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I am not a Myles Garrett fan
Published at 4/24/2017
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Millen  Bill

I know that Myles Garrett is the consensus number 1 pick in this year's draft. But...I just don't like him. I get the same feeling about him that I get about Mitchell Trubisky. There's no IT factor and he hasn't done enough to impress me and make me think he's going to have best career of anyone in this draft or be the second coming of Julius Peppers. I've listened Warren Sapp and Mark Schlereth's critiques of this guy (lazy, doesn't take over the game) and I go back to some of his remarks earlier in draft season as well as when he was making the ESPN interview circuit (wouldn't go on Mike & Mike because he didn't want to deal with some scout who had criticized his game) and I just don't want him to go number 1 overall to the Browns. I feel like Jamal Adams, Derek Barnett, Solomon Thomas, or Jonathan Allen would be better picks and better people in the Browns organization. All 4 of those guys would fill a need (arguably any player in this draft will fill a need for the Browns) and I just think that when we look back in 5 years we'll all say "Oh yeah, Garrett was a "potential" pick but he didn't have the attitude to put in the work and reach his potential." 

If I were the Browns and I was sitting at number 1 right now, it would be between Jamal Adams and Jonathan Allen for me. Both of those guys are grinders who have produced for elite level college programs against other elite college teams. One of Garrett's biggest criticisms is that he disappears in games for stretches at a time, especially against the more elite programs. And if I'm thinking back to my analysis of Brady Quinn a decade ago, that was his biggest weakness. He disappeared in games against the truly elite teams. His last game, a Bowl game vs JaMarcus Russell's LSU squad, Notre Dame got absolutely trampled. And maybe that was the writing on the wall.

When you don't come out and prove yourself on every play, when you can't handle criticism of your game, when you're content to make a highlight reel play and then coast the rest of the game, when you don't have the foresight and maturity to shut your mouth in front of a pile of microphones, do you really deserve the contract and expectations that come with being number 1 overall? 


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