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The Owners dilemma - being a Second Rudder
Published at 2/3/2017
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Millen  Bill

There seems to be a lot of owners making decisions that the football nation can't seem to get a grip on.  Case in point, Jed York.  Here's a man that reminds me a lot of Al Davis (the older Al Davis, not the younger Al Davis  the one that looked beyond the stale football mechanisms of the 60's and 70's).  

Al Davis never seemed to listen to anyone, and perhaps he never really did.  He always seemed to interfere with coaching and personnel decisions even though he never had the mantle of headcoach or the experience to run the ship at that tactical level.  I've noticed that the Top person in any organization needs to be two things, and The second of those two things must exist or the first is likely wasted.

First you must choose consistent personalities with a good track record at what they do.  Success builds on success.  You need to pick someone who has success in the area in which you're business resides and near the level at which that position must operate.

The second and by far more importantly you must let those people do their job.  Don't try to manage a GM or headcoach.  Let them do their job.  AND HERE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT REASON WHY:  YOU HAVE NO EXPERIENCE COACHING OR MANAGING AN NFL TEAM.  If I were to inherit a paper click manufacturing company and all I know is I can point out the obvious...i.e. Shiniest paper clips.  This doesn't make me an expert in making paper clips.  Even with something simple like paper clips there are people who have specialized functions that make them the best they can be. Why?  Because they have intimate knowledge of their areas.  They have put the time and effort into making what they do work best.  They have seen what works and what doesn't.  Does this mean they know everything about making the best of all paper clips?  No.  But it's a building block to making a good paper clip or a good team.

Now back to Jed York.  Remember when the media asked if an owner should be fired for doing a bad job of hiring?  I think they asked the wrong question (although it was an interesting question to ask and I'm sure a lot of people enjoyed watching the owner squirm a little in answering that question).  I think they should have asked (and perhaps they did) what has Jed York learned from this last hiring.  The answer to that question would have revealed a lot about the true nature and thought processes from the owner and what 49ers fans should expect in the coming years.  Did/Would the words of the selection process include consistent, level of proven experience, and a winning drive come popping-up?  Did he say he would let the new captain steer the ship and that the Captain knows the course to get there?  Would the Captain be the Captain on the entire course or just most of the way?  Remember the old adage about a ship with two rudders?

49er Nation here's hoping that you have one good captain that knows the course and is steering your ship the entire way!  My feelings are with Walt though, I think you have a ships owner that doesn't know what the coarse is, has chosen a captain who has only deckhand experience, with no guarantee of the "second captain" occasionally veering off-course to parts unknown.  Enjoy the ride as best as you can.  The ride may get bumpy!

Walt, I would like to suggest a new Owner rating (for the Owner F grade): "The Second Captain captaining a ship to parts unknown"

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