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Mike Glennon Gets The D, But Deserves The Kielbasa
Published at 3/9/2017
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Millen  Bill

Hey Walt,

Imagine my disappointment when you promised to give "a quick Millen grade" to anyone who gave Mike Glennon anywhere close to $15 million a year, and then backed it off to a D.

I implore you to change this choice. An American shouldn't need a Canadian to lecture you on the importance, not to mention the logic, of free-market economics. Paying any more than the market necessitates is stupidity; paying at least 50% more than necessary is unforgivable. Before you even get to any analysis of Mike Glennon, the Bears' 100-proof idiocy must be given an automatic F. Even if Ryan Pace is right, and $15 million is what starting quarterbacks cost, Mike Glennon isn't a starting quarterback! You even pointed this out as well, Walt. Even if Mike Glennon leads the Bears to a Super Bowl, which he won't, the contract would still deserve an F because it's based on ignorance.

Hey, Ryan Pace, things cost what you can get them for. Your breezy attitude about money, and careless disregard for real concepts like a finite cap and supply-and-demand, is disgusting. You are substituting trying to look cool for proper negotiation. You are substituting your fantasy economics for real-world numbers. You are artificially inflating your own baseline negotiating position, harming you and all of your peers in the future. You are a failure as a GM. I have never sucked at any job as much as you suck at yours.

This contract is an assault on America.

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by alenno1204
by alenno1204
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