Pro Day 40 Time: DNP.
    Hand: 10.
    Projected Round (2011): Top 10 Pick.

    3/18/11: Blaine Gabbert had an outstanding Pro Day. He completed 47-of-50 passes with two drops. He showed great deep accuracy, prompting many - including Mike Mayock and Michael Lombardi - to declare that Gabbert will be the first quarterback off the board. Mayock likened Gabbert's Pro Day to Matt Ryan and Sam Bradford's. Lombardi, meanwhile, said he'd draft Gabbert if he were the general manager of the Panthers.

    I was down on Gabbert early in the draft process, but after watching more of him and observing how he handles himself, I've really warmed up to him. He's more talented than I thought he was, and he seems like he'll be a great leader. He also has the cerebral part of football down, so that gives him a big edge over Cam Newton.

    2/20/11: Is Blaine Gabbert's draft stock declining? Discuss it in the forums.

    1/24/11: How did Blaine Gabbert become a top-10 prospect? He played in a gimmick offense, was constantly out of shape and struggled with his accuracy. He possesses a ton of upside, but the lovefest doesn't really make sense to me, and based on the e-mails I've received, many people agree with me. For more on this quarterback, we have an interesting thread going about Blaine Gabbert on the forum.

    7/25/10: Blaine Gabbert threw for 3,593 yards, 24 touchdowns and nine interceptions as a sophomore. He has great size and a nice arm, but mediocre accuracy (58.9% completions) and questionable workout regimen (to put it nicely). The lack of pro-style offense experience will also hurt him, but the upside is there to warrant a Day 2 pick.

  3. Jake Locker, QB, Washington - Scouting Report
    Height: 6-3. Weight: 227.
    Projected 40 Time: 4.59.
    Combine 40 Time: 4.52.
    Pro Day 40 Time: .
    Hand: 9 7/8.
    Projected Round (2011): 1-2.

    3/31/11: Jake Locker completed 39-of-41 passes at his Pro Day, showing improved accuracy. However, Locker wasn't particularly impressive. First of all, there were not a lot of outside-the-number throws, per Michael Lombardi. And second, it's quite apparent that Locker isn't high on my boards because only one head coach (Pete Carroll) was present for Washington's Pro Day. At this rate, it'll be pretty shocking if Locker is selected in the first round.

    2/28/11: Finally, a stock up for Jake Locker. Locker performed well during the drills at the Combine and drew praise from most draft analysts. He's still a likely Round 2 selection, but he probably won't fall into Round 3.

    1/30/10: Jake Locker's poor Senior Bowl week culminated with a pedestrian performance in the actual game. He made a couple of nice throws in the second half, but the negatives completely outweighed the positives.

    Locker once again displayed his trademark inconsistency and poor accuracy. He nearly got Titus Young killed on two throws because his passes were too high. He was almost intercepted in the end zone by DeMarcus Van Dyke. He fumbled twice. His footwork, as detailed by Mike Mayock, was very poor. His decision-making wasn't very good either.

    Locker is now a Round 2-3 prospect. There are things to like about his skill set, and with good coaching, he could become a solid quarterback in the NFL. However, I see a lot of Jake Plummer in him - which, unless you're Mike Shanahan, is not a good thing.

    1/28/10: After the North team finished practice, I tweeted (@walterfootball), "Considering moving Jake Locker to Round 2 in my next 2011 NFL Mock Draft update. Inconsistent all week, but just awful today."

    I've tried to be patient. I figured Locker would improve during each succeeding practice. But Locker had his worst practice at the Senior Bowl on Thursday. His accuracy was just terrible. Even Mike Mayock, who has been somewhat of a Locker supporter, could only say this about the Washington quarterback: "He's embraced the challenge. He's putting himself out there." What the hell does that mean? And is that really the most positive thing he could come up with?

    Locker really needs to have a good game Saturday, or he'll be in my second round next week.

    1/24/11: Jake Locker had an awful senior year, but can resurrect his draft stock by performing well in the Senior Bowl and impressing in the interviews. I don't think he makes it past Seattle at No. 25, but he could go as high as No. 7 to San Francisco.

    10/1/10: Huge game on the road this week for Washington as they travel into the Coliseum. Locker struggled against Nebraska as his accuracy was off-target and his decision making left something to be desired, but a closer look at the tape shows his receivers rarely got open and he was under constant pressure from Bo Pelini's defense. Luck has the upper hand right now to go higher in the 2011 NFL Draft.

