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*UPDATED* Rant 2018 Draft fall-out LETS GO VIKES !! FAB 40 BIG BOARD !!
Published at 4/29/2018
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 The 2018 draft is now complete. Crazy as always with a few RD1 surprises and tons of trading. Mock drafters getting a few picks spot on and others WAYY off. Kudos to the posters that had R. Penny and K. Turay ranked so high. I thought the Vikings draft was a solid C+. This is my dirty dozen steals of the draft.

1. D. James @#17.

2. W. Hernandez @#34.

3. C. Sutton @#40.

4. J. Jackson @#45.

5. I. Oliver @#58.

6. L. Carter @#66.

7. J. Reid @#68.

8. M. Rudolph @#76.

9. M. Rankin @#80.

10. R. Harrison @#93.

11. H. Phillips @#96.

12. M. Hurst @#140.


Heading into the 2018 season the Vikings will look to improve on their stellar 2017 year. From the miracle win to the let down in the NFC final, many questions surround my hometown team. Dream result will be to sign Kirk Cousins. He said he wants to win and the Vikings give him the best chance to make it to the super bowl. Sorry Bronco & Browns fans....I hope he takes less $$ and comes home to the midwest. I think we will see C. Keenum leave for big $$ and the Vikes re-sign T. Bridgewater. The next step is to continue to bolster their lines on both sides of the ball. The Eagles dominated the LOS and the Vikings had no answer once they fell behind. Look for them to target the trenches in both F/A and the draft. If they don`t get Kirk...they may need to draft one this 2018 draft. M. Rudolph or L. Jackson might fall to # 30. 

*UPDATE*  Vikes get Kirk. Berger retires. 

Draft :  OG/OT-DT/DE-SS-LB-CB... in no set order..  BPA/Need as the draft plays out. A few players always fall to the back of RD1, so teams will be calling the Eagles..Vikes.. Jags & Patriots. In my mock I have them trading back with the Browns to #33. They really need a RD4 pick & it makes a lot of sense.


1.   S. Barkley-RB

2.   B. Chubb- DE

3.   Q. Nelson- OG

4.   S. Darnold-QB

5.   D. James-SS

6.   D. Ward-CB

7.   M. Fitzpatrick-FS/CB

8.   T. Edmunds-OLB

9.   J. Rosen-QB

10. J. Allen-QB

11. M. McGlinchey-OT

12. V. Vea-DT/NT

13. J. Jackson-CB

14. W. Hernandez-OG

15. B. Mayfield-QB

16. K. Miller-OT

17. C. Sutton-WR

18. D. Payne-DT

19. R. Smith-ILB

20. H. Landry-OLB/DE

21. C. Ridley-WR

22. M. Davenport-DE

23. I. Wynn-OG

24. T. Bryan-DT

25. J. Alexander-CB

26. C. Williams-OT/OG

27. L. Carter-OLB

28. C. Kirk-WR

29. R. Harrison-SS

30. L. Jackson-QB

31. O. Brown-OT

32. S. Michel-RB

33. L. Vander Esch-ILB

34. D. Guice-RB

35. A. Key-DE

36. N. Chubb-RB

37. B. Smith-OG

38. O. Okoronkwo-OLB

39. M. Rudolph-QB

40. J. Washington-WR

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