NFL All-Time Mock Draft (Super Bowl Era)

All-Time NFL Mock Draft (Super Bowl Era)

This is an All-Time NFL Mock Draft we've conducted on the forums. There were 20 participants, and each drafted one quarterback, two running backs, three receivers, one tight end, one left tackle, one defensive end, one defensive tackle, one linebacker, one cornerback, one safety and one kicker. Some picks are out of place because the respective users' time ran out.

This mock draft is still in progress. Discuss this in the All-Time NFL Mock Draft Thread.


1. Eizenbizen - Joe Montana, QB (Offically 6th selection)
2. Michigan Mike - Barry Sanders, RB
3. EAkidima15 - Walter Payton, RB
4. Bulldog - Steve Young, QB (Officially 23rd selection)
5. Arhymemaster - Lawrence Taylor, LB
6. Bobloblaw - Jerry Rice, WR
7. GeorgiaJeff - Johnny Unitas, QB
8. Rob112BoSox -Joe Greene, DT
9. Walter - John Elway, QB
10. Vbsiena - Dan Marino, QB
11. Tbod10 - Reggie White, DE
12. RoflDogs - Bruce Smith, DE
13. McNulty - Randy Moss, WR
14. Phenomenal Waffles - Peyton Manning, QB
15. Giantsfan6017 - Emmitt Smith, RB
16. BMC89 - Ronnie Lott, S
17. InjuredReserve - Deacon Jones, DE
18. ChicagoJay - Rod Woodson, DB (Officially the 27th selection)
19. Blazedestin - Mike Singletary, LB
20. Guru 92 - Earl Campbell, RB

Best Picks (by InjuredReserve):

The first round was a testament to both the football knowledge of our participants and the deep talent pool from which we were able to draw. While virtually all of the selections were excellent, there are a few that stood out. These five picks represent the highest value of a group littered with Hall of Fame enshrinees.

1. Lawrence Taylor - By bucking the early trend and shifting to the defensive spectrum, Arhymemaster lands himself a player widely regarded as one of the greatest defenders of all time (if not the greatest). The original LT is a 10-time Pro Bowler, 2-time world champion, and league MVP that revolutionized the linebacker position. His aggressive approach made him feared by running backs and quarterbacks alike. Arhymemaster took pleasure in informing those that went running back early of their mistake. His strategy proved advantageous, because while there were still legendary running backs available well into the second round, Rhyme is the only drafter that can boast a linebacker capable of posting a 20-plus sack season.

2. Jerry Rice - This isn't the sexiest or one of the shocking picks of the round. But, that is precisely what makes Bobloblaw's selection great. He didn't do anything fancy; he simply selected a wide receiver that is far superior to his receiving brethren. You know you have an elite player when discussions of the best all-time wide receivers have to be prefaced with, "besides Jerry Rice of course."

3. Johnny Unitas - Quarterback is the most important position on the field. Your signal-caller holds the game in his hands. While he cannot win by himself, his mistakes can prove fatal. GeorgiaJeff, recognizing the importance of this position, selected the most legendary quarterback of the greats that went in the first round. Johnny U provides his team with excellence, and most importantly, consistency. His record 47 straight games with at least one touchdown pass proves that week in and week out, he was a deadly option under center.

4. Reggie White - In a round littered with high-profile quarterbacks, Tbod10 took the "Minister of Defense." He landed himself the top player at a position that has far fewer elite talents, causing a more significant dropoff with each one that falls off the board. Deep into the draft, there will still be quarterbacks whose abilities have made them household names. Reggie White tops an elite class of defensive ends that would not have made it back to him in the second round.

5. John Elway - If anyone was shocked by Walter's pick, then you should hang your head in shame. From countless responses to Lions fans who didn't want Matt Stafford, his advice was echoed. If there is a quarterback with a rocket arm on the table, and you do not have one, then you had better grab him. Elway is the epitome of a prolific passer and a clutch performer. With the game on the line, there is no quarterback that has been better. He took his team to five Superbowls, winning the final two. Walter has landed himself a leader of indisputable abilities, who proved throughout his stellar career that he can consistently lead a team to the promised land.


21. Guru 92 - Dick Butkus, LB
22. Blazedestin - Warren Sapp, DT
23. ChicagoJay - Forrest Gregg, LT (Officially the 28th selection)
24. InjuredReserve - Gale Sayers, RB
25. BMC89 - Mel Blount, CB
26. Giantsfan6017 - Tom Brady, QB
27. Phenomenal Waffles - Anthony Munoz, LT
28. McNulty - O.J. Simpson, RB
29. ROFLdogs - Deion Sanders, CB
30. Tbod10 - Marshall Faulk, RB
31. Vbsiena - Bob Lilly, DT
32. Walter - Art Shell, LT
33. Rob112BoSox - Cris Carter, WR
34. GeorgiaJeff - Jack Lambert, LB
35. Bobloblaw - Marcus Allen, RB
36. Arhymemaster - Alan Page, DT
37. Bulldog - Sam Huff, LB (Officially the 50th selection)
38. EAkidima15 - Ray Lewis, LB
39. Michigan Mike - Jack Ham, LB
40. Eizenbizen - Jonathan Ogden, LT (Officially 57th selection)

Best Picks (by InjuredReserve):

As Round 2 progressed, I was able to better appreciate the strategy of our drafters. This cast the first round in a new light, making some of the original picks even more attractive. While several of my best selections are still based on attaining the best possible value at our respective selections, it is impossible not to acknowledge great second-round picks that fit brilliantly with the initial selection.

