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How a fan would fix the Browns
Published at 12/3/2017
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Millen  Bill

As a fan this is what I would do to the Browns and the best way imo to turn them around. Im going to go through each part of the Team and how I would fix it. Lets get started.

The Roster now -

QB -I have watched just about every game the Browns have played  and I think that Deshone Kizer has shown enough to built around. Ever since he came back from being benched (more on that later) he has had 5 total touchdowns and only 3 interceptions. And two of those came against the Jags who have the leagues best defense.  What is more important is his mental toughness as the team basically tried to trade for his replacement and failed. Also he was benched and he had no talent at all around him. He has been through a lot. And on top of that he has steadily improved since the season has started.

OL - I think that they are pretty set minus backup tackle because Joe Thomas is hurt and they have Spencer Drango who is a guard filling in. I know they drafted Rod Johnson last year but he has been hurt as well.

RB - Duke Johnson has continued to play well in every fasset of the game including blocking but Hue Jackson continues to not give him more carries. Isaiah Crowell is just ok, but he cannot be your lead back because if a hole isnt in front of his face the play goes now where. 

WR - This is one of the biggest things that the team needs to address. I like Corey Coleman when he is healthy, if he is your no. 2 wide out than your feeling pretty good. But that means that you need a no. 1 and the browns dont have that. I dont see Kenny Britt being on the team next year unless he plays lights out or he restructures his deal. If Josh Gordon comes back and plays great that would put you in a much better spot but thats not a given. 

TE - With a first round pick in David Njoku and a solid mid round pick in Seth Devalve tight end is pretty set. I would bring in a blocking tight end tho. 

DL - Probably the strength of the team with Myles Garret and Emmanuel Ogbah as your two ends they are solid and Danny Shelton continues to play well. With multiple other options at tackle this team is really solid here. 

LBs - With the browns playing a 4-3 that means that the linebackers have to be solid, and in the run game they have been but they get torched in the passing game, they have gotten better but I would still bring in a coverage guy for passing downs. 

CBs - Jason Mccourty has been really good for this team as the No.1 corner and Briean Boddy-Calhoun has been one of the better slot corners in the league. But Jamar Taylor on the outside has been pretty bad and the need a upgrade from him especially  since Mccourty only has one more year left on his contract and is past his 30s. 

Safety - One of the bigger needs one this team. They drafted Jabrill Peppers in the first round but they have been playing him at the wrong spot. He needs to be moved back over to Strong Safety which leads a huge whole at free safety. If only the would have resigned Jordan Poyer. 

Biggest needs heading into the offseason -  Veteran backup QB, No.1 RB, No.1 (maybe) and slot WR, LB depth, No.2 corner, Free safety, and a kicker.

Coaching Staff - I like Hue Jackson and I think that he needs another year but it is so obvious that he has stretched himself way to thin as he tries to call plays and worry about the clock and everything else. The Browns need to hire a OC, I want Greg Olson who is the QB coach for the Rams but has been a OC many different places. In terms of Defensive staff I like Gregg Williams but his over aggressiveness hurts the team a lot and he needs to dial it down a bit. 

Front Office - This is what I would change, while I know that would make Hue a lame duck coach it fine because the Front office has shown you enough to let them go. And them not being able to make a trade was the final straw and should have cemented their fate. I just dont trust them with all of those picks and all that free agency money. 

Thanks for reading everyone.   

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