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NFL Team by Team Draft Grades
Published at 5/9/2018
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I got bored, so I decided to grade each team on their picks in the 2018 NFL Draft. I evaluated the fits as well as the value. This is all in my opinion, and I am in no way an expert, but I have watched the league my entire life.

Arizona Cardinals- A

The Cardinals had a solid first three selections. They grabbed a solid quarterback at number 10, and although he is clearly full of himself, he throws with accuracy. Bradford will probably get hurt at some point this year, so the future franchise quarterback has been chosen. Christian Kirk was talked a little bit about as a first round talent some, so he is a solid selection to pair with Larry Fitzgerald. The pick I liked the most, however, was Mason Cole. He dominated at Michigan at tackle, so I have some faith they can play him anywhere they want him. The only pick I didn't like was Chase Edmonds in round 4, because it was too early for him. Overall, it was not talked about enough as a quality draft class.

Atlanta Falcons- B+

I may be wrong, but I strongly believe the Falcons just grabbed the best player they saw on the board. Calvin Ridley was hands down the top receiver in the class, and he can certainly improve an already strong offense. I think Ito Smith helps as a future contributor next year, but not much this year, although I really like the back. I, also, thought the Isaiah Oliver pick in the late second round is a solid selection to help this young, improving defense. 

Baltimore Ravens- A-

They certainly addressed the tight end position with Hayden Hurst and Mark Andrews. These two are large guys who can both catch, which was a major concern for helping Joe Flacco this off-season. I thought that selection Orlando Brown in the third round is good value. The major knock I have is the Lamar Jackson pick. I think it can be a good one as the successor the the aforementioned Flacco, but the scheme has to be adjusted to a more college and mobile friendly offense. 

Buffalo Bills- B (hinges all on Allen)

They traded up to get their guy- Josh Allen. It's a large risk, but it can payoff big time. I'm not, however, going to predict how his career turns out other than this may have been the best place for him in a cold weather environment with some competition/ someone to be behind for a little while. I also like the Edmunds pick and the Phillips pick. They can have a major, immediate impact on that defense.

Carolina Panthers- A

Sure, I liked the picks of D.J. Moore and the two cornerbacks that address their huge needs in those areas. However, my favorite pick was of Ian Thomas. I am biased big time, as I have watched him play in person multiple times, but he's got the size and speed to make it in the league. He looked serviceable in blocking and he catches a large percent of the balls thrown his way. Him and Moore are going to help Cam Newton a ton next year. They had a really good draft.

Chicago Bears- B-

I liked the pick of Roquan Smith so much. Jerrell Freeman retired, and Da Bears replaced him immediately with a tackling machine with an elite speed. The James Daniels pick was good value and the Anthony Miller pick was a really good fit. The grade only takes a hit because I just don't like any of the picks after. I think Klylie Fitts has zero durability and zero consistency. Bilal Nichols is big time raw with how bad his technique is, but he can potentially rotate in. 

Cleveland Browns- C

I really don't want to do the Browns like this, but I think I have to. If they needed anymore character concerns, I think Mayfield and Callaway will fit nicely with Josh Gordon. I believed strongly that the first pick should have been Sam Darnold, but I hope for the Browns sake I am wrong. Ward may be really good, but I think Bradley Chubb was too good to pass up. Pretty much all of this draft class is going to be in the hands of Baker.

Dallas Cowboys- B+

Vander Esch is a good pick in the first round for his tackling ability and potential to play day one. I do like the value of Connor Williams in the second round. He was talked about in the first round a decent amount, so I think this is a solid value choice. My favorite pick was the Micheal Gallup selection. He has got the immediate role of replacing Dez Bryant from day one, but he's got all the skill and athleticism to do so.

Denver Broncos- A

I liked the Chubb pick to pair with Von Miller on that amazing defense. Courtland Sutton will give Case Keenum more than enough weapons for the chance to succeed. Royce Freeman helps this objective as well. I really like the picks of Josey Jewell and Isaac Yiadom to restore the defense to the level it was in years past.

Detroit Lions- C+

I like how they address the center position and the running back position alike. I just don't really understand fully why they picked who they did. They took Frank Ragnow over Billy Price, most likely for injury reasons, but I just don't think its the right decision as I didnt think Ragnow was a first round talent. In the second round, the Lions took Kerryon Johnson over Guice and I just do not understand why they can pass on a talent like Guice. This is in no way a shot at Johnson as a runner as I think he was a good third round pick, but not crazy about it one round higher.

Green Bay Packers- A-

The big selection was the 6th round punter! Or maybe it's the long snapper! They also addressed their secondary big time with Jaire Alexander and Josh Jackson, both of which were first round talents. I liked the St. Brown pick a lot too as a value late in the draft with a ton of potential in the future. The only reason it isn't a solid A is the punter and long snapper selection when they could have spent all of them on defense.

Houston Texans- A

They gain some of the grade for trading their first round pick for Watson as that looks like it will pay off big time. I like the value and fit of Justin Reid in that secondary as well as the value in the third round. Martinas Rankin will help along that O-line regardless of where he plays. I really think they did a ton to help Watson develop in this draft.

Indianapolis Colts- B

The Quenton Nelson and Braden Smith picks are exactly what they should be. The O-line is not necessarily fixed, but its a major step in the right direction and of vital importance to keep Andrew Luck healthy when he gets back. The pick of Kemoko Turay seems to fit the 3-4 better than the 4-3 and Lewis was not worth trading up for as he would have been available a few picks later.

