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Rant: Why the Steelers should let Bell walk in 2018
Published at 8/4/2017
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So, Le'veon Bell is the best current NFL back in the league right now no question, but how much is he really worth? Pit offered him a contract of $15 million a year for two years, then $12 + million for three more seasons. He turned it down. Which leads me to my rant of screw Bell, we don't need him.

1: This guy is the Kevin Love of the NFL. He dominates in the regular season, and when the playoffs come he is a rumor, not ever on the field due to injuries. He doesn't help at all in the playoffs.

2: He is coming off back to back suspension years. He isn't trustworthy.

3: He just turned down essentially $15 a year. The 2nd highest paid RB, LeSean McCoy, is making $8 million. Are you telling me that Bell is worth more than double any other RB in the league? No he isn't.

4: Paying bell $16+ million a year will sink their cap. FAs that need new deals next offseason:

Tuitt, Cockrell, Finney, Boswell, Berry, Nix, Bryant. No way they sign any of these guys with Bell eating all that cap.

5: This OL is one of the best in the league, and 4/5 of them are locked down until 2020. Until the LG Foster retires in 2019, where BJ Finney takes over that role. While Bell and the OL feed off each other and there would be a slight downgrade, the running game would still be above average.

6: James Conner has been killing it in camp, if he shows promise I think PIT goes with him.

7: Steelers easily get the #1 comp pick if Bell walks. 2nd round have shown they can be elite in the NFL, and some promising players fall to the 3rd as RBs. Steelers could find a new RB#2 easily with that.

8: Bell is 25 years old. At most he has 4 years left in his prime. More than likely 2 with the way Todd Haley has been riding him.

Bell got an amazing deal by PIT and spit in their faces (again... numerous times now). IMO, that money should go to Tuitt because defenses win championships and he isn't trustworthy with all that money. Goodbye!

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