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What a MORON (Anonymous Poster)
1 years 1 month(s) ago - hide

bears take DE???? Anoter year of Culter?? Deshawn Watson goes undraft???????


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woke (Anonymous Poster)
12 month(s) 3 day(s) ago - hide
@What a MORON do you have down syndrome ?
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STEELERFAN3:16 (Anonymous Poster)
1 years 10 month(s) ago - hide
I used to think that Colbert was smart when it came to DL but the pick of Hargrave was the last straw. Why pass up on Billings for Hargrave? Please folks don't answer the question cause I already know the answer to that question: A lot of Fans and GM's like Colbert look at Billings and feel he is nothing more than a NT well guess what I've said it before and will say it again HE IS MORE THAN A NT, HE CAN PLAY DE WHEN NEEDED. How can it be so hard to understand that statement? Mark this down: both Artie Burns and Hargrave will not  make out of there 1st contract with the Steelers. Both guys will end being backups for there career while guys like Billings will be a perennial pro bowl player. Don't bother responding to my rant cause I will not respond or even look at the comments posted after I post my rant.
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JoeyWaynePT (Anonymous Poster)
1 years 1 month(s) ago - hide
@STEELERFAN3:16 lol pretty strong words here... 
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BttF (Anonymous Poster)
1 years 1 month(s) ago - hide
@CowboyFan253 I wonder how you currently feel about this statement... :p 
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a vies fan (Anonymous Poster)
1 years 7 month(s) ago - hide

Stop putting advertising over the only thing I care to see... in your mock drafts it seems you always have ads over the vikings picks.  Please and thank-you.

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LionsObserver (Anonymous Poster)
1 years 9 month(s) ago - hide
The last Mock draft by Walter Football didn't have a actual single pick correct for the 10 picks made by the Lions. Good to remember when Walter Football produces the 2017 mock draft.  
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SoulSteeler039 (Anonymous Poster)
1 years 10 month(s) ago - hide

Pittsburgh Steelers 2016 Draft:                    

Rd.1 #25 - William Jackson III CB

Rd.2 #58 - Su'a Cravens LB/S

Rd.3 #89 - Hassan Ridgeway DT/DE

Rd.4 #123 - Jayron Kearse SS

Rd.6 #220 - Matt Haggerty G/C

Rd.7 #229- Carl Nassib DE/DT

Rd.7 #246 - Jay Lee WR

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jbarrettpacers 19 Posts (86 )
1 years 10 month(s) ago - hide
@SoulSteeler039 Not bad, but which position do you see Cravens at?  If LB, we already have Shazier, and if S, why Kearse?  Also, Nassib will be long gone by the 7th
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SoulSteeler039 (Anonymous Poster)
1 years 10 month(s) ago - hide

@jbarrettpacers Carl Nassib is seen as a modern day Courtney Brown. Viewed as a product of scheme most teams don't like Nassib.

As for Cravens he will be Cravens. Not a safety or linebacker. Keith will allow his natural talents to flourish no matter the play because of his skillset.

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SteelerFan3:16 (Anonymous Poster)
1 years 10 month(s) ago - hide

@SoulSteeler039 I find 6 of your 7 picks to be quite foolish to be quite honest. Everyone seeming loves WJIII because of his 4.3 speed which goes to show how blinded most fans are. Nassib is going in the 2nd round but no one knows what he is just like Cravens. He can't be a dime LB if he plays S I hate that type of player. If fans want a want a good S option than DeAndre Houston-Carson would be my pick plus when I did my mock draft I waited until the 4th round to grab a CB cause the value real good in that spot you would be hard pressed to pass up on them. I elected to go for 2 DL for the Steelers in my mock draft cause honestly 1 DL is not enough to relieve both Heyward and Tuitt having to play the bulk of the snaps. I know the Steelers signed some DL in the offseason but be honest with yourselves do you really think all of those guys will make the final 53 man roster for opening day? Look the Steelers will take a CB and S in the draft but I doubt it will be in the 1st round.



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IT DOESNT MATTER WHAT YOUR 3:16 IS (Anonymous Poster)
1 years 10 month(s) ago - hide
@SteelerFan3:16 Steelers didn't take your advice. Personally, I was just ecstatic that it wasn't another LB. Like I told you a couple weeks ago, 3 out of the 5 DT's fell to the second and I hope we can get one out of Billings, Reed, or Robinson. Wishful thinking of course. But it was the right pick. CB's were hot last night and all of them were going. Artie looks good and glad we got him, as should you be
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SoulSteeler039 (Anonymous Poster)
1 years 9 month(s) ago - hide


As we see Steel Nation we will take skill regardless of scheme for what we need now for a NFL Record 7th Super Bowl. Half of this formula was achieved in the first 4 rounds. Honestly we can win The Championship without any other picks.

1. Dominant Corner

2. Play making Safety

3. Versatile D-Lineman

4. Versatile O-Lineman

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Alex (Anonymous Poster)
1 years 10 month(s) ago - hide
Wow you did terrible, besides the obvious 2 QB picks, you got 2 right haha
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Mack Phillips (Anonymous Poster)
1 years 10 month(s) ago - hide
I have a hard time understanding why San Diego would ignore an  offensive tackle when Philip Rivers needs to be erect to complete a pass. Certainly they need defensive linesmen, a safety and cornerbacks. But if Rivers is getting carted off every week.....
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Mr. Bitter 1114 Posts (354 )
1 years 10 month(s) ago - hide

@Mack Phillips

Rivers has never missed a start.

The Chargers are heavily invested in Dunlap, Barksdale and Franklin, and just picked up Fluker's option. Last year's O-line struggles could be chalked up to injuries, bad schematic fits, and lack of a competent center. San Diego wants to go smashmouth under new O-line coaches Davidson and DeGuglielmo, and the new blocking scheme should better fit the four bulldozers previously mentioned. Health will be the key. Given the potential dead money hit if Dunlap or Barksdale is released (and Tunsil's injury history at Ole Miss), I doubt that Laremy is the guy at #3. Ramsey, Buckner, or Bosa, and a C (Kelly, Whitehair, Martin, Glasgow) on Day 2.
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Luke788 (Anonymous Poster)
1 years 10 month(s) ago - hide
@Mr. Bitter Requisite i toldya so, as per Goff over Wentz
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QQ5 (Anonymous Poster)
1 years 10 month(s) ago - hide
Walt had 6/31 correct, which is a down year for him.  Usually he gets 8/32 picks right every time, which is about the best in the iffy mock draft business.  The CBS duo of Rob Rang and Dane Bruglar each had 5/31 this year.  Their colleague Pete Prisco, who is usually a lot of hot air, actually had 8/31.  Yours truly got 5/31, which is not bad for an amateur with no insider access.  Maybe it's just a crap shoot, but some are consistently good at linking teams to players, and others completely suck at it.  Foxsports "Draft Guru" Peter Shrager got only 1/32 right a couple years ago.  Seriously, how does he stay employed? 
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yoyoma 120 Posts (41 )
1 years 10 month(s) ago - hide
Going to be sick if Dallas grabs Jack. Don't let it happen Walt.
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