1 & 2. Anthony Munoz & Art Shell - A pair of left tackles top my list of the best picks for this round. Phenomenal Waffles and Walter each selected an elite left tackle who complements their first-round quarterback choices. These two teams have quickly fulfilled their need for a blindside protector. No doubt they will easily fill their offenses with their choice of the plethora of capable running backs and wide receivers that remain. Sadly, for those of us who have not addressed this position as of yet, the selection is far more limited.

3. Deion Sanders - A shutdown corner is a highly sought-after commodity. Deion Sanders provides that for Rofldogs' team. His interception total (52) is not as high as several others that will and have been selected. What sets Deion apart is his propensity for finding the end zone. It is after all how he earned the nickname "Prime-Time." His 19 defensive and return touchdowns remains an NFL record. Finding the end zone as frequently as possible is the goal of every gameplan. No one was better at finding it then Deion Sanders.

4. Bob Lily - Vbsiena adds a dominating force to his defense with this pick. This fumble-recovery machine was undeterred by the double teams he faced throughout his career's entirety. But, by far his greatest asset is his durability. On his way to 11 Pro Bowl selections, five title games, and two Super Bowl appearances, he amassed an impressive streak of 196 consecutive games played (missing only one career game). Siena could have done worse than the first-ever draft selection by the Dallas Cowboys.

5. Mel Blount - With this pick, BMC89 assures that he has assembled the best secondary of the draft. Mel Blount was the best corner of his era and the pairing of him with Ronnie Lott makes the beginnings of this defense downright scary. These two players have collectively been to eight Super Bowls. After these first two selections, this squad has become one of the teams to watch.


41. Eizenbizen - Howie Long, DE (Officially 58th selection)
42. BMC89 (from Michigan Mike) - Eric Dickerson, RB
43. EAkadima15 - Mel Renfro, CB
44. Bulldog - Larry Wilson, S (Officially the 51st selection)
45. Arhymemaster - Marvin Harrison, WR
46. Bobloblaw - Jackie Slater, LT
47. GeorgiaJeff - Franco Harris, RB
48. Rob112BoSox - Champ Bailey, CB
49. Walter - Jack Youngblood, DE
50. Vbsiena - Derrick Thomas, LB
51. Tbod10 - Darrell Green, CB
52. RoflDogs - Michael Irvin, WR
53. McNulty - Michael Strahan, DE
54. Phenomenal Waffles - DeMarcus Ware, DE
55. Giantsfan6017 - Ron Yary, LT
56. Michigan Mike (from BMC89) - Merlin Olsen, DT
57. Guru 92 (from InjuredReserve) - Randy White, DT
58. ChicagoJay - Brett Favre, QB
59. Blazedestin - Troy Aikman, QB (Officially the 63rd selection)
60. InjuredReserve (from Guru 92) - Paul Krause, S

Best Picks (by InjuredReserve):

Unlike the fantasy drafts that many of us are accustomed to, elite talent remains available far after the first few rounds. The key to drafting a good team is not to panic and draft a player undeserving of such a high pick. Several of our participants spotted falling talent and were able to grab players that were worthy of second-round selections.

1. Eric Dickerson - This draft saw many running backs taken in the early first round. It was a trend that followed into the second as well. I myself took Gale Sayers with the belief that there was only one other back in the elite tier, and that if they were not selected soon then they would not survive the next few picks. Yet I watched, in surprise, as Dickerson remained on the board throughout the entire round.

Then, in a brilliant move, BMC89 traded up 14 picks to snatch Dickerson up. He gets a running back who ran for more than 1,800 yards in three of his first four seasons - one of those years being his NFL record-setting 2,105 rushing yards. This successful trade-up put this team into an even clearer perspective. With Ronnie Lott and Mel Blount in the secondary, it appears that BMC89 is building an elite defense. He simply grabbed his elite back, whose job will be to maintain possession and run down the clock.

2. Merlin Olsen - When I praised the trade-up, I was in no way insinuating that Michigan Mike was ripped off. In fact both parties involved made out like bandits. Michigan could not capitalize on the falling Dickerson because he had opened up the draft with his selection of Barry Sanders. So instead, he dealt the pick to someone who could, and in return improved his draft position in later rounds.

Not only was trading back a prudent choice for later in the draft, it also benefited him in the present, as he was still able to land one of the top DTs of the draft. Merlin Olsen was selected to the Pro Bowl in his rookie season and amazingly to the next 13 as well. The anchor of the "Fearsome Foursome" is a devastating addition to Michigan Mike's squad.

3. Paul Krause - I almost feel guilty acknowledging my own pick, but I feel that the all-time interception leader is incredible value at the end of the third round. Krause opened his NFL career with his landmark 12-interception season. On his way to starting in four Super Bowls, he accumulated 81 interceptions and streaks of six and seven straight games with a pick. I took Deacon Jones in the first round to ensure I would have a team that could get pressure on the quarterback. With Krause occupying my backfield, I can be assured that my secondary capitalizes on that pressure.

4. Derrick Thomas - Vbsiena selected one of the premier sack artists of the 1990s. Thomas holds the Chiefs' team record with 20 sacks in one season. He also has the NFL record for most sacks in one game, when he had seven against the Seahawks in his sophomore campaign. Most impressively, he had more than 10 sacks in a season seven times. Derrick Thomas propelled a previously unheralded organization to seven playoff appearances in his 11-year career that ended tragically as a result of an automobile accident. He makes a great addition to any defense that implements an aggressive defensive strategy.