    3/29/10: Jake Locker took a huge risk going back to school. If he gets hurt or if scouts notice something wrong on film, his stock could drop dramatically. For now, he's the No. 1 quarterback prospect in the 2011 class. Perhaps he should follow Sam Bradford's example and take the entire 2010 season off.

    With no help around him, Locker threw for 2,800 yards, 21 touchdowns and 11 interceptions in 2009.

  4. Christian Ponder, QB, Florida State - Scouting Report
    Height: 6-2. Weight: 229.
    Projected 40 Time: 4.72.
    Combine 40 Time: 4.67.
    Pro Day 40 Time: .
    Hand: 10 1/4.
    Projected Round (2011): 1-2.

    3/17/11: Throwing to Isaac Bruce, Christian Ponder looked great at his Pro Day. He said he scheduled private workouts with nine anonymous teams.

    2/28/11: Christian Ponder was the consensus top quarterback at the Combine. He displayed great accuracy and adequate arm strength. He's currently the favorite to be the third quarterback off the board this April, though Jake Locker and Colin Kaepernick are close.

    1/30/11 : Christian Ponder was named Senior Bowl MVP, going 7-of-13 for 132 yards and two touchdowns. He opened the game with a 49-yard completion to Leonard Hankerson, which was severely underthrown. Ponder's first drive wasn't very good, but he improved throughout the contest. He did a great job managing the game, but didn't answer any of the concerns regarding his arm strength.

    1/24/11: Christian Ponder had shoulder surgery and apparently has lost most of his arm strength. He looked like Chad Pennington in his winter practice game.

    10/1/10: Ponder bounced back from his ugly 11-28, 2 INT performance against Oklahoma to notch a total of 392 passing yards, 2 touchdowns, zero interceptions, and a 66-percent completion rate. We like this confidence to mentally respond from a poor game. Ponder's decision making is a little inconsistent, but he has a good arm and terrific athleticism. He will get drafted in the top 50 picks.

    3/29/10: Christian Ponder finished the year with 2,718 yards, 14 touchdowns and seven interceptions on a YPA of 8.2 and impressive 68.8 completion percentage.

    11/7/09: A slightly better version of Tony Pike; his arm strength isn't very good, but he's a smart and accurate quarterback.

  5. Andy Dalton, QB, TCU - Scouting Report
    Height: 6-2. Weight: 210.
    Projected 40 Time: 4.80.
    Combine 40 Time: 4.84.
    Pro Day 40 Time: DNP.
    Hand: 9 5/8.
    Projected Round (2011): 1-2.

    3/12/11: Jim Harbaugh was at TCU's Pro Day, which is notable because he did not attend Cam Newton or Ryan Mallett's workout. Harbaugh presumably was impressed, as Dalton hit 49-of-52 passes with two drops. Dalton, who will probably be chosen in the second round, is a great fit for Harbaugh's offense.

    1/30/11 : I don't understand how Andy Dalton is a Day 2 prospect. Dalton had a wide-open receiver down the field at the end of the first half, and completely missed him. The throw wasn't even close. As forum member RoflDogs commented, "He makes Kyle Orton look like Matthew Stafford." Dalton missed most of the second half with an injury.

    1/24/11: Andy Dalton has generated some hype lately. His mobility will intrigue Chan Gailey.

    3/29/10: Andy Dalton really improved as a junior, throwing for 2,756 yards, 23 touchdowns and eight interceptions. His YPA (8.5) and completion percentage (61.6) were solid.

  6. Colin Kaepernick, QB, Nevada - Scouting Report
    Height: 6-5. Weight: 233.
    Projected 40 Time: 4.68.
    Combine 40 Time: 4.53.
    Pro Day 40 Time: DNP.
    Hand: 9 5/8.
    Projected Round (2011): 1-2.

    3/23/11: Colin Kaepernick had a superb Pro Day, completing 36-of-38 passes in front of the Panthers and Jaguars. Kaepernick has workouts scheduled with the Broncos, Dolphins, 49ers and Titans. Denver is a smokescreen.

