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weekend warrior (Anonymous Poster)
1 years 5 month(s) ago - hide

  sweet  i only have one player on your bust list    Ivory   i got him in 9th rd so that lessens the blow...  ugh

    anyone know much about jesse james?   TE in PIT     is L. Greene ok or still having concussion issues?

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salty old man (Anonymous Poster)
1 years 5 month(s) ago - hide
yeah i always wait until the 110th rd before i take a kicker.
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Jersey (Anonymous Poster)
1 years 6 month(s) ago - hide
Latavious Murray in a contract year behind an above average offensive line with a Rookie as his backup.  Thats 3 pretty impressive stats for a BUST
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Tanny Sucks (Anonymous Poster)
1 years 6 month(s) ago - hide
Finally, someone else that is avoiding all Dolphins not named Jarvis Landry.  Parker's hype is insane.  The thing people don't seem to @#$@ing realize though is that Tanny can't throw a deep ball!!!!!  Landry will get his 110 catches again and Parker will suck.  John Brown is definitely in a better situation, you are right.
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ard123 (Anonymous Poster)
1 years 6 month(s) ago - hide


I agree 100%. I am a big Raider fan and I have heard nothing about Lat Murray being in the doghouse. Don't get me wrong, he is not a Pro Bowl RB. But I believe he should be ranked higher simply because the offensive line is to good. 

I never trust rookies to make a big impact. Usually there are only 3 or 4 rookies that impact a fantasy season. 

I think Lat Murray has 1200 yds with 8 TDs

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MC Hammer (Anonymous Poster)
1 years 7 month(s) ago - hide


Martin was not LETHARGIC in 2014/2013. He was INJURED. Big difference. 

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TheGreatDane (Anonymous Poster)
1 years 7 month(s) ago - hide

Latavius Murray was Top 10 in Fantasy points amongst all RB's in 2015.

He was Top 5 in Rushing yards amongst all RB's in 2015 and had a very respectable 6 rushing TD's (Top 11) and One Lost Fumble..

He also had 41 Receptions for 232 yards and played all 16 games. And to be perfectly honest, I have not heard one single word about Oaklands Coaching staff being "soured" or even slightly disappointed with Murray's 2015 performance. that is, Outside of the FFB "analyst's" garbage anyway. If this were the case, Why did the Raiders organization wait until the 5th round of the Draft to pick up a RB. They passed on RB's like Henry, Dixon and Booker in the later rounds to take lesser ranked players.

Sorry but I can't help but think that this is one of many BS commentaries in an attempt to throw off the typical low or no dollar fantasy players not willing to pay for your golden information. what with the HUGE popularity of daily fantasy and the millions if not billions of dollars being poured into Fantasy Football all together.. I guess I can't blame the deception, there is big money to be made. 

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psave35 (Anonymous Poster)
1 years 7 month(s) ago - hide
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Dinner 252 Posts (74 )
1 years 7 month(s) ago - hide

I disagree hard on Wheaton. The main reason you shouldn't take him is that AB is on the same team and will probably get 50% of the catches.

With 2015, Wheaton wasn't going to get the ball much with AB, Bryant, Bell, DWill, and Miller on the same team. There was a lot of talent to go around. As for "falling on his face" During the SEA game when AB was locked up with Sherman and Bryant turned into Mike Wallace, Wheaton caught almost every pass for over 200 yards on their elite secondary.

Say don't take him because of other talent, but calling him a bust based on lack of talent is stupid, because he made all the catches he was supposed to make and was a great support for Ben and AB.

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