5. Darrell Green - Tbod10's selection of Green stands out amongst other corners selected in this round because he was not a liability on running downs. His 109 tackles in his rookie season showcase that he could be relied upon to bring down a runner; not just fulfill his coverage duties. His career interception total is 54 with six returned for touchdowns. He added several more pick sixes in the postseason. This recent inductee into the Hall is worthy of this selection and is an all-around corner with blazing speed.


61. InjuredReserve (from Guru 92) - Jim Kelly, QB
62. Blazedestin - Terrell Owens, WR (Officially the 64th selection)
63. ChicagoJay - Ken Houston, S
64. Guru 92 (from InjuredReserve) - Roger Werhli, CB
65. Michigan Mike (from BMC89) - Willie Roaf, LT
66. Giantsfan6017 - Mike Haynes, CB
67. Phenomenal Waffles - John Stallworth, WR
68. McNulty - Ray Nitschke, LB
69. RoflDogs - Dan Fouts, QB
70. Tbod10 - Calvin Johnson, WR
71. Vbsiena - LaDainian Tomlinson, RB
72. Walter - Buck Buchanan, DT
73. Rob112BoSox - Orlando Pace, LT
74. GeorgiaJeff - Jim Covert, LT
75. Bobloblaw - Willie Brown, CB
76. Arhymemaster - Carl Eller, DE
77. Bulldog - Gino Marchetti, DT (39 years old) (Officially the 79th selection)
78. EAkadima15 - Roger Staubach, QB
79. BMC89 (from Michigan Mike) - Kevin Greene, LB
80. Eizenbizen - Larry Fitzgerald, WR (Officially the 102nd selection)

Best Picks (by InjuredReserve):

The fourth round is one of exceptional defensive selections and offensive reaches. Solid offensive line selections were the only redeeming element of the offensive picks made in this round. OK, maybe I am being a little harsh; the great defensemen just make everyone else pale in comparison.

1. LaDanian Tomlinson - When we look back at this decade of football, what will be remembered most is the dominance of LaDanian Tomlinson, and of course, Peyton Manning commercials. Vbsiena steals a running back who is easily one of the best to ever play the game. Tomlinson is the fastest to ever reach 100 touchdowns and holds the single-season touchdown record for running backs with 31. This is easily one of the biggest steals of the draft, as his talent and production at this point in his career warrant a much higher rating.

2. Ray Nitschke - Even though Nitschke played half his career in the pre-Super Bowl era, it would be unfair not to recognize this pick as excellent. McNulty took a hard-hitting linebacker with unquestionable work ethic and leadership. What really sets him apart though is his excellent pass coverage. Nitschke accumulated 25 interceptions in his career. Not an unrespectable total even for a cornerback, but unbelievable from a linebacker.

3. Buck Buchanan - An audible groan was omitted when Walt declared that he was taking Buchanan. For some of us, our hopes of building an elite defensive line died with this pick. Buchanan combines with Jack Youngblood to make this one of the premier defensive fronts of the draft. Walt landed himself an opposing force to contend with his opponent's quarterback. Buchanan was known for his ability to bat down passes at the line, knocking down 16 in one season. Now that Walt has his defensive and offensive lines built, it will be interesting to see where he goes next.

4. Carl Eller - Leave it to a Vikings fan, Arhymemaster, to recreate the "Purple People Eaters" by bringing together its two Hall of Fame members (Eller and Page). Unfortunately for Eller, who was an excellent pass rusher, the sack did not become an official statistic until after he retired. He was heralded for his kick-blocking ability and fumble-recovery skills, notching 23 fumble recoveries onto his belt. It might be time to begin fearing Rhyme's team, or as I call them, the Minnesota Vikings. Give you one guess who his quarterback choice is going to be.

5. Ken Houston - ChicagoJay's pick brings an elite turnover specialist to his roster. Houston had 49 interceptions and 21 fumble recoveries, 12 of which were returned for touchdowns. Top talent is thin at the safety position, and this pick sets this secondary above the rest of the pack.


81. Eizenbizen - Ed Reed, S (Offically the 103rd selection)
82. Michigan Mike - Lee Roy Selmon, DE
83. EAkadima15 - Lance Alworth, WR
84. Bulldog - Ron Mix, LT (Officially the 86th selection)
85. Arhymemaster - Fran Tarkenton, QB
86. Bobloblaw - Ted Hendricks, LB
87. GeorgiaJeff - Dan Hampton, DT
88. Rob112BoSox - Bo Jackson, RB
89. Walter - Herb Adderley, CB
90. Vbsiena - Walter Jones, LT
91. Tbod10 - John Elliott, LT
92. RoflDogs - Tony Dorsett, RB
93. McNulty - Jack Tatum, S
94. Phenomenal Waffles - John Mackey, TE
95. Giantsfan6017 - Art Monk, WR (Officially the 96th selection)
96. BMC89 - Chris Doleman, DE
97. InjuredReserve - Lem Barney, CB
98. ChicagoJay - Steve Largent, WR
99. Blazedestin - John Lynch, S (Officially the 114th selection)
100. Guru 92 - Terrell Davis, RB

Best Picks (by InjuredReserve):

This round has striking similarities to those that have come before it. There is the token quarterback selection, the snatching up of the thinning position (safety), and the collection of left tackle picks that have littered round after round since Phenomenal Waffles grabbed Munoz off the board. Yet, this round held its own share of surprises. Those who were waiting on game-changing halfbacks, whose careers were cut short, found themselves muttering and wiping their once-hopeful pick off the board. Meanwhile, some overdue wide receiver selections ended the waiting game, demonstrating to the group that the time to build an offense is now.