    1/30/11 : Colin Kaepernick didn't have a great game, but he played pretty well. On one play, he evaded a Brooks Reed sack, scrambled right and found his receiver downfield. However just a bit later, Kaepernick missed Dwayne Harris for a possible touchdown. Kaepernick definitely isn't ready to play yet, but he has tremendous upside and could develop into a really good quarterback with the proper coaching. It would not surprise me at all if he's the third signal-caller taken behind Blaine Gabbert and Cam Newton this April.

    1/28/11 : Another good day for Colin Kaepernick, who showed great touch on some of his throws. Pro Football Talk published a story after practice speculating that Kaepernick could make a Jay Cutler-type leap come Draft Day. I don't think he'll go as high as No. 11, but Kaepernick has definitely solidified himself as the No. 4 quarterback in this draft class at the very worst.

    1/27/11 : Colin Kaepernick has been the most impressive quarterback at the Senior Bowl. He's not ready to play coming out of the Pistol offense, but he can make every throw and has a ton of upside.

    10/1/10 : Kaepernick has a big arm, prototypical size, and plenty of athleticism, but he also has an awkward, slow release as well as horrible passing mechanics overall. His accuracy is a little erratic as well, but some coach will think they can turn him around late in the NFL Draft.

    3/29/10: Has nice size and athleticism, but Nevada's goofy offense hasn't prepared him for the pros at all. In 2009, Kaepernick compiled 2,052 yards, 20 touchdowns and just six picks, but also had a mediocre YPA (7.3) and completion percentage (58.9).

  7. Ryan Mallett, QB, Arkansas - Scouting Report
    Height: 6-7. Weight: 247.
    Projected 40 Time: 5.05.
    Combine 40 Time: DNP.
    Pro Day 40 Time: 5.36.
    Hand: 10 3/4.
    Projected Round (2011): 1-4.

    3/9/11: Ryan Mallett had a fantastic Pro Day, prompting some of the NFL Network crew to speculate that he could be drafted in the first round. Mallett would be a top-five pick if it weren't for his lack of intelligence, arrogant attitude and "alleged" drug use.

    2/28/11: Ryan Mallett looked spectacular in the passing drills, which shouldn't be a surprise. As I tweeted (@walterfootball), "No one should be surprised Ryan Mallett looked great today. He's like a hot chick w/ STDs. Looks great, but better to stay away."

    2/20/11: Check out the hate mail section of my 2011 NFL Draft Mailbag to read fan reaction to my bashing Ryan Mallett.

    1/24/11: Ryan Mallett has JaMarcus Russell-like character concerns and a Byron Leftwich-like release. There's upside, but that's about it.

    10/1/10: Mallett's team is winning and he's putting up good stats, but if you take a closer look his accuracy is highly inconsistent, he has poor mechanics, and he struggles with mobility and has a hard time eluding pass rushers. Mallett is a bit of a statue in the pocket and doesn't create throwing lanes outside the tackle box when his receivers struggle to get open. We're not buying the hype anymore, and neither should you.

    3/29/10: At 6-7 with a massive arm, Ryan Mallett looks like a franchise quarterback. His 2009 numbers (3,624 yards, 30 TDs, 7 INTs, 9.0 YPA) will tell you that as well. He's a bit raw and needs to work on decision-making, but he could easily leapfrog Jake Locker on this list next year.

  8. Ricky Stanzi, QB, Iowa - Scouting Report
    Height: 6-4. Weight: 223.
    Projected 40 Time: 4.84.
    Combine 40 Time: 4.93.
    Pro Day 40 Time: 4.93.
    Hand: 10 1/4.
    Projected Round (2011): 3-5.

    3/22/11 : For someone so inconsistent on the football field, Ricky Stanzi is incredibly consistent in his 40. He ran a 4.93 twice at his Pro Day - the same time he had at the Combine. Stanzi was more accurate at his Pro Day, which is good news because he didn't look good in Indianapolis.

    1/30/11 : Ricky Stanzi had a poor weak of practice, but really shined in the second half of the Senior Bowl. He had a breath-taking drive where he impressively split the cornerback and safety on one throw. Stanzi also showed great leadership on the sidelines, calling the team together when the South established a 17-0 lead.

    1/28/11: Ricky Stanzi has been worse than Jake Locker. Stanzi's Senior Bowl week has consisted of two things: checkdowns and interceptions to Kendric Burney.

    1/24/11: Ricky Stanzi's experience under center should help him on Draft Day.

