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The top 2008 kicker prospects available for the 2008 NFL Draft. More will be added as time progresses. * - denotes underclassmen.

This page was last updated March 9, 2008.
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  1. Taylor Mehlhaff, Wisconsin
    Height: 5-10. Weight: 185.
    Projected Round: 5-6.

    Taylor Mehlhaff nailed 14-of-15 attempts from between 35 and 50 yards at the combine.

  2. Art Carmody, Louisville
    Height: 5-9. Weight: 165.
    Projected Round: 5-6.

    Notched 21-of-25 field goals in 2006. Hadn't missed a kick from inside 40 yards his entire career until this season. He's 10-of-14, but only 2-of-5 from beyond 40.

  3. Alexis Serna, Oregon State
    Height: 5-8. Weight: 170.
    Projected Round: 5-6.

    Nailed 22-of-29 field goals in 2006, making 4-of-6 from beyond 50 yards with a long of 58.

  4. Brandon Coutu, Georgia
    Height: 6-0. Weight: 200.
    Projected Round: 6.

    Through the middle of November, Brandon Coutu is just 4-of-9 from beyond 40 yards.

    Missed seven games in 2006 because of a hamstring injury. Was 10-of-11 overall, and 2-of-3 from beyond 50 yards. In 2005, Coutu hit 23-of-29, nailing 3-of-5 from 50-plus.

  5. Jeremy Ito, Rutgers
    Height: 5-11. Weight: 190.
    Projected Round: 6-7.

    Rutgers' all-time leader in field goals made. Was 22-of-29 with 2-of-3 coming from beyond 50 in 2006.

  6. Jason Reda, Illinois
    Height: 6-0. Weight: 200.
    Projected Round: 6-7.

    Only missed one kick in 2007; hit 3-of-3 from 50-plus and 8-of-9 from beyond 40.

  7. Garrett Hartley, Oklahoma
    Height: 5-9. Weight: 198.
    Projected Round: 6-7.

    Really improved in 2006; was 19-of-20 after going just 14-of-22 the previous campaign.

  8. Connor Barth, North Carolina
    Height: 6-0. Weight: 195.
    Projected Round: 7-FA.

    Connor Barth nailed 19-of-22 attempts in 2007. He didn't miss any kicks inside 48 yards.

  9. Jared McLaughlin, BYU
    Height: 6-4. Weight: 198.
    Projected Round: FA.

    Hit 14-of-18 each of his first two seasons. Was 2-of-4 from beyond 50 in 2006.

  10. John Sullivan, New Mexico
    Height: 5-9. Weight: 158.
    Projected Round: FA.

    Was perfect between 40-49 yards in 2007, nailing all nine attempts. Didn't try one from 50-plus.

  11. Piotr Czech, Wagner
    Height: 6-4. Weight: 212.
    Projected Round: FA.

  12. Tom Schneider, California
    Height: 6-1. Weight: 191.
    Projected Round: FA.

    After two mediocre seasons, hit on 15-of-20 with a long of 55.

  13. Sergio Aguayo, UNLV
    Height: 6-1. Weight: 200.
    Projected Round: FA.

    Was 12-of-16 and 2-of-3 from beyond 50 in 2005, but had a disappointing 2006 campaign, nailing just 8-of-16.

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