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The Next Decade Will Be an NFC East Running Back Battle
Published at 5/31/2018
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Ezekiel Elliott vs Saquon Barkley. That will headline the next decade in the NFC East matchups between New York and Dallas. The rivalry between the Giants and Cowboys is real, intense, and worth tuning in to twice a season. The Giants have struggled the last several years because of their absolutely abysmal running game. While I love Eli, I'm not delusional. He's not his brother. He is a champion caliber game manager in the mold of Alex Smith (but without the scrambling ability). Eli makes up for his athletic limitations with his intelligence, work ethic, unselfishness, and character. And Eli will never be unwilling to hand the ball off to a guy in whom he has the confidence level that Barkley should generate. 

Now, as for Elliott. I, personally, am a Giants fan and have hated Elliott even before he got drafted. He just feels like an asshole and a narcissist (the belly shirts? seriously?) and all of his legal struggles last year were, in my mind, not surprising at all. Now, just because I detest the guy as a human being doesn't mean that I don't recognize that Elliott is ridiculously talented. He has the ability to go over 1,000 yards every year and potentially over 1,250 every year. That doesn't include his receiving yards. 

As for who the "average fan" will root for during what figures to be a primetime matchup for a long time to come, Barkley is the obvious choice as a high character guy whose thighs have their own diet. Beckham is there for the fans who need the flashy WR who draw your attention whether you want him to or not. Elliott is there for the type of people who root for the Patriots, ie the people who don't care about player's character, reputations, or overall douchieness. 

I look forward to the Giants defensive line smacking Elliott in the face twice next year and absolutely shutting him down. Nothing makes me happier than Snacks Harrison mocking Elliott's signature celebration and eating that boy for a tackle for loss. 

However, I do look forward to the NFC East getting back to old school hard-nosed smack you in the face running football. As T.O. would say, get your popcorn ready, because Giants-Cowboys games are going to be must watch TV for the next 10 years+. 

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