    10/1/10: Stanzi won't "wow" you with his physical tools, but he is an intelligent quarterback with terrific accuracy and a high football I.Q. He knows how to manage a game and he understands the intracacies of passing the football. Stanzi projets as a potential starter to the next level, and he isn't expected to win a job in his rookie season. He lacks some upside, but he has some tools a team can work with. Stanzi has completed 67 percent of his passes for a 10 YPA, nine touchdowns and one interception. Keep in mind the only challenging defense he has faced is Arizona.

    3/29/10: Ricky Stanzi is a strong-armed pro-style quarterback, but makes questionable throws at times. In 2009, he had 2,417 yards and 17 touchdowns, but also tossed 15 picks on a 56.3 completion percentage. His YPA was 8.0.

  9. T.J. Yates, QB, North Carolina
    Height: 6-3. Weight: 219.
    Projected 40 Time: 4.81.
    Combine 40 Time: 5.04.
    Pro Day 40 Time: .
    Hand: 10 1/4.
    Projected Round (2011): 4-6.

    4/1/11: Mike Mayock is a fan of T.J. Yates. "There's a quiet buzz out there about T.J. Yates as a late-round pick. He's a good, safe, late-round quarterback." Yates completed an amazing 110 of 112 passes at North Carolina's Pro Day.

  10. Tyrod Taylor, QB/WR, Virginia Tech
    Height: 6-1. Weight: 217.
    Projected 40 Time: 4.52.
    Combine 40 Time: 4.52.
    Pro Day 40 Time: .
    Hand: 10.
    Projected Round (2011): 4-6.

    10/1/10: Tyrod Taylor is certainly not a quarterback prospect you want to hang your hat on, but he's one of the better options in the later rounds if you are looking for a backup at the next level. He is very mobile, athletic and has a solid arm to make all the throws. He needs to be coached up at the next level, but he is worth taking a flier on in Rounds 5 or 6. Taylor has notched 66 percent of his completions for a 10.0 YPA on the year thus far.

    3/29/10: A short quarterback who completed only 56 percent of his passes in 2009. On the bright side, he threw only five picks and maintained a 9.5 YPA.

  11. Nathan Enderle, QB, Idaho
    Height: 6-4. Weight: 240.
    Projected 40 Time: 5.05.
    Combine 40 Time: 5.18.
    Pro Day 40 Time: .
    Hand: 9 7/8.
    Projected Round (2011): 5-7.

    10/1/10: Enderle had a five-interception outing against Nebraska, but remember Nebraska is one of the elite defenses in the country. Enderle is an accurate passer and solid decision maker operating a pro-style offense. In his last two games he is throwing for 70-percent, 9.8 YPA, four touchdowns and one interception. To cement a second-round grade he must have a good showing at the Senior Bowl in January.

    3/29/10: Statistically impressive as a junior, Nathan Enderle had 2,906 yards, 22 touchdowns and nine picks as a junior on a 9.3 YPA and 61.5 completion percentage.

  12. Greg McElroy, QB, Alabama
    Height: 6-2. Weight: 220.
    Projected 40 Time: 4.94.
    Combine 40 Time: 4.84.
    Pro Day 40 Time: .
    Hand: 9 3/8.
    Projected Round (2011): 5-7.

    3/29/10: Should be a solid backup quarterback in the NFL. He did a great job managing Alabama's games, throwing 17 touchdowns to only four interceptions. His completion percentage (60.9) and YPA (7.7) of course won't blow you away.

  13. Scott Tolzien, QB, Wisconsin
    Height: 6-2. Weight: 212.
    Projected 40 Time: 4.85.
    Combine 40 Time: 4.95.
    Pro Day 40 Time: .
    Hand: 10.
    Projected Round (2011): 5-7.

    10/1/10: Tolzien reminds us a lot of John Beck when he came out of Brigham Young. He's smart and efficient, and has great timing, but he also has poor arm strength which really limits his ability to make plays at the next level. Tolzien has potential as a backup because he is a good decision maker and could possibly be a reliable veteran in time.

    3/29/10: A first-year starter, Scott Tolzien shined in Wisconsin's pro-style offense, throwing for 2,705 yards, 16 touchdowns and 11 interceptions. His YPA (8.2) and completion percentage (64.3) were very good.