1. Jack Tatum - With this selection, McNulty adds a one-dimensional player to his roster. I grasp that this statement has a generally negative connotation, but not in this case. Jack Tatum's play was one-dimensional in the same way that Walter Johnson's pitching was. Johnson threw the fastball like no one had before him and as none have since. It is said that his owner once threatened to fine him if he threw anything else, because whether or not his opponents knew what was coming, the outcome was inevitable.

Just as the batters who faced Johnson went up to the plate anxious for that first blazing pitch, so did those unlucky backs and receivers that crossed the defensive line knowing the "Assassin" was waiting for them. This relentless and unforgiving hitter claims he did not wish to hurt his opponents, but few onlookers believe him. This is a brilliant pick at a thinning position that has elevated McNulty's defense to a hard-hitting status.

2. Steve Largent - Largent is a receiver who by today's standards is both small and not quick enough - qualities that are most often found in third- and fourth-string wide receivers. But some players simply have a skill set that cannot be determined by a stop watch or tape measurer. ChicagoJay has acquired an athlete that at his retirement held almost every receiving record on the books. Largent is a great addition to any roster and one of the steals of this draft.

3. Art Monk - Giantsfan6017's selection of Art Monk brings a versatile wideout onto his roster. Rather than postpone bringing in his No. 1 receiver, like many of our other drafters, he nabbed a player who had the size and strength to cause mismatches with defensive backs. Monk not only made his presence known on the outside, but was also highly regarded for making catches over the middle. Giantsfan6017 has set the table for a high-powered offense. If he can line up a receiver with elite speed next to his three-time World Champion, then this could be one of the scarier duos of the draft.

4. Lem Barney - As some of you may have noticed, I am about to praise my own pick. I tried to convince myself to pass over it, but I was not very persuasive. Barney provides my secondary with another interception threat to complement Paul Krause. His 56 picks provide me with equal production when compared to other defensive backs who have been taken much earlier. What really sets Barney apart though is how dangerous he is once the ball is in his hands. He amassed an impressive 11 career touchdowns; seven coming off interceptions, two punt returns, one kickoff return, and one field goal return. I have built a secondary that is effective at forcing turnovers and making plays once they have taken control of the ball.

5. Terrell Davis - The only reason that this pick isn't higher in my rankings is that it doesn't fulfill a glaring need for Guru. This pick most certainly gives Guru the preeminent running back combo of this draft. Davis is a great complement to the bruising running style that Earl Campbell employed. Davis is a three-down back who had it all. He was even great in pass protection. Were it not for TD, the story of John Elway might have been sadly different. We might be standing here discussing a great quarterback who never got his Super Bowl win; the only bright side to that scenario being that Dan Marino would have company. For this pick, I offer Guru a well-deserved "Mile High Salute."


101. InjuredReserve (from Guru 92) - Gary Zimmerman, LT
102. Blazedestin - Ricky Watters, RB
103. ChicagoJay - Harvey Martin, DE
104. Guru 92 (from InjuredReserve) - Bob (Boomer) Brown, LT
105. Michigan Mike (from BMC89) - Warren Moon, QB
106. Giantsfan6017 - Harry Carson, LB
107. Phenomenal Waffles -
108. McNulty - John Randle, DT
109. RoflDogs - John Riggins, RB
110. Tbod10 - Cortez Kennedy, DT
111. Vbsiena - Paul Warfield, WR
112. Walter - Thurman Thomas, RB
113. Rob112BoSox - Tony Gonzalez, TE
114. GeorgiaJeff - Elvin Bethea, DE
115. Bobloblaw - Tim Brown, WR
116. Arhymemaster - Edgerrin James, RB
117. Bulldog - Doug Atkins, DE
118. EAkadima15 - Willie Wood, S
119. BMC89 (from Michigan Mike) - Jon Kolb, LT
120. Eizenbizen - Jerome Bettis, RB

Best Picks (by InjuredReserve):

This is a round that lacks an identity. There is not much insight that I can provide, and believe me I have tried. Our drafters simply buckled down and drafted their positions of dire need. While many of these picks were made out of necessity, in order to fill a position that had been neglected, there are quite a few that are worth pointing out.

1. Tim Brown - For a receiver who is tied at sixth on the all-time receiving touchdowns list, to have fallen so far is a travesty. All the wideouts who stand above him in receiving touchdowns were snatched up in the early rounds. Bobloblaw fittingly grabs this great Oakland Raider as his No. 1 wideout and leaves the rest of the pack wondering why he was not selected earlier.

2. Warren Moon - For a quarterback who spent his first six professional years in the CFL, it is astonishing that he still managed to post such amazing numbers in the NFL, to this day making his mark on the record books by being at fourth and sixth in passing yardage and touchdowns respectively. Michigan Mike can now implement a successful run-and-gun style offense with this elusive signal-caller on his roster.

