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2017 NFL Mock Draft by Devon - 1.20
Published at 2/27/2017 10:17:55 PM

Pre Combine/Free Agency Mock. Comment about your favorite team with productive suggestions! Fourth Mock of the year. Will update weekly.

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Round 1

1. Browns: Myles Garrett, Defensive End, Texas A&M

The Browns have made it public that they love two players: Myles Garrett and Deshaun Watson. They have 0 chance of getting Garrett with a later pick, but do have a shot at Watson with a later pick. Therefore, they get the best pass rusher in the draft.

2. 49ers: Jonathan Allen, Defensive Tackle, Alabama

Recent history shows that picking an elite an elite defender is usually more successful than reaching for a QB that you're not in love with. That's what I think SanFran does here even though they desperately need a QB, there just aren't any QBs worth taking this high in the draft. I think they take Allen who is widely considered the second best player in this draft. The 49ers will hope to get a starting QB in the later rounds like the Seahawks, Raiders and Cowboys have done in recent years.

3. Bears: Reuben Foster, Inside Linebacker, Alabama

Tribusky is a popular pick here, and that makes a lot of sense. However, it is rumored that even though the Bears may be interested in Tribusky and also have a great need at QB, he may measure out under 6'2". QBs without elite height never get drafted this high, especially when there's questions on if they are any good in the first place. Foster grades out through the roof. The Bears already have a good front seven. They get back to their old school defensive ways with this pick.

4. Jaguars: Jamal Adams, Strong Safety, LSU

This may surprise some, but Jacksonville is no stranger to surprises in the first round. Leonard Fournette is a possibility here, but I feel Jacksonville will want to capitalize on creating an insane secondary by pairing Adams with Jalen Ramsey.

5. Bills: Mitch Trubisky, Quarterback, North Carolina


Titans GM has publically stated that he would love to have a second round pick and we all know that he is no stranger to trading draft currency. He trades the number 5 overall pick to Buffalo for their first and second round pick and a future 3rd. In doing this, the Bills get the top QB and also jump division rival New York, preventing them from getting the top QB.

6. Jets: Marshon Lattimore, Cornerback, Ohio State

The Jets got torched by everyone this year. This is a very deep Corner class and every team seems to have a different idea on who the top Corner is. For my money, it's Lattimore. Since Tribusky is no longer on the board, the Jets have to go secondary here.

7. Chargers: Malik Hooker, Free Safety, Ohio State

Hooker is the best Safety to come out in longer than I can remember. When the ball is in the air, he has a better chance of coming down with it than the receiver does. When you watch Ohio State, Hooker is always around the ball either laying the wood or intercepting the ball for a TD. He also fills a great need for the LA Chargers.

8. Panthers: Leonard Fournette, Running Back, LSU

Jonathan Stewart is still a serviceable RB but will turn 30 next year. The Panthers offense needs more than "serviceable" here if they plan on getting back to the Super Bowl. Many have Fournette as the best RB. Personally I have Dalvin Cook as the best, but Fournettes style fits Carolina better.

9. Bengals: Solomon Thomas, Defensive End, Stanford

Cam Robinson has some off the field concerns which will drop him out of the top 10. He is an option here but they go with the safe pick and select Solomon Thomas. Cincinatti needs pass rush and having Thomas fall right into their lap is too good to pass up.

10. Titans: Corey Davis, Wide Receiver, Western Michigan

Not a lot of people know this, but Titans receiver Rishard Matthews absolutely balled in the second half of the year and looked like a true number one receiver. With that being said, many of the top defensive players are already off of the board at this point, so they pull the trigger on what could be the best receiver in the draft. It's either Davis or Williams at this point and I believe Tennessee will go with the more explosive player.

11. Saints: Derek Barnett, Defensive End, Tennessee

Everyone knows the Saints sways need defense. Barnett is a great edge defender and will make an impact from day one. Pass rush is extremely important in this league and Barnett will help solve that issue for the Saints.

12. Browns: Deshaun Watson, Quarterback, Clemson

The Browns get their guy. Deshaun Watson does not get the respect he deserves. By far the most experienced and talented QB in the class. But that's okay with the Browns as they get their QB of the future and the guy they've wanted all along.

13. Cardinals: Mike Williams, Wide Receiver, Clemson

With Michael Floyd leaving on unfavorable terms and Larry Fitz getting up in the age category, Williams makes too much sense here and he is too talented to drop any further. Excels at catching the ball away from his body and bullying opposing corners.

14. Colts: Cam Robinson, Offensive Tackle, Alabama

The Colts number one priority is to protect Andrew Luck. Dalvin Cook is a very tempting possibility, but Luck cannot continue to get destroyed back there. Getting the top tackle in the class is exactly what they need, and that's exactly what they get with Robinson.

15. Eagles: Dalvin Cook, Running Back, Florida State

I don't see Philly taking a WR here if Cook is available. The best RB in the class in my opinion and I believe he would fit with Philly very well. A threat at RB always helps out a young QB. Cook is a future Pro Bowler.

16. Ravens: Malik McDowell, Defensive Tackle, Michigan State

The Ravens need a Tackle and could use some secondary help, but do to the lack of quality Tackles at this point and the depth of the CB position in this draft, the Ravens select DL Malik McDowell. A strong, aggressive and athletic lineman that will step in right away. Projected as a better run defender than pass rusher.

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