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Why The 49ers Will Take Christian McCaffrey at #2
Published at 4/24/2017
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Many have mocked Solomon Thomas, Leonard Fournette, and even future mega-bust Mitchell Trubisky to the San Francisco 49ers with the 2nd overall pick. However, I say they go a different route if they can't trade down, which is their #1 goal. Call me crazy, but I think if they stay put, they will take Christian McCaffrey at #2. Here's why:

1) John Lynch is a rookie GM who wants to start off with a bang, given his work as a talking head on TV. He has mentioned that he wants high-character individuals playing for his team, and McCaffrey certainly qualifies. Lynch and Christian's father Ed McCaffrey have many mutual acquaintances from their times in Denver. 

2) Carlos Hyde is not good nor durable enough to prevent them from taking a RB. Plus, they reportedly don't like his scheme fit with the new offense and are looking to trade him.

3) None of the QBs in this draft are worth taking at #2. Sure, McCaffrey isn't either, but at least he's a top-10 prospect who is a surefire lock to pan out in the NFL, given his intangibles, insane production, leadership, versatility, and most importantly football skill set. So, McCaffrey can be a leader of sorts for a football team in need of an identity rather than an at best above-average signal caller. I like Watson and Mahomes, but they aren't worth taking that high. 

4) We have seen over the years that picks in the top 10 that have barely any rumors or publicized insider information are often surprising. Most recently, no one expected the Chargers to take Joey Bosa last year.

5) The 49ers have no talent at receiver outside of Pierre Garcon, who is best as a #2 option. McCaffrey can also line up in the slot and catch passes just as well as normal receivers can. Brian Hoyer does not have the arm strength to consistently throw the deep ball and McCaffrey can remedy that by catching balls out of the backfield on screens and swing passes. 

6) As we saw with Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman, Kyle Shanahan loves pass-catching running backs, and McCaffrey would be a great fit in his system. 

7) The rumors that have been spread about the pick have contradicted each other and often have to do with the QBs. These rumors are extremely obvious smokescreens, as the Niners have been wanting to trade down and are trying to scare stupid teams like the Browns into trading up for a QB. If they can't trade down, I am very confident that they will not take a quarterback. 

8) Christian McCaffrey went to Stanford (duh) and Stanford is a mere 30 minutes from San Francisco. Because of this, most Stanford fans are also 49ers fans, and the Niners are going to be so bad this year that it's going to be difficult to generate ticket sales. However, fans are going to want to see McCaffrey, so it would tempt the fans to buy tickets in spite of their team's incompetence. Financially, it makes a ton of sense. 

9) The running back position is making a comeback, most recently with Zeke going #4 overall.

As you can see, I outlined 9 logical reasons why John Lynch will take Christian McCaffrey if they can't trade down. It makes a ton of sense, and I would personally highly consider him as well, even if the value isn't there. 

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