3. Cortez Kennedy - Tbod10 takes one of the last top defensive tackles off the board. He gets a big man on his defensive line who commands double teams and makes others around him better. He is an eight-time Pro Bowler whose career-high 14-sack season shows that he can muscle through multiple defenders. This was a strong selection that affected the draft strategy of other drafters after him.

4. Thurman Thomas - Walter has not suffered by waiting to address his offensive skill positions. He lands a running back who led the league in yards from scrimmage for four straight seasons. Thomas was a threat both on the ground and out of the backfield. His contribution to his talented Bills offense was an important factor in the team's four consecutive trips to the Super Bowl. However, I would advise Walt that he may want to surround himself with other players that have had more luck in acquiring a ring.

5. Elvin Bethea - Bethea was a mainstay on the Houston Oilers line for 16 seasons. GeorgiaJeff has found a reliable player, in that not only is he resourceful in run support and pass rushing, but he is also a loyal player who will step up for his team. Although his stats are deflated because there was not much defensive recording at the beginning of his career, his unofficial sack total of 105 is impressive and he still stands amongst the top of the Houston leaderboard in tackles. This is a nice mid-round defensive line selection.


121. Eizenbizen - Nnamdi Asomugha, CB
122. Michigan Mike - Kellen Winslow, TE
123. EAkadima15 - Fred Dean, DE
124. Bulldog - Larry Csonka, RB
125. mpq1995 - Andre Reed, WR (Officially the 150th selection)
126. Bobloblaw - Richard Dent, DE
127. GeorgiaJeff - Lynn Swann, WR
128. Rob112BoSox - Bart Starr, QB
129. Walter - Junior Seau, LB
130. Vbsiena - Shannon Sharpe, TE
131. Tbod10 - Terry Bradshaw, QB
132. RoflDogs - James Lofton, WR
133. McNulty - Ozzie Newsome, TE
134. Phenomenal Waffles -
135. Giantsfan6017 - Mike Ditka, TE
136. BMC89 - Bob Hayes, WR
137. InjuredReserve - Fred Biletnikoff, WR
138. ChicagoJay - Roger Craig, RB
139. Blazedestin - Torry Holt, WR
140. Guru 92 - Sonny Jurgensen, QB

Best Picks (by InjuredReserve):

It's nice to know that the tight end run is not a trend solely restricted to fantasy football drafts. There had been tight ends selected in previous rounds, but the Kellen Winslow selection finally triggered a reaction out of the rest of the group. This is evidenced by the fact that four of them were taken in one round alone. In fact, the effect carried over to the other receiving position as well, as over half of the drafters took either a tight end or a wideout with their seventh-round selection.

1. Kellen Winslow - Kellen Winslow stands atop the class of Hall of Fame tight ends. As I mentioned in my synopsis above, this pick acted as the catalyst for the numerous receiving selections that followed. Michigan Mike has found himself an elite receiving threat whose only weakness are the injuries that plagued him throughout his entire career.

2. Bob Hayes - BMC89 brings this one time "World's Fastest Man" onto his roster. Bob Hayes demonstrated once and for all that it is possible for a track star to make the transition into professional football. As football fans, we frequently hear cocky wide receivers brag that opposing teams spend their weeks planning defensive schemes to contain them. "Bullet Bob" Hayes has a far more interesting claim to throw in the face of his opponents. Today's wideouts can thank Mr. Hayes for the bump-and-run defense that they contend with week in and week out.

3. Bart Starr - Rob112BoSox takes a clutch performer at the quarterback position with his choice of Bart Starr. This pick is an interesting one because Starr was the MVP of the NFL in 1966 (the first year of eligibility for this all-time draft). This two-time Superbowl MVP might not be as prolific a passer as many quarterbacks who have been taken earlier, but he is a winner by every definition of the word.

4. Junior Seau - Walt takes another player that topped many of our big boards. This is not the first selection that he has made which has solicited quite a few comments showing both praise for the pick and regret that he did not fall further. Seau is a talented linebacker who has not been hampered by his play at an elevated age. This high-strung warrior on the field accumulated over 1,800 career tackles, 56.5 sacks and 18 interceptions. Seau provides Walter's team with a sure tackler, who has great awareness in pass protection.

5. Shannon Sharpe - This talented receiver, who has three Superbowl rings from two different organizations, is another great tight end selection from this round. Vbsiena brings in an athlete whose numbers are astounding for his position. He recorded 815 receptions, topped 10,000 yards, and had 62 touchdowns in his illustrious 14-year career. This is a nice choice for an already strong squad.


141. Guru 92 - Kenny Easley, S
142. Blazedestin - Jason Taylor, DE (Officially the 171st selection)
143. ChicagoJay - Derrick Brooks, LB
144. InjuredReserve - Jackie Smith, TE
145. BMC89 - Manny Fernandez, DT
146. Giantsfan6017 - Donnie Shell, S
147. Phenomenal Waffles -
148. McNulty - Curtis Martin, RB
149. RoflDogs - Curley Culp, DT
150. Tbod10 - Charley Taylor, WR
151. Vbsiena - Cliff Harris, S
152. Walter - Jimmy Smith, WR
153. Rob112BoSox - Jake Scott, S
154. GeorgiaJeff - Jimmy Johnson, CB
155. Bobloblaw - Steve Atwater, S
156. mpq1995 - Everson Walls, CB
157. Bulldog - Dick LeBeau, CB
158. EAkadima15 - Dan Dierdorf, LT
159. Michigan Mike - Shaun Alexander, RB
160. Eizenbizen - Rickey Jackson, LB

Best Picks (by InjuredReserve):

A pair of overlooked power runners top my list for this round. Despite their impressive career totals, they somehow made it through the first 140 selections unscathed. The only other thing that pops out at me is how much I love Curly Culp's name. Just saying it makes me smile.