  14. Joshua Portis, QB, California-PA
    Height: 6-3. Weight: 211.
    Projected 40 Time: 4.65.
    Combine 40 Time: 4.63.
    Pro Day 40 Time: .
    Hand: 9 3/8.
    Projected Round (2011): 6-FA.

    2/28/11: I thought Joshua Portis was really impressive at the Combine. The big-armed cousin of Clinton Portis, Joshua was one of the more accurate passers on the field. Unfortunately, he has character issues, so he's nothing more than a late-round prospect.

  15. Pat Devlin, QB, Delaware
    Height: 6-3. Weight: 225.
    Projected 40 Time: 4.84.
    Combine 40 Time: 4.87.
    Pro Day 40 Time: .
    Hand: 9 7/8.
    Projected Round (2011): 6-FA.

    3/16/11: As Emmitt Smith would say, "Pat Devils debacled himselves at his Pro Days." First, Devlin showed up 30 minutes late to his own workout. Next, he was completely inaccurate during his passing drills. Note to all future NFL Draft prospects: Don't go out drinking with JaMarcus Russell the night before your Pro Day.

    1/24/11: To copy what I wrote in my 2011 NFL Mock Draft, I really liked what I saw out of Pat Devlin in two playoff games against New Hampshire and Eastern Washington. He has a good arm and was pretty accurate with his throws. He also has a quick release. The big issue is that he holds on to the football too long, but that's something that can be fixed with proper coaching. Devlin projects as a great fit for Harbaugh's offense.

    10/1/10: Devlin is probably the toughest quarterback in college football right now. He fractured his left wrist, and returned to play two weeks later against Richmond going 14-21 for 240 yards. Devlin's production in his first two games was mediocre only throwing for a 6.3 YPA against West Chester and South Dakota State.

    3/29/10: As a junior at Delaware, Pat Devlin threw for 2,664 yards, 16 touchdowns and nine picks on a 7.7 YPA and 64.0 completion percentage. He boasts a strong arm and could be a first-round pick with a solid senior campaign.

    2/4/09: Pat Devlin doesn't have much playing experience, thanks to Darryl Clark, but he possesses a rocket arm. He transferred over to Delaware in hopes of becoming the next Joe Flacco. With two strong seasons, Devlin could be a first-round pick in 2010.

  16. Taylor Potts, QB, Texas Tech
    Height: 6-4. Weight: 218.
    Projected 40 Time: 4.96.
    Combine 40 Time: DNP.
    Pro Day 40 Time: 4.87.
    Hand: .
    Projected Round (2011): 6-FA.

    3/29/10: Taylor Potts compiled 3,440 yards, 22 touchdowns and 13 picks on a 7.3 YPA and 65.7 completion percentage in Mike Leach's system. It'll be interesting to see how he adapts to Tommy Tuberville's scheme.

  17. Adam Weber, QB, Minnesota
    Height: 6-2. Weight: 220.
    Projected 40 Time: 4.90.
    Combine 40 Time: .
    Pro Day 40 Time: .
    Hand: .
    Projected Round (2011): 7-FA.

    3/29/10: Really struggled as a junior, throwing more picks (15) than touchdowns (13). His completion percentage of 52.0 was dreadful.

  18. Jerrod Johnson, QB, Texas A&M
    Height: 6-5. Weight: 251.
    Projected 40 Time: 4.68.
    Combine 40 Time: 4.75.
    Pro Day 40 Time: .
    Hand: 9 7/8.
    Projected Round (2011): 6-FA.

    2/28/11: Jerrod Johnson was one of the worst quarterbacks at the Combine. He really struggled with his accuracy, and his 40 time (4.75) was a disappointment.

    10/1/10: Jerrod Johnson had a 11-of-34, 194-yard performance against Florida International. There are no excuses here - Texas A&M is supposed to be a far superior team and you simply can't be this bad against FIU and expect to go in the mid rounds. We need to see great improvement out of Johnson before moving him up the rankings.

    3/29/10: The 2011 version of Jarrett Brown. Jerrod Johnson has tons of upside, but is very raw and doesn't know how to play in a pro-style offense. As a junior, Johnson threw for 3,579 yards, 30 touchdowns and eight interceptions on a 7.2 YPA and 59.6 completion percentage.

  19. Mitch Mustain, QB, USC
    Height: 6-3. Weight: 210.
    Projected 40 Time: 4.70.
    Combine 40 Time: DNP.
    Pro Day 40 Time: 4.93.
    Hand: .
    Projected Round (2011): 7-FA.

