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Week 14
These are my NCAA Top 25 rankings.

  1. Ohio State (12-0)
    Can't we just give Troy Smith the Heisman, and avoid one of those boring award shows that makes Joe Theismann's Keys to Victory look like a heavily anticipated drama? Theismann contradicted himself last week... and the week before... and the week before! What will he do this Sunday? Find out by watching Sportscenter!

  2. Michigan (11-1)
    How about this scenario: Michigan plays Ohio State in the championship, and wins by one. They're proclaimed the national champions, yet the Buckeyes are still ranked No. 1 in the polls. I'd like to see that -- yet another BCS debacle.

  3. USC (10-1)
    This is how I look at it: Michigan lost to No. 1 Ohio State. USC lost to No. 535,301 Oregon State. That said, I don't want an Ohio State-Michigan rematch.

  4. Florida (11-1)
    The South Park pee-wee hockey team could have taken the Gators' place, and Florida still would have beaten Florida State. Yeah, I know, I used that lame joke last week, but watching Bobby Bowden coach has drained all of my creativity.

  5. LSU (10-2)
    If there were a playoff system, LSU would be the most dangerous team in the field.

  6. Arkansas (10-2)
    The game against LSU meant nothing to Arkansas; the team already clinched the SEC West, and had no shot at the National Championship. Cough, playoff system, choke.

  7. Louisville (10-1)
    Louisville is yet another team that has learned that it's pretty easy to beat a Dave Wannstedt-coached squad.

  8. Boise State (12-0)
    Congrats to Boise State for going 12-0. Congrats to the rest of the WAC for cashing in on the Broncos' BCS berth. Nevada didn't lose on purpose, did it? Nah...

  9. Auburn (10-2)
    Is it me, or has Brandon Cox regressed since the beginning of the season? Cox looked great in September, but he completed only six passes at Alabama.

  10. Tennessee (9-3)
    Tennessee has three losses, but it could make my NCAA football playoff as an at-large. The three defeats the Vols had this year were to LSU, Arkansas and Florida. And remember, they beat Cal pretty convincingly in September.

  11. West Virginia (9-2)
    Steve Slaton and Pat White combined for just 59 rushing yards. How does that happen?

  12. Notre Dame (10-2)
    I guess the likes of Air Force, Army, Navy, Purdue, Stanford, UCLA, Michigan State and North Carolina didn't prepare Notre Dame for USC. What a surprise.

  13. Oklahoma (10-2)
    I'm surprised the Sooners didn't win by double digits after Texas inexplicably lost to Texas A&M.

  14. Wisconsin (11-1)
    Good win over J.P. Losman and the Buffalo Bills.

  15. Rutgers (10-1)
    Rutgers' blowout victory over Syracuse, and West Virginia's shocking loss to South Florida sets up a Mountaineers' win next week. They just have too much speed for the Scarlet Knights.

  16. Boston College (9-3)
    Too much emotion for Boston College to overcome; I'm not going to drop them in the rankings.

  17. Wake Forest (10-2)
    It's a sad day for the ACC when Maryland, Wake Forest and Georgia Tech are the only teams that have a shot at the conference championship.

  18. Texas A&M (9-3)
    I thought Texas A&M could have beaten Texas at home with its 12th man, but on the road? Taking advantage of Mack Brown should be a crime.

  19. Texas (9-3)
    I can't believe Texas didn't win the Big XII South. Actually, I can believe it; Mack Brown has reverted back to the guy who used to lose to Oklahoma every year.

  20. Nebraska (9-3)
    It's been about a month since Bill Callahan has blown a winnable game. I'm starting to suffer from withdrawl symptoms.

  21. BYU (10-2)
    A sleeper in this year's mock NCAA football playoff. BYU crushed everyone in its conference, with the exception of Utah. But it's not like they needed to beat the Utes; the Cougars had the conference wrapped up a week before.

  22. California (8-3)
    The Golden Bears play mighty Stanford next week. Oh no, whatever will they do?

  23. Penn State (8-4)
    Penn State's only difficult road game next year is at Michigan. This could be an 11-win squad.

  24. Hawaii (10-2)
    If you're a WAC school, beating a Big Ten opponent is a big deal, even if it's a terrible squad like Purdue.

  25. South Florida (8-4)
    Hard to believe South Florida finished 8-4 in the Big East after being a mid-major a few years ago. And if you beat the Mountaineers in West Virginia, you belong in the Top 25.

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Heisman Hopeful

  1. Troy Smith, Sr., QB, Ohio State
    199 of 307; 2,609 yards; 30 TDs, 5 INTs. 1 rushing TD.

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