1. Curtis Martin - To get the fourth-all-time rusher, who has 100 total touchdowns, at this point in the draft is an enormous steal. McNulty brings a strong running back core to the table with his choices of O.J. Simpson and Curtis Martin. Martin is a strong runner who demonstrated consistency throughout his 11-year career. A great complementary No. 2 back adding to an already strong squad.

2. Shaun Alexander - The last few years have not been kind to this once-feared downfield runner. His fall from grace coincides with the departure of his Pro Bowl guard Steve Hutchinson. With a weakened line and an aging body, Alexander went from record-setter to an out-of-town backup in the blink of an eye.

Yet, despite his swift fall from stardom, Shaun Alexander is an excellent pick. I have long held the theory that he is a robot, built for the sole purpose of scoring touchdowns. When Michigan Mike marches his offense onto the field, his opponents will marvel at the elusiveness of Barry Sanders, then find themselves on their backs as Alexander rumbles for the score.

3. Kenny Easley - I take the input of my fellow drafters to heart when I put forth these lists. Easley was one of those selections that many people liked and that a few regretted waiting on. Had Easley not had the misfortune of kidney disease, he may have gone on to post numbers worthy of the Hall of Fame. He was that good of a player. Although Easley only played seven seasons, he made his mark on the NFL and has proven worthy of the selection Guru 92 used on him.

4. Derrick Brooks - This elite linebacker is as feared a tackler as he is in pass protection. He has 25 career interceptions, three of which came in one season (all of which were returned for touchdowns - an NFL record). To this point in his career he has amassed 11 Pro Bowl selections, 10 of which were consecutive. ChicagoJay made the right linebacker choice went he brought this fierce Buccaneer onto his team.

5. Curley Culp - This selection by Rofldogs makes this list for the sole reason that his name cracks me up. The only way I could like this pick any more is if he picks Coco Crisp next. I really think he can make the transition from baseball to CB/S in the NFL. I would pay to see it. My attempt to justify this pick on legitimate grounds is as follows. He is like... really good.


161. Eizenbizen - Jamal Williams, DT
162. Michigan Mike - Aeneas Williams, CB
163. EAkadima15 - Ernie Holmes, DT
164. Bulldog - Leroy Kelly, RB
165. mpq1995 - Joe Jacoby, LT
166. Bobloblaw - Dave Casper, TE
167. GeorgiaJeff - Charlie Joiner, WR
168. Rob112BoSox - Dave Wilcox, LB
169. Walter - Brian Dawkins, S
170. Vbsiena - Lester Hayes, CB
171. Tbod10 - Deron Cherry, S
172. RoflDogs - Mark Bavaro, TE
173. McNulty - Randall Cunningham, QB
174. InjuredReserve for Phenomenal Waffles - Daryl Johnston, RB (Officially the 253rd selection)
175. Giantsfan6017 - Charles Haley, DE (Officially the 172nd selection)
176. BMC89 - Tiki Barber, RB
177. InjuredReserve - Andre Tippett, LB
178. ChicagoJay - Keith Millard, DT
179. Blazedestin - Tarik Glenn, LT
180. Guru 92 - L.C. Greenwood, DE

Best Picks (by InjuredReserve):

Up until this point I have followed a system of honoring the five best picks of each round. As I delve further into the back end of this draft, I will not force any top selections. There are still many great picks left, but those that truly stand out will be noted.

1. Charlie Joiner - GeorgiaJeff brings the elite wide receiver of the fabled "Air Coryell" offense, onto his team. At this late stage of the draft it is astonishing to see a player of such undeniable ability available. This selection puts together the premier offense of this NFL All-time draft. Johnny Unitas finds that he has a plethora of weapons, with Franco Harris, Lynn Swann and Joiner making up his running and receiving options.

2. Tiki Barber - BMC89 adds a versatile back to his roster with this pick. What makes this selection so special is that Tiki's major contribution comes in the passing game. BMC already has Eric Dickerson to do the majority of the running on this team. By adding Barber, he has a back who can be brought in on passing downs and wreak havoc on opposing defenses. His ability is evidenced by the fact that in the final six years of his career, he never fell below 50 receptions and 450 receiving yards per season. Even more spectacular is that from 2003-2006 (4 seasons) he had the most yards from scrimmage in the NFL.

As an added bonus, Tiki has an alter ego named Ronde, who is adept at playing corner. Some say this is his identical brother. I say it is an elaborate ploy to double his salary and chances of Super Bowl victory. He is simply hiding right out in the open. No one but me expects it. I see you Tiki, if that even is your real name. 3. Andre Tippett - Yeah, this is one of my selections. What of it? This was the last Hall of Fame linebacker left on the board so I could not pass him up. I took Deacon Jones with my first pick and then neglected my front three for the next seven rounds. Tippett brings legitimacy to the front lines of my defense, making it quite formidable.

4. Tarik Glenn - This recent retiree was the long-time blind-side protector of Peyton Manning. Last time I checked, Peyton was a bada**, so Glenn did his job well. He is not the most decorated lineman of this draft, but he was a mainstay on the Colts front that gave his record-setting quarterback time to do his thing.