    3/29/10: Mitch Mustain may have trouble finding playing time in the next two years. He has the potential, however, to be drafted late, a la Matt Cassel.

  20. Ben Chappell, QB, Indiana
    Height: 6-2. Weight: 224.
    Projected 40 Time: 4.95.
    Combine 40 Time: DNP.
    Pro Day 40 Time: 5.07.
    Hand: .
    Projected Round (2011): 7-FA.

    3/29/10: Ben Chappell threw for 2,942 yards and 17 touchdowns as a junior, but also had 15 interceptions and a 6.9 YPA.

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Brett 01-28-2011 10:32 am (total posts: 2)
13     12

Bill, Walt has the stones to blast the kid, but doesn't have the stones to actually remove him from the number 1 spot. If he truely is the slack ass, fat, inaccurate QB he says he is, why does he still rate him over all the others.

write this down and look back at it in 5 years. QB's in this draft that will succeed: McElroy, Ponder, Gabbert, Dalton. Only one of those will be a first rounder.

QB's that will bust: Newton, Mallett, Kaepernick, Stanzi. 2 of those will be first rounders.
Bill 01-27-2011 11:15 pm (total posts: 4)
13     13


No he's not perfect and he should state when he feels a player is going to be a bust, but to go out and call players names because you feel they are going to be a bust is not professional. He also calls out Mcshay whenever possible, but Mcshay is right more then he is, Mcshay said Clausen was a 2nd rd pick and Walt thought he should have been the top pick in the draft. Plus many saw Carolina dropping off, they had a coach that knew he was gone no matter what he did short of reaching the Championship game and having a QB that was unproven. Matt Cassel has what one receiver and he still took his team to the AFC West title and is in the pro-bowl.
STEVE 01-27-2011 11:57 am (total posts: 1)
13     12 one wants Walt to talk about the potential upside of every player and to take a good stance on everyone. Part of his job is to predict NFL busts. Go read ESPN the magazine if you want all the good and hype of every player. Cassel has proven he can't play against even adequate defenses and no one saw Carolina dropping off the way that they did, so it did seem like a good situation. Walt gives his insight, he's not a freaking mind reader or perfect.
mando 01-26-2011 10:20 pm (total posts: 1)
11     12

I want tyrod taylor to play qb for the 49ers
Bill 01-26-2011 09:00 pm (total posts: 4)
11     13

At Joey:

The reason I come on here is for the mock draft database. It's easier to come on here then going to google and searching for mocks. I also don't mind Matt, at least he doesn't seem to blast college prospects for no reason, other then no liking them.
Wharthog 01-25-2011 08:40 pm (total posts: 1)
12     12

I just witnessed 1 disturbing & 1 hilarious thing:

Matt Millen & Torry Holt were on NFL Network talking about various things including the senior bowl & the upcoming draft.

Disturbing thing: Matt Millen dicussing future draft picks is disturbing and I don't need to bring up his horrendous draft record to prove why.

Funny thing: Matt Millen used the phrase: "can't wait 'til the whistle kicks off". Congratulations on providing hours of unintentional entertainment Matt!
joey 01-25-2011 04:48 pm (total posts: 1)
11     12

y r u on his site then?
Bill 01-24-2011 05:12 pm (total posts: 4)
12     12

Wow, you really blast Gabbert, given your evaluation on the QB position last year I'd think Gabbert turns into the next John Elway. I remember last year you had Claussen rated ahead of Bradford and saying sun tan man couldn't evaluate a player correctly, yet he had Clausen as a 2nd round prospect as to where you thought KC should have taken him at 5, because according to you Matt Cassel was clearly not a franchise QB.

Now you say Clausen is clearly not a franchise QB and maybe if he were in a better situation he could possibly have success, but when he was drafted you said it was the perfect situation for Clausen.

Now your blasting Gabbert and I guarantee whoever takes him you'll give them a failing grade, unless of course he's not picked in the top ten. I'll take Mcshay and Mayocks scouting over yours because they are ten times better at evaluating the QB position then you.
Walter 01-24-2011 05:15 am (total posts: 1)
12     10

First comment... we're going to have comment boards like this all over the site soon. We're still working out the kinks, so this is not the finished product.

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2015 NFL Mock Draft - June 10

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NFL Picks - Feb. 2

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