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Why the Colts aren't selecting Dalvin Cook
Published at 4/5/2017
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Before you give me an F, and say I know nothing about football, hear me out. Almost every time I look at a mock draft, Dalvin Cook is the selection for the Indianapolis Colts. It feels as if as many people mock Cook to the Colts as Garrett to the Browns. I am exaggerating here, but come on it seems obvious this is their choice, right? I don't think so. I know many of you don't care to much as this is Indiana, but this is my team. Here are the reasons behind my opinion, and to clarify this is not intended to throw shade at Dalvin Cook.

1. Defensive need- The Colts had the 30th ranked defense according to Pro Football Focus. It is obvious they need massive help whether it is at corner, defensive lineman, linebacker or actually any defensive position could use help. Their highest ranked player in their front seven was lower than most teams worst (Edwin Jackson at a 61.6 according to PFF), and it is no wonder why it was ranked last in the entire NFL. They have improved the defense through free agency, but it is not at the level it needs to be if they want to make the playoffs again.


2. Irsay Comments- It is absolutely true that the Colts need a running back when you have a back as old as Frank Gore (maybe he plays forever?), but owner Jim Irsay made it very clear where he wanted to grab a running back at. According to an interview with Kevin Bowen, Irsay said "And we would love to be able to, in the end, come away, like we had with Vick Ballard in 2012- that type of impact from a later running back draft pick". Dalvin Cook is good, so I doubt he is falling to the 3rd round, so it seems to me that he is not exactly what they want.


3. Previous Luck with First Round Running Backs- This one is a smaller reason, but it still should be mentioned. In 2006, the Colts took Joseph Addai, and in 2009 they grabbed Donald Brown. If you grab a first round running back they better be your feature back for a good amount of time. The Colts won a Super Bowl with Addai as the feature back, but after two 1000 yard seasons he was a 500 yard a season guy. Brown was worse with him never breaking 700 yards. This just leaves a bad taste in my mouth when thinking of taking a first round running back


4. The Current Roster- Frank Gore is 33 years old in a league where running backs are out when they hit 30 in general. I don't know what magic powers he has, but he didn't just play at 33, he played well. He became the first Colts running back since Joseph Addai in 2007 to run for over 1000 yards in a season. He also became the first 100 yard rusher in a game for the Colts in a little over 3 years (55 games). But I do understand, they do have to find a replacement. In steps in the second back Robert Turbin. If you don't know Turbin is not a back that jumps off of the stat sheet with only 164 yards last year, but he is a goal line back as demonstrated by his 7 touchdowns last year. He also catches out of the backfield (26 receptions for 179 yards). OK, but how does this indicate they won't take Cook? He got a contract of 2 years $4.1 million this off-season. This indicates at least in my mind that he is in for an increase in his role. 


I still think that according to the best player available drafting strategy that they could still take him. I get it, he is a good back, but hopefully after this you at least understand my view. If the Colts go offense in the first round (I still think they take a defensive player), I see them grabbing an offensive lineman like Forrest Lamp. I am not saying your mock draft is wrong, as they may still go with Cook. I just don't see it happening, maybe I am missing something that everyone else sees.

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