181. Guru 92 - Drew Pearson, WR
182. Blazedestin - Emmitt Thomas, CB
183. ChicagoJay - Priest Holmes, RB
184. InjuredReserve - Eddie George, RB
185. BMC89 - Antonio Gates, TE
186. Giantsfan6017 - Reggie Wayne, WR (Officially the 190th selection)
187. McNulty for Phenomenal Waffles - Frank Minnifield, CB (Officially the 254th selection)
188. McNulty - Sterling Sharpe, WR
189. RoflDogs - Roy Winston, LB
190. Tbod10 - Bobby Bell, LB
191. Vbsiena - Jared Allen, DE
192. Walter - Isaac Bruce, WR
193. mpq1995 (from Rob112BoSox) - Troy Polamalu, S
194. GeorgiaJeff - Charlie Sanders, TE
195. Bobloblaw - Henry Thomas, DT
196. Rob112BoSox (from mpq1995) - Mike Alstott, RB (Officially the 194th selection)
197. Bulldog - Harold Carmichael, WR
198. EAkadima15 - Don Maynard, WR
199. Michigan Mike - Irving Fryar, WR
200. Eizenbizen - Hershel Walker, RB (Officially the 198th selection)

Best Picks (by InjuredReserve):

This round is primarily made up of second running back and wide receiver selections. Many of our drafters' offenses were filled out in this round. Most of these picks were excellent and you will see my favorites below. To all those who selected a running back, I commend you for good picks. However, since I could not determine a surefire best out of the bunch, none of the three made it into my write-up for this round.

1. Sterling Sharpe - McNulty makes a brilliant selection here. Were it not for a neck injury that cut Sterling Sharpe's career short, he would have likely been drafted much higher. Sharpe was the first player ever to record consecutive 100-plus catch seasons. Even more impressively, in 1992, he pulled off the receiving Triple Crown by leading the NFL in receiving yards, receiving touchdowns and receptions. This has only been done seven times, with only two other receivers having done it in the Super Bowl era (Jerry Rice and Steve Smith). I am blown away by the image of Randy Moss and Sterling Sharpe lining up across from each other. McNulty's offense is a truly scary thought.

2. Antonio Gates - It is rare to see a player who revolutionized a position last so long without receiving acknowledgment. Gates is, in my mind, the main orchestrator of the "Year of the Tight End" as it was called. For so long, the NFL seemed to have Tony Gonzalez and an otherwise unbelievably dull group of tight end receiving options. The emergence of Gates changed all that. While he may not have upstaged Gonzalez permanently, he did bring a new look to the position. He is a dangerous red-zone threat with incredible hands. BMC89 is running a strong campaign to garner my best team vote.

3. Don Maynard - With this selection, EAkadima15 put together one of the underrated receiving corps of this draft. Lance Alworth and Don Maynard are my favorite receiving duo. I believe both to be underappreciated by fans today, but were marquee receivers of their time who deserve recognition. Don Maynard may not have statistics that match up with star receivers of today, but he was a great player who showed he could produce with bad quarterbacks (a rarity in a receiver). Once Joe Namath arrived in New York, he was able to produce at an even higher level. I will cast my vote for this receiving core come voting time.


201. Eizenbizen - Jason Witten, TE (Officially the 199th selection)
202. Michigan Mike - Andre Rison, WR
203. EAkadima15 - Natrone Means, RB
204. Bulldog - Hines Ward, WR
205. Rob112BoSox (from mpq1995) - Dwight Freeney, DE
206. Bobloblaw - Brian Westbrook, RB
207. GeorgiaJeff - Morten Andersen, K
208. mpq1995 (from Rob112BoSox) - Fred Taylor, RB
209. Walter - Clinton Portis, RB
210. Vbsiena - Henry Ellard, WR (Officially the 206th selection)
211. Tbod10 - Chuck Foreman, RB
212. RoflDogs - Lomas Brown, LT (Officially the 211th selection)
213. McNulty - Adam Vinatieri, K
214. Rob112BoSox for Phenomenal Waffles - Norm Johnson, K (Officially the 255th selection)
215. Giantsfan6017 - Pat Williams, DT
216. BMC89 - Herman Moore, WR
217. InjuredReserve - Rod Smith, WR
218. ChicagoJay - Keenan McCardell, WR (Officially the 216th selection)
219. Blazedestin - Lorenzo Neal, RB (Officially the 228th selection)
220. Guru 92 - Mark Clayton, WR

Best Picks (by InjuredReserve):

This marks the first picks of the last three rounds. Here we see all our drafters scrambling to fill their few remaining open positions. The first kickers find themselves snatched off the board. I really have nothing to say about the kicker picks. They are earlier than expected, but I will not bash them as Morten Anderson and Adam Nougatieri represent the best kickers available. It seems I contradicted myself by clarifying why I had nothing to say. Well, on to the best picks.

1. Lorenzo Neal - I have spent quite a few pages honoring great running back selections and even a few great No. 2 back choices. Some drafters went the road of taking two backs with distinctly different running styles. This supplied their teams with a deadly running back by committee, with a punishing power back and a finesse runner that acts as a great complement.

Taking a bruising fullback appears to be the road less travelled in this all-time draft. It is not hard to understand why, given the large group of exemplary runners available. However, Lorenzo Neal is an excellent pick. He most notably has blocked for LaDanian Tomlinson, Eddie George and Corey Dillion. His role as lead blocker was pivotal in each of these backs' best statistical seasons.

