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On the Durant Signing - I'm now a Westbrook fan
Published at 7/8/2016
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As far as the Durant signing goes....and various takes on it this is where I fall on the spectrum:

  • It's not necessarily bad for the leaugue.  Someone would have to give me hard numbers on various degrees of parody across the leagues to convince me the top heavy NBA is now in unprecedented tettitory.  And besides it may not be a problem because
    • People love to hate villains / super teams / dynasties
    • People love it when their team is the scrappy under dog, akin to the rebellion in star wars, looking to take down some Imperial force by landing the perfect shot
    • The NBA lends itself to people who are fans of the league as much as they are fans of their own team.  And we all want to see what this super team can do.  
    • As much as fans of say Boston may say they have no shot their hearts the can't wait to see if they can pull of the upset come next season's playoffs
  • Durant didn't really betray OKC.  He had been their a while.  They might a really good go at it.  He put in his time
  • But I'm not personally a fan of the move, and so I'm less of a Durant fan than I was before.  I never wanted to stack a team or be part of a stacked team when I was a kid and we were coming up with sides to a game of jailbreak.  Just wanted to do the best with the team I was on.  I also like the idea of building your own program, your own success, vs. hopping on someone else's.
  • While I'm less of a fan of Durant I can't hate the guy.  But I can hate his Warriors now.  

But the biggest takeaway for me is I'm now a big Westbrook fan. 

It's not like I paid close attention to all the ebbs and flows of OKC but the impression I've been left with over the seasons is that there is a lot of hero ball and it's all Westbrook's fault.  It seems Westbrook drew the strow of unfavored son while Durant has been the darling of his franchise.  They both play hero ball but when Durant does it, it's well he was our best shot, when Westbrook does it, it's why didn't he pass the ball to Durant.  

Westbrook with his abrasive personality has allowed people to lionize all things Durant and take all failings and pin it on Westbrook so much so it's to a fault.  And much like the brother of the prodigal son in the Bible Westbrook has to be looking at his fan base and going..."well there he goes, off into sunset, taking away the hopes of what was the idealized franchise rebuild.....So you gonna love me now?"

Well I'm going to love Westbrook starting now.  

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