Jacksonville Jaguars- B

I am not sure how I am suppose to feel about their draft class, but I do like Taven Bryan especially in the late first round. I don't think that Tanner Lee is much of anything in the NFL and I'm not sure that there is much other skills with D.J. Chark other than deep play potential. 

Kansas City Chiefs- C

They had three third round picks and spent all three on defensive line or edge guys, which was a need that they did in fact need to address. My problem is that they needed some middle linebacker help and corner help as well, but they didn't draft a corner until the sixth round. I got to say I do like Tremon Smith a little bit, so that helps some.

Los Angeles Chargers- A

I give them this grade because I think that Derwin James at number 17 might just be one of the best steals of the draft. He is a safety that can do it all. Nwosu has great hands for an edge rusher, but he is a little small. Scott Quessenberry is also a great pick in the fifth round as a tough interior offensive lineman.

Los Angeles Rams- B-

I like the trade for Brandin Cooks, but drafting Joe Noteboom and Brian Allen in their respective rounds were slight reaches. They can help with the aging offensive line, and serve as depth for now. There was plenty of value later, however, John Kelly is a small, fast running back with potential and Ogbo Okoronkwo has a high ceiling at pass rusher, definitely worth a chance.

Miami Dolphins- B

Gesicki is a really good target at tight end, but he cannot block for his life at the level he should be able to at that position. Minkah Fitzpatrick is a really good safety, so much so that I saw him as a top 5 player in this draft all day. He can definitely help them in the secondary on day one. My favorite pick is Kalen Ballage- I really wanted the Colts take him- he's a dual threat with a ton of athleticism.

Minnesota Vikings- B

The Mike Hughes pick is a solid corner with starter potential very soon. The major need, however, was the offensive line. I like Brian O'Neil as a tackle for his footwork and speed. He can develop more over time, but I am not sure how quickly he will make an impact from day one. I like that they addressed the kicker position, but I don't like the whole fifth round cost. On the plus side, they could have spent a second.

New England Patriots- B-

This may get me in trouble, and let me preface it with the fact that this franchise is smarter than me, but I just don't get all the picks. Wynn is a solid guard, but they are going to play him at tackle, and I just don't think he has the height and arm length for the position. He is a great player, don't get me wrong. Sony Michel is good too, but he fumbles too much, and that does not fit at all with how Bill Belichick runs the offense. I watched him bench so many backs for being careless with the football.

New Orleans Saints- F

Just like a mean teacher, I will give out F's. The saints mortgaged their entire future next year to trade up. This is maybe understandable for a franchise quarterback, but for a defensive end that maybe should have been late first, I just don't get it. That pretty much ruins the entire draft for me.

New York Giants- A

I really like Will Hernandez and the same for Saquon Barkley. The team wants to make one last run with Eli, and quiet frankly, I love everything they did on offense to do it. They cemented the O-line in the draft and in free agency. They, also, added the best running back in the draft. Eli has the tools needed to make one last run.

New York Jets- A

This is big. The Jets have a quarterback that is young and talented. I'm just so amazed that Sam Darnold was avaliable at 3 because I thought he was the consensus number one until a couple hours before the draft. I am, also, a huge fan of Nathan Shepherd- a small school standout. Sure they didn't address all of their needs, but quarterback means a ton in this league.

Oakland Raiders- C

Kolton Miller is a project for the awful Tom Gable. That won't work out. Arden Key, according to what I have heard, has no work ethic and just trouble associated with him. I did like the flyer on Maurice Hurst despite the whole concern about a heart condition. He is too good of a player not to take a chance.

Philladelphia Eagles- A-

They traded down and got a solid tight end to just give Carson Wentz another good target, so I am a fan of that. I really liked the Josh Sweat pick in the fourth round. I think that's an absolute steal. The corner they grabed, Maddox, will be a solid slot guy hopefully early on. They have a really solid roster.

Pittsburgh Steelers- C+

The pick I absolutely love is Marcus Allen as he just seems to make all the big moment plays and tackles, but I just don't get the first round choice of Edmunds. He was slotted a few rounds later by every big board, and I think it's just because they missed out on the linebacker(s) they wanted. They didn't even get a linebacker, but the safteys are the box type that can creep in, so its not totally awful.

San Francisco 49ers- B

I think that McGlinchey, Warner, and Pettis all have day one impacts to some extent. Those positions all had to be addressed and they were. My only big issue is that they didn't grab a cornerback until the 5th round. Nothing against D.J. Reed as I think he is a solid player to get in that round, but I thought the need was a little larger than they expressed via the draft.

Seattle Seahawks- C+

This is the whole first round ruins the entire draft for me. Rashaad Penny will be an above average professional back, but he was not nearly a first round talent. I thought he was late second or early third. I got to give the organization a little boost as Shaquem Griffin was a really good pick, not just a good story.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers- A

They needed a defensive lineman, and they grabbed Vita Vea in the first round. They needed a running back, and they got a game changer from USC, in Ronald Jones, during the second round. They, also, addressed the cornerback position in the second round with two picks at that position. I just felt like they pinpointed the areas of need and hit them head on with very talented players.

Tennesse Titans- A

They didn't have many picks, so they have to hit on the few they made. Rashaan Evans, definitely, will be a strong player for their linebacking core. He was an integral part to the Alabama defense, and I expect him to do the same for the Titans. I, also, thought the Landry pick was a very good value in the second round. He's one of the best pass rushers in the country, hands down.

Washington Redskins- B

Da'ron Payne can really help on the run defense of this roster, from the start. Additionally, I really like the pick of Guice in the second round as he really was a day one talent. The only big knock I have is that they didn't draft a corner until the 7th round, and that should have been day two or at least a couple picks on day three.

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