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Turtle28 0 Posts (3 )
7 month(s) 4 day(s) ago - hide

Only way Cousins is gone is if he's traded IMHO.  Snyder and Allen are playing a stupid game of making Kirk his contract each year. Kirk will continue to do that and the skins will continue to franchise him if he doesn't sign the comtract they want him to which so far is abiut half the gurenteed $ he's earned. So although its stupid, the skins front office will pay kirk on the frabchise tag again in 2018 at $34 million and build the rest of the team through the draft around him - the latter isnt dumb but the former is. 

I think their hope is that the skins can trade Kirk next offseaon if he doesn't sign long term this offseaon or next by the 2018 draft. Theyll trade Kirk to the highest bidder - that may be the 49ers but it could be the Jets or someone else - and then with those 2 or 3 extra picks they skins will continue to build their young team into hopefully a super bowl contender within another 3 or 4 years if they find another qb. That's is easier said than done considering the redskins history of trying to find a franchise qb the last 25 years. They already let 3 get away - Humphries, Green and Johnson - to trade Kirk or let him walk away for just a 3rd round comp pick after the 2018 season is stupid but hey, we are twlking abiut the skins here! 

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dcdre (Anonymous Poster)
8 month(s) 21 day(s) ago - hide
Skins get Allen!!!
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wow ;- ? (Anonymous Poster)
8 month(s) 24 day(s) ago - hide
so, Forrest Lamp, a projected 1st rounder, isn't even in your first 4 rounds ????????????????????????????????
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RB#20 246 Posts (210 )
8 month(s) 24 day(s) ago - hide
Whoa crazy draft! 49ers did outstanding, as did the Browns, neither reached on a QB and pilfered their trade partners of valuable assets for the future and the present. I may have been wrong about Jon Lynch.
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weekend warrior (Anonymous Poster)
8 month(s) 24 day(s) ago - hide
@rb#20   I agree....many were bashing the 49ers for choosing a unproven gm in Lynch... I always thought he came across as smart & informed on his color commentary... Surprised the Browns moved down as far as they did... I`m hoping J. Peppers has a huge impact for them. This draft is so deep maybe the Browns will finally get off the "worst" team in NFL wagon... 
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Not so good (Anonymous Poster)
8 month(s) 24 day(s) ago - hide
So WalterFootball had 9 guys in their first round mock who weren't drafted last night. Mike Mayock had missed on just 5 who weren't drafted last night. Proof once again Mayock is one of the best. And he certainly didn't have Kizer going to the Steelers like this site desperately wanted! 
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piranha (Anonymous Poster)
8 month(s) 25 day(s) ago - hide
the Lions may end up taking Taco at if they want a DE and he's best available, but there is absolutely no way that's the case here with Barnett still on the board.  I haven't agreed with many of your picks but I understood the reasoning behind them.  Why anyone would select Taco over Barnett is beyond me.  Millen isn't running the Lions draft anymore.
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Nowhey Hosey (Anonymous Poster)
8 month(s) 25 day(s) ago - hide
Cameron Jordan is the Saints only good edge rusher.  Their secondary is slightly better than average as a group. They will take the best available DE and #11! At least I hope so.
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The Jerk Store (Anonymous Poster)
8 month(s) 25 day(s) ago - hide


I agree about the Seahawks need for O-Line and also that they love everything about Bolles but he will not be their pick and they most definetly won't trade up in the first round for him.  Everything I have heard is that they would like to trade back in the first to give them more ammunition so that they can trade up in the second round.  Similar to last year. The number one player on their board is clearly Obi Menofulwa(sp?).  If they miss out on him then Jourdain Lewis would be the alternative, I don't think they draft both of them.  Also hear that they love Witherspoon from Colorado and would like to take one of Siragusa or Asiata in the third.

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Dominonono (Anonymous Poster)
8 month(s) 25 day(s) ago - hide
@Real Skins Fan He was playing injured for 3/4 of the season
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DLKJSA;F (Anonymous Poster)
8 month(s) 25 day(s) ago - hide
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