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2018 NFL Mock Draft 2.0
Published at 9/25/2017 1:18:41 PM

This week was crazy for upsets and other things along those lines big shake up in the draft order. And before you start to go crazy I base the draft order off of current standings so don't be surprised by the order.

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Round 1

1. Browns: Saquon Barkley, Running Back, Penn State

The Browns are the worst team again. This just happens to be after what looked like an outing they were going in before the game. The team got handled but almost made a comeback. One thing that stands out was Crowell and his underwhelming play. The Browns are just going to take Barkley to help this team out on offense.

2. 49ers: Sam Darnold, Quarterback, USC

This one is a big shake-up. The 49ers are a team that I though will get Kirk but if Washington continues to look as good as they did against Raiders he will stay. Which if that happens then the 49ers are in luck of getting Darnold.

3. Jets: Josh Rosen, Quarterback, UCLA

TRADE- The Jets move up a few spots to snag a QB

So far I am basing the draft slots off of current standings. This is why the Jets are trading up. The Jets need a QB and they need to trade up to snag one that can help guide the future. Rosen is good and generating big hype.

4. Bengals: Arden Key, Defensive End, LSU

The Bengals offense has struggled this season but there isn't anybody at this slot that I would take on the offensive side of the ball. So again the Bengals will take the best on the board and they will select Key.

5. Chargers: Orlando Brown, Offensive Tackle, Oklahoma

The Bolts are going to beef up the O-line here. The team suffered a loss of Freeny this season and they are going to need more pieces to protect Rivers and help out Melvin Gordon.

6. Giants: Lamar Jackson, Quarterback, Louisville

This pick is from the Jets slot

Hold up you might be saying at this moment. The Giants need a heir for Eli and they might need it sooner then later. Jackson is someone raw who has great athletic talent and sitting a year behind Eli to develop is a great recipe for NFL success for Jackson.

7. Colts: Christian Wilkins, Defensive Tackle, Clemson

I like this pick for the Colts. They need a player to do work in the trenches for the defensive squad. This team struggles to get to the QB and they also struggle with stopping the run. Although they did stop Crowell but that might not say much at this point.

8. Dolphins: Minkah Fitzpatrick, Safety, Alabama

The Dolphins are struggling this year vs the pass. They are having holes and when the Jets complete a 79 yard bomb against your backfield you have holes. Fitzpatrick is one of the best prospects this year and the Dolphins are going to need him if they have any chance of being competitive when Tannehill comes back.

9. Saints: Harold Landry, Defensive End, Boston College

The Saints need Landry to help the ugly LB core. Landry can help pass rush and do more. I was at the game when they picked off Cam 3 times this week and it was great the young secondary looks promising but the LB core is holding them back.

10. Browns: Derwin James, Safety, Florida State

This is from the Texans slot they got when trading down last year

The Browns are going to need someone beside peppers in the backfield. James has looked solid this year and could be a top 10 pick so if the Texans keep losing like they do then the Browns look to be on track to get a top 10 pick

11. Cardinals: Mason Rudolph, Quarterback, Oklahoma State

The Cards need a new QB and Rudolph is a steal. In my opinion Rudolph is the second best in the Draft and snagging him at this slot is great. Palmer so far has showed that he is past is past days like even worse then that outside of your prime play he had last year.

12. Seahawks: Connor Williams, Offensive Tackle, Texas

I know that he went down this year but the Seahawks need lineman asap. Williams is strong and could have been a top 5 pick this upcoming year but things changed. The seahawks could be 3-0 but the O-line is holding back the RB's and forcing Wilson to make not so favorable choices so far.

13. Bears: James Washington, Wide Receiver, Oklahoma State

As a bears fan coming from the heart they need this pick. Washington has showed scouts that he is the best WR in the draft this year. He is a great deep threat and that is something that this team is missing. In the shocking win vs the Steelers the Bears pulled off a win with only one WR logging a reception.. enough said.

14. Buccaneers: Bradley Chubb, Defensive End, N.C. State

Chubb has showed some promise but has dropped due to his high exceptions. We saw this with Smoot last year. The Bucs could use someone to attack the edge to really bring that D-line the fear they need.

15. Panthers: Mike McGlinchey, Offensive Tackle, Notre Dame

The Panthers O-line needs so much help. They looked awful vs the Saints and the pressure caused Newton to make throws that he shouldn't be making.

16. Ravens: Christian Kirk, Wide Receiver, Texas A&M

The Ravens need a reliable target in the passing game. Maclin and Wallace are the leading WR for the team and that just cements the need for a WR. Kirk is someone who could help the Ravens offense heat up.

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