2 & 3 - Clinton Portis and Brian Westbrook - I grouped these two backs together not because they have a similar running style or represent identical value, but because they have fallen far in this draft for the sole reason that they are currently still active in the NFL. Both have made their mark on the league in a big way and deserve the selections that were used on them. I will not waste my knowledgeable readers' time by describing the style of these backs or their value to their teams. All you need to know is that Walter and Bobloblaw got tremendous value in the 11th round by bringing two current NFL stars onto their squads.

4. Andre Rison - Seeing Michigan Mike take Andre Rison off the board was painful. He is a great athlete and an elite all-time talent at the position. He is most notable for his controversial life off the field and his journeyman status. While I will not comment on his life off the field; it is important to know how effective he was for his many teams. He holds an NFL record for scoring a touchdown with seven different teams. Getting a receiver with more than 80 touchdowns and 10,000 receiving yards at this point in the draft is commendable.


221. Guru 92 - Ben Coates, TE
222. Blazedestin - Dallas Clark, TE (Officially the 229th selection)
223. ChicagoJay - Keith Jackson, TE (Officially the 217th selection)
224. InjuredReserve - Jason Elam, K
225. BMC89 - Mark Moseley, K
226. Giantsfan6017 - John Carney, K
227. Vbsiena for Phenomenal Waffles - Cliff Branch, WR (Offically the 256th pick)
228. McNulty - Eric Allen, CB (Officially the 222nd selection)
229. RoflDogs - Johnny Robinson, S
230. Tbod10 - Jeremy Shockey, TE
231. Vbsiena - Lydell Mitchell, RB
232. Walter - Wesley Walls, TE (Officially the 224th selection)
233. Rob112BoSox - Gary Anderson, K
234. GeorgiaJeff - Larry Centers, RB
235. Bobloblaw - George Blanda, K
236. mpq1995 - Todd Christensen, TE
237. Bulldog - Kellen Winslow Jr, TE (Officially the 239th selection)
238. EAkadima15 - Brent Jones, TE
239. Michigan Mike - Jason Hanson, K
240. Bulldog for Eizenbizen -Louis Lipps, WR (Officially the 259th selection)

Best Picks (by InjuredReserve):

Sooooooo many TEs and Ks went off the board in this round. Not too many picks stand out because many of our participants found the need to fill the two spots that they deemed the least important. I also tend to agree, but it makes the best picks of this round somewhat limited. My only best pick of the 12th round is as follows.

1. Larry Centers - In the last round, I praised a choice of a fullback because of his great blocking abilities. Larry Centers is a fullback who made his mark in the league for a completely different reason. Despite playing in a decade devoid of playmaking fullbacks, Centers amassed more than 800 receptions and close to 7,000 receiving yards. In two astounding seasons Centers had 101 and 99 receptions respectively, posting close to 1,000 receiving yards in his best year. This makes a great addition to GeorgiaJeff's dangerous offense.


241. Michigan Mike for Eizenbizen - Eddie Murray, K (Officially the 260th selection)
242. Michigan Mike - Joey Browner, S
243. EAkadima15 - Robbie Gould, K (Officially the 241st selection)
244. Bulldog - Tony Dempsey, K (Officially the 240th selection)
245. Rob112BoSox (from mpq1995) - Chad Johnson, WR
246. Bobloblaw - Kurt Warner, QB
247. GeorgiaJeff - Gary Fencik, S
248. mpq1995 (from Rob112BoSox) - Matt Stover, K
249. Walter - Mike Vanderjagt, K (Officially the 244th selection)
250. Vbsiena - Jan Stenerud, K
251. Tbod10 - Matt Bahr, K
252. RoflDogs - Jeff Wilkins, K
253. McNulty - Rayfield Wright, RT
254. GeorgiaJeff for Phenomenal Waffles - Willie Lanier, LB (Officially the 258th selection)
255. Giantsfan6017 - Sam Cunningham, RB (Officially the 246th selection)
256. BMC89 - Ben Roethlisberger, QB
257. InjuredReserve - Kevin Williams, DT
258. ChicagoJay - Ryan Longwell, K (Officially the 257th selection)
259. Blazedestin - Nate Kaeding, K
260. Guru 92 - Rob Bironas, K (Officially the 251st selection)

Best Picks (by InjuredReserve):

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of our drafters. They were great about making their picks and selected formidable teams. So, I will wrap up my analysis with my final two best picks.

1. Kurt Warner - Kurt Warner was the 19th quarterback selected in this draft. I believe that this is a huge steal. Had it not been for his fumbling difficulties and a few years on the bench, he would have been a sure fire middle-round selection. The leader of the Greatest Show on Turf and two-time NFL MVP is still going strong well into his old age - a thing I refuse to say for his No. 4 bearing, elderly contemporary. Bobloblaw, I greatly enjoyed your draft and applaud you for going out with a bang.

2. Jan Stenerud - I simply could not help myself. I will not argue that Stenerud is the best kicker in the draft, because I think there were others taken in previous rounds that deserve more credit. However, Vbsiena is the only team that can attest to having a Hall of Fame kicker. So as much as it pains me to think of a kicker having a bust in Canton, I give credit where it is due. So, I offer a toast to a good selection by Siena and the conclusion of the all-time NFL Draft.

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