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2019 Pre-Season QB Draft Class
Published at 7/18/2018
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Hi with the NFL and CFB season's fast approaching here is a in-depth analysis of the projected top QB's in this upcoming draft. If you like my content please follow my twitter @CollegeFB_Film. Thanks a lot!

QB #1 - Jarrett Stidham - Auburn - 6'3 216lbs


Stidham is my top QB to start the season, He can make every throw on the football field and has impressive accuracy on throws exceeding 20 yards. Stidham possess's a good frame, has clean mechanics, a big arm, and is a proven winner. He has shown the ability to escape the pocket as well as tuck it and run from time to time, with that being said he has the athleticism to survive being a NFL QB in today's day and age. If Stidham wins games for Auburn and doesn't turn the ball over, there is no doubt in my mind (barring injury) that he will be one of the top 2 QB's taken in the upcoming draft.


Stidham needs to clean up the amount of sacks taken, pocket awareness, and relying on a big arm instead of using his head. All these cons kind of roll into one theme and that is decision making. As the season progressed he did get better with his decisions but I still feel the need to address it. He has to know when to leave the pocket and when to stay in the pocket, as was evident in the clemson game where he got sacked 5+ times. Sometimes he thinks his arm can beat the defender which fails and leads to a INT, as well as poor ball security on the run. If Stidham cleans this up he will be the 1st QB taken, every OC in the league would love to have these skill sets as their QB. 

NFL Comp - Andy Dalton

Potential Team Fits - Dolphins, Broncos, Redskins

Draft Range - Top 10

QB #2 - Justin Herbert - Oregon - 6'6 225lbs


 Herbert is a very flashy and fun to watch QB prospect. He makes big plays, make great throws on the run, and moves very well for a QB of his size. He doesn't have as much arm talent as Stidham but I think he's a little more ahead of Stidham when it comes to making plays with his arm, similar to Sam Darnold last class. While Stidham can put the ball exactly where the receiver wants it, Herbert throws his receivers open very well. Herbert needs a little more developing which is why another season at Oregon will only help him, and he seems to thrive when he's needed most. 


Obviously the lack of experience is a big thing, he inconsistent at times on tape, and shifting from Oregon's offense to a NFL offense is going to be hard. At times he reels off 5 straight dimes and you go "WOW", than at other times he misses on 3 in a row and your like "What is this kid thinking", this something he's definitely going to need work on. I believe he will need some time to sit which is all that enticing for a top 10 pick. Also I question if he will be able to adapt to a NFL paced game, as most of his throws are from a spread attack where the D is playing man and the receivers is wide open. I think he can be a really good QB, just needs time to develop.

NFL Comp - Russell Wilson's play making ability with Joe Flacco's size.

Potential Team Fits - Jags, Redskins, Chargers

Draft Range - Top 10

QB's to follow for upcoming season

Drew Lock - Mizz - 6'4 225lbs

Shea Patterson - Michigan - 6'2 203lbs

Deondre Francois - FSU - 6'